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Terrible teaching:the Hogwartsprofessors who could do with a lesson themselves

原文:The Wizarding World Team



on’t get uswrong, we’d jump at the chance to attend a Hogwarts lesson with anyone who was willingto teach us magic, even if it turned out to be a character with less than idealteaching methods. That said, everyone can do with some constructive criticism nowand again, even Hogwarts professors...


Beforeyou begin, there are more spoilers in this piece than Harry had hot dinners at Hogwarts.If you haven’t read all the Harry Potter books, proceed with caution...




GilderoyLockhart – terrible teaching trait:dishonesty


We’re sorryto bring this up in his birthday week, but Lockhart was a terrible teacher for manyreasons. Remember when he released those Cornish pixies in his classroom and couldn’teven round them up himself? Or when he tried to make a run for it when he was taskedwith saving Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets?


But we reckonthat the root of his failings was his dishonesty. He overcompensated for fakinghis brave deeds by pretending to know about everything – from duelling to Petrifiedcats – which made him a pretty irritating person to be around, and a very uselessteacher. 


If he’d been honest about his abilities as a wizard – in particular hisDefence Against the Dark Arts achievements – he might have made a decent Charmsprofessor. After all, he may have used Memory Charms for dishonest purposes, buthe really was rather good at them. There, we’ve been nice. Happy birthday for thisweekend, Gilderoy!



SeverusSnape – terrible teaching trait:unfairness


Snape mighthave had hidden depths, but we can’t say we would have necessarily looked forwardto a Potions lesson with him. The way he behaved towards Harry was highly unfair,from shaming him for being the Boy Who Lived to making him copy out records featuringSirius after his recent death. His treatment of Hermione throughout the storieswas also extremely unfair – often ignoring or even embarrassing her for her enthusiasmand knowledge. 



Neville Longbottom fared even worse in Potions lessons. Rather thanencouraging Neville, he harangued him for his mistakes; Snape once told Nevillehe would have to feed his beloved toad Trevor the Shrinking Solution he was brewingin a lesson. And let’s not forget that when Neville was asked by Professor Lupin,‘What would you say is the thing that frightens you most in the world?’, Neville’sanswer was ‘Professor Snape’.



From bullyingto Slytherin favouritism, we can’t say Severus Snape was always a shining exampleof a Hogwarts professor.




AlastorMoody – terrible teaching trait:insensitivity


Okay, okay,so the Professor Moody who taught Harry wasn’t actually Alastor Moody, so apologiesto the real one for this section. But what Harry and his classmates had to dealwith during their fourth-year Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons wasn’t alwaysa walk in the Hogwarts grounds. 


In one lesson containing both Neville Longbottom(whose parents were tortured into insanity by the Cruciatus curse) and Harry Potter(whose parents were killed by Avada Kedavra), Moody decided it would be a good ideato demonstrate these Unforgivable Curses, as well as the Imperius curse, on a spider.It must have been extremely traumatic for both Harry and Neville to witness this,but Moody didn’t seem to care. That being said, we didn’t mind Moody’s insensitivityso much when we got to see ‘Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret...’ Everycloud, eh?





DoloresUmbridge – terrible teaching trait:all theory, no practice


We could probablywrite a whole article about how Umbridge made a Blast-Ended Skrewt look friendly(in fact we have, here). But what about her teaching, specifically? What made herclasses so terrible? Well, we think it’s mostly summed up by the command she usedat the beginning of her classes: ‘wands away’. Not only did itmake her classes boring and useless, it also put her students in danger at a timewhen she must have known (or should have known), deep down, that they would needto learn to protect themselves in the coming months and years. Who knows what wouldhave happened if Hermione hadn’t had the initiative to suggest they take mattersinto their own hands and start Dumbledore’s Army?




ProfessorBinns – terrible teaching trait:sending the class to sleep


You’d thinka lesson taught by a ghost would be on the scary rather than the dull side, butHistory of Magic was one of Harry and Ron’s least enjoyable classes. In fact, itis referred to at one point as ‘the most boring subject ever devised by wizardkind’.Though we’re not sure it’s entirely the subject’s fault. Professor Binns had somepretty good teaching material to work with but seemed incapable of making even goblinrebellions exciting. The story goes that Professor Binns fell asleep in front ofthe staff-room fire at a grand old age, died, and then got up the next morning toteach, leaving his body behind. He was reported to have a ‘wheezy, droning voicethat was almost guaranteed to cause severe drowsiness within ten minutes, five inwarm weather.’ It’s a shame he didn’t make more of an effort to keep his students’attention. Remember when Hermione surprised him by putting up her hand and askingabout the Chamber of Secrets? Professor Binns was so surprised by the attentionof the class actually being on him, he was desperate to go back to his droning.



SybillTrelawney – terrible teaching trait:lack of talent (most of thetime)


Like Lockhart,Sybill Trelawney’s terrible teaching also came from a place of insecurity. It wasindeed Trelawney who made the prophecy that resulted in Lily and James Potter’sdeaths: ‘...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be bornas the seventh month dies...’ But in her Divination lessons, she wasn’t quiteso impressive. According to Professor McGonagall, ‘seeing death omens’ was her ‘favouriteway of greeting a new class’.


She added that none of the students whose deaths she’dpredicted had ‘died yet’. We’re not sure pretending that your young students arein mortal peril is a very good teaching method. Plus, for those who believed herpredictions – we’re looking at you Lavender and Parvati – it could be very stressful.Nobody wants to hear from their teacher that the thing they are dreading will happenon ‘Friday the sixteenth of October’. It wouldn’t exactly inspire you to finishyour homework.



原文:The Wizarding World Team









1.洛哈特章节:“……couldn’t even round them up himself.”,这里“round sth./sb. up”的翻译是“to gather people, animals or things into one place(剑桥英语词典)”,所以翻译应当是“……甚至连自己都无法控制它们的时候吗?”,而不是“……甚至连自己都围不起来的时候吗?”;

2.洛哈特章节:“……he might have made a decent Charms professor.”,这里的翻译应当是“他可能会成为一名像样的魔咒课教授。”,而不是“他可能会成为一名像样的魅力教授。”;

3.斯内普章节:“……from shaming him for being the Boy Who Lived to making him copy out records featuring Sirius after his recent death. ……often ignoring or even embarrassing her for her enthusiasmand knowledge. ”,这里的翻译应当是“……从羞辱他是大难不死的男孩,到让他在小天狼星近不久去世之时,抄写有关小天狼星的记录。……往往忽视她对知识的热情,甚至会使她尴尬。”,而不是“从羞辱他是活着的男孩,到让他在天狼星最近死后复制出记录。他在整个故事中对赫敏的态度也是极不公平的-往往忽视甚至尴尬她的对知识的热情。”,这里“embarrass”应该是作动词使用,“copy”那里应该是指哈利在被罚禁闭的时候抄写的资料,而“the Boy Who Lived”是原文固定翻译;

4.斯内普章节:“……Snape once told Neville he would have to feed his beloved toad Trevor the Shrinking Solution he was brewing in a lesson.”,这里的翻译应当是“斯内普曾经告诉纳威,他将不得不喂他心爱的蟾蜍莱福一些缩小剂,那是纳威煮了一节课的。”,而不是“斯内普曾经告诉纳威,他将不得不喂他心爱的蟾蜍莱福一些缩小剂,来作为他酝酿一节课的惩罚。”,这里的“brew”应该是指煮药剂,不作“酝酿”解释;

5.穆迪章节:“In one lesson containing both Neville Longbottom(whose parents were tortured into insanity by the Cruciatus curse) and Harry Potter(whose parents were killed by Avada Kedavra)……”,这里的翻译应当是“在一堂同时有着纳威·隆巴顿(他的父母被钻心咒折磨成精神错乱)和哈利·波特(他的父母被阿瓦达索命咒杀死)的课中,……”,而不是“在一堂课中,纳威·隆巴顿(他的父母被钻心咒折磨成精神错乱)和哈利·波特(他的父母被阿瓦达索命咒杀死),……”,这里没有翻译“containing”,导致原句并没有动词;

6.宾斯教授章节:“He was reported to have a ‘wheezy, droning voice……”,这里的翻译应当是“据报道,他会发出一种‘嗡嗡的喘息声……”,而不是“据报道,他会发出一种’喘息是嗡嗡的声音……”;





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今天推送的第三篇文章,我看下来之后有一些个人的翻译方面的意见: 1.洛哈特章节:“……couldn’t even round them up himself.”,这里“round sth./sb. up”的翻译是“to gather people, animals or things into one place(剑桥英语词典)”,所以翻译应当是“……甚至连自己都无法控制它们的时候吗?”,而不是“……甚至连自己都围不起来的时候吗?”;