【翻译 | 双语】罗恩韦斯莱使用熄灯器是命中注定的吗? Was Ron Weasley always destined to need the Deluminator?

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【翻译 | 双语】罗恩韦斯莱使用熄灯器是命中注定的吗?

Was Ron Weasley always destined to need the Deluminator?



From sharing corned beef sandwiches with the Boy Who Lived, to falling in love with his best friend. Why did Dumbledore choose Ron Weasley for the Put-Outer?

从和活下来的男孩分享咸牛肉三明治,到爱上他最好的朋友。为什么邓布利多选择罗恩 · 韦斯莱作为熄灯器的主人?

……“to Ronald Bilius Weasley, I leave my Deluminator, in the hope that he will remember me when he uses it.”


Albus Dumbledore left Ron the Deluminator in his will, but besides it being useful for taking the light from a place, it was unclear exactly why he had bequeathed it to Ron… until he did something devastating. He abandoned Harry and Hermione on their hunt for Horcruxes.

阿不思·邓不利多在他的遗嘱中把熄灯器留给了 Ron,但是它除了可以从一个地方取光之外,我们还不清楚他为什么要把它遗赠给 Ron... 直到他做了一件毁灭性的事情。他在寻找魂器的路上抛弃了哈利和赫敏。

We found out once he returned, of course, that he almost immediately regretted his decision and wanted to come back. Ron told Harry and Hermione that he’d heard Hermione's voice somehow. And that a ball of light from the Deluminator had guided him – had floated right into his chest, right by his heart and brought him back to them.


Harry mulls this over when thinking about Dumbledore: ‘You gave Ron the Deluminator. You understood him ... you gave him a way back ...’ And now we're mulling it over too. What exactly did Dumbledore understand about the youngest Weasley brother? Were there any clues in Ron's life at Hogwarts, from his personality, from the trials and tribulations he'd faced, that meant he was going to leave his friends – but always want to return?

哈利在想到邓布利多的时候仔细考虑了一下: “你给了罗恩熄灯器。你理解他... 你给了他一条回去的路... ’现在我们也在考虑这个问题。邓布利多对韦斯莱家最小的弟弟到底了解多少?罗恩在霍格沃茨的生活中有没有留下什么线索,从他的个性,从他所面临的考验和磨难中得以看出他有离开朋友的倾向——但总是想要回来?

Young Ron Weasley was a firm friend to Harry Potter from the start, though he was unsure of himself and his family – within moments of meeting Harry he defended his mum making him sandwiches, uncomfortably saying she didn't have a lot of time. This feeling of inadequacy followed Ron around right from the start – not helped by Draco Malfoy spouting things like: ‘No need to ask who you are. My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles and more children than they can afford.’

小罗恩 · 韦斯莱从一开始就是哈利 · 波特的好朋友,尽管他对自己和家人缺乏信心——在见到哈利的那一刻,他为妈妈给他做三明治辩护,不安地说她没有太多时间。这种不适感从一开始就一直伴随着罗恩——德拉科 · 马尔福滔滔不绝地说: “不用问你是谁。”我父亲告诉我,所有韦斯莱家的人都是红头发,脸上有雀斑,生的孩子都超出了他们的负担能力。

And it wasn't just other witches and wizards Ron couldn't help but compare himself too. Ron had his five older brothers to contend with. Once he arrived at Hogwarts, Percy was already a Prefect, and later became Head Boy. Fred and George were known for being hilarious but also played excellently on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Not to mention that Bill was also Head Boy and Charlie was captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in their Hogwarts years. Unsurprising therefore that young Ron Weasley saw himself as the best of all his brothers in the Mirror of Erised – succeeding as they had and more – revealing the depth of the superiority complex he had already no doubt developed.


By Harry and Ron's fourth year, being friends with the famous Harry Potter was starting to grate on Ron, and it became a wedge that drove them apart quickly and easily. Ron had shown his stubbornness and his unwillingness to see a different point of view at times, back in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – refusing to speak to Hermione for ages because he thought her cat had killed Scabbers. But then in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, being in Harry Potter's shadow became far too much when Harry was somehow entered into the Triwizard Tournament. During their weeks of silence, Hermione tried to explain it to Harry, which gave us a good insight into Ron's character:


“... Ron's got all those brothers to compete against at home, and you're his best friend, and you're really famous – he's always shunted to one side whenever people see you, and he puts up with it, and he never mentions it, but I suppose this is just one time too many ...”

“ ... ... 罗恩在家里有那么多兄弟要和他竞争,而你是他最好的朋友,你真的很出名——每当人们看到你的时候,他总是躲到一边,他忍受了这一点,但他从来没有提到过,但我想这只真的太超过他的接受范围了... ... ”

Ron's superiority complex only got worse with the onset of teenage hormones. And it wasn't just about Harry specifically anymore, it was anyone. His temper was very easily raised by Ginny teasing him about not having kissed anyone – she used Harry kissing Cho, and Hermione kissing Krum, as examples, which can't have helped at all. And then suddenly in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry was the Chosen One, and Ron was… well… still just Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's best friend. And it just wasn't enough anymore. Interestingly, this didn't seem to bother Hermione, but perhaps it was because she – unlike Ron – was hyper logical. She could rationalise out those feelings, whereas Ron was more of an emotional person (some might say hot-headed) – plus, she was an only child and had her own thing – being the brightest witch of her age.

随着青少年荷尔蒙的发作,罗恩对优越感的渴望越来越强烈。这已经不仅仅是关于哈利的事情了,而是关于所有人。金妮取笑他没有吻过任何人,这很容易激怒了他——她用哈利吻秋和赫敏吻克鲁姆作为例子,这一点也帮不上忙。然后突然在哈利·波特与混血王子中,哈利成了被选中的那个人,而罗恩... ... 好吧... ... 仍然只是罗恩韦斯莱,哈利波特最好的朋友。但这已经不够了。有趣的是,这似乎并没有困扰赫敏,但也许是因为她——不像罗恩——逻辑性很强。她可以为这些感觉找到合理的解释,而罗恩更多的算是一个情绪化的人(有些人可能会说是头脑发热) ,况且她是独生女(没有家庭竞争的压力),有自己可为之骄傲的事情——她是她这个年纪最聪明的女巫。

It's likely that the strength of Ron's superiority complex, combined with his stubbornness, made it easy for someone or something to get inside Ron's head and make him do something he didn't really, at base, want to do. It comes as no surprise therefore that Slytherin's necklace affected him so badly, and once all those feelings of inadequacy had built up he couldn't shake them, even without the necklace on.


But Dumbledore giving Ron the Deluminator wasn't just about him being the most likely of the Golden Trio to walk away from the other three. It was about him wanting to come back – after all, why give someone a magical object that means they can return to those they love, if they're not going to use it? Of course we can only guess, but it's hard to imagine Hermione – once she'd made up her mind – going back on a decision to leave, as she would have reasoned the whole thing out far too hard for that.


Ron was brave, like a true Gryffindor, but he was also very humble. It might have taken him a while to apologise when he was angry at Harry or Hermione, but he wasn't afraid to admit his mistakes. He was also an extremely loyal friend, and always did the right thing, in the end. And Dumbledore would have known this. Even in Ron's very first year at Hogwarts he volunteered to sacrifice himself in McGonagall's giant chess game, so that Harry could rescue the Philosopher's Stone. In Chamber of Secrets, he was mortally afraid of spiders but followed Harry into the Forbidden Forest anyway – because he'd never have thought to truly abandon a friend to their fate. He fought for and alongside his friends time and time again – in Dumbledore's Army, in the Battle of Hogwarts – and he was afraid, but he fought anyway.


And Dumbledore would have known this too.


The Patronuses of witches and wizards take their forms for a reason, and Ron's terrier is one of the most tenacious, loving and loyal dogs around. Ron might have left Hermione and Harry in a moment of jealousy and bad judgment – but he was always going to come back. It was decided the moment he faced that mountain troll alongside Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.