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An appreciation of knitwear in the Harry Potter films


Weasley jumpers! Sweater vests! Cardigans over jumpers! Yes, it’s very cold up at Hogwarts, as the students make clear with their constant wearing of knitwear.


So, as the winter months draw in, let’s celebrate our favourite Harry Potter characters rocking their favourite cosy clothes. Who wore it best? And, not looking at Ron, who needs a Switching Spell on their wardrobe?


Maroon season


We all know that Ron hates maroon more than Lord Voldemort hates not-murdering people. And yet, Molly insists on this brownish-red shade being the colour that would haunt Ron for many knitted jumpers to come. Be this as it may, Ron wouldn’t be Ron without his maroon ensembles, and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Here’s a lovely diagonal patterned number from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to celebrate.





While Ron was confined to his inevitable maroon doom, it’s nice to see his best friends syncing up with him in this lovely colour-combined red effort. This is just what Gryffindor mates do for each other when they’re not Horcrux hunting, taking down the Dark Lord, etc.



Vest is best


Now, you could argue that a sweater vest is the most pointless member of the knitwear family, as it’s basically a jumper where your arms remain cold. Nonetheless, one Neville Longbottom is here to prove us all wrong, championing the sweater vest on a number of occasions in the films. Neville really is doing his best to bring the 70s back with a vengeance here. Or maybe he just really enjoys golf, secretly. Who knows!



Either way, you’ve got to respect him for becoming the great wizard he becomes when his arms must have been absolutely freezing the whole time. Can someone try casting Expelli-ARM-us?



Draco’s so mad at this look he’s pointing a wand at him. Yes, this is definitely what this scene is about.



Getting Ravenclaw-ready


It’s a wonder anyone at Hogwarts ever heard anyone else talk, seeing as how popular ear-covering bobblehats seem to be in the castle. Here’s Luna and Cho flaunting some corresponding sea-blue knitted looks, maybe getting ready to launch their Ravenclaw-themed girl band?



Taking umbrage with Umbridge


You thought Fluffy the three-headed dog was scary? You clearly haven’t met the other fluffy: the pink cardigan of Dolores Umbridge. The film’s costume designers clearly had a lot of fun designing Professor Umbridge’s sickeningly pink wardrobe, with her various outfits from Order of the Phoenix being both brilliant and ghastly. Also, observe the cat brooch.



Fighting Voldemort in a cable knit


If you’re on your way to defeat one of the Darkest wizards of the wizarding world... it’s important to be comfortable. This is just what Harry did during his epic rescue of the Philosopher’s Stone in his first year. Voldemort was no match for this cosy, red cable knit–and Harry certainly pulled the wool over his eyes when he ended up defying him of the Philosopher’s Stone.



Wait, a fleece cardigan OVER a Weasley jumper?


Ron, we know it’s Scotland, but it really cannot be that cold.



Tassle hassle


Here’s Ron, yet again, and this time he is wearing a very silly hat. As the woolly hat laws strictly decree, you can only wear these tasselled things at festivals. 10 points from Gryffindor for wearing such a hat indoors. 5 points back for those very cosy-looking, thick woollen socks, though. Dumbledore would love those.



The Horcrux-killing cardy look


But when all is said and done, the most iconic knitwear moment of all time in Harry Potter surely must be Neville Longbottom doing his part to take down Lord Voldemort... in this really cosy-looking cardy! See, Neville? When you invest in some winterwear which keeps your arms warm, you can be invincible.



Yes, you cardi-can.



Which wizarding woolly is your favourite?



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