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Harry Potter: 10 Hidden Details You MissedAbout Patronuses




The Patronus spell is one of the most wellknown spells in Harry Potter. It casts a corporeal animal to protect itswizard, but there is so much more.



In the world of Harry Potter, the Patronuscharm is one of the most powerful tools in a wizard’s arsenal. It can be usedto repel the creepy, soul-sucking dementors and takes the form of something meaningfulto the wizard who casts it.



Now, we all know that Snape’s Patronus wasa doe because he was still in love with Lily Potter, whose Patronus was also aDoe. However, there are plenty of interesting Patronus details JK Rowling andthe producers of the Harry Potter films included that you may have missed. Takea look at our list below to uncover some of these.






10. They Can Be Used As A Shield



Down in the courtroom at the bottom of theMinistry Of Magic during The Deathly Hallows Part 1, Dolores Umbridge (back ina government role after the events of The Order Of The Phoenix... boo...) isseen producing a sort of glowing shield that separates the room from a layer ofdementors floating at the top. We can only assume this dementor repellent is,in fact, a variant of her Patronus because her cat is sitting beside her at thesame time. This (annoyingly) implies that Umbridge is a very powerful witchafter all, but also prompts the question of why this technique doesn’t appearmore often in the series.



9. They Can Be Used To Send Messages


While there are a few inconsistenciesbetween the book and the film (in the book, Kingsley Shacklebolt’s Patronus isa cool little lynx), it’s clear that Patronuses can also be used to sendmessages.



Just a few scenes after the courtroom scenein The Deathly Hallows Part 1, we see Kingsley’s Patronus letting everyone knowthe Ministry Of Magic has fallen. Apparently this neat little trick wasinvented by Dumbledore, and while he and McGonagall aren’t afraid to use it, wedon’t see it particularly often. It’s probably reserved for exceptionallygifted witches and wizards.



8. A Patronus Can Change



While we don’t see it in the films, it’strue that the form of a Patronus is influenced by the life and personality of acertain witch or wizard. When Snape and Dumbledore are speaking about Lily, hisquestion of "after all this time?" seems to suggest that if Snape hadfallen out of love with Lily, his Patronus may well have stopped being a doe.JK Rowling has confirmed this herself, suggesting that eternal love can alterthe form of a Patronus. Tonks’ becomes a wolf after she meets Lupin, forexample.



7. Powerful Wizards Can Conjure MultiplePatronuses



Despite her age, Minerva McGonagall was oneof the strongest and most powerful characters in the entire Harry Potter story.In The Deathly Hallows book, we see her employing the communication techniquementioned above, except this time, she’s doing it three times simultaneously.



It happens very quickly and is basicallynever shown again, but this is a seriously impressive feat of magic,considering it can pass us by so easily. Surely Dumbledore can pull it off, buthow many years of magical training do you need to learn something so complex?



6. "Expecto Patronum" ActuallyMeans Something

"Expecto Patronum" 实际上是有意义的


As the films go by, the audience getsaccustomed to some pretty strange phrases being thrown about. Sure, every nowand again the complex, cool-sounding spells like "Avada Kedavra" areovershadowed by some slightly less cool ones (‘eat slugs’ I’m looking atyou....) but most spells actually have their origin in Latin. "ExpectoPatronum" translates literally to ‘I await my guardian’. This is prettyapt considering the entire spell basically is a guardian in itself. Obviously,this sort of thing is never explained in the films, but looking deeper gives anice insight into Rowling’s thought process when creating the series.

随着电影的流逝,观众们习惯了一些相当奇怪的短语被抛来抛去。当然,像“AvadaKedavra”这样复杂、听起来很酷的咒语不时会被一些稍微不那么酷的咒语所掩盖(“吃鼻涕虫”,我正在看着你……)但大多数咒语实际上都起源于拉丁语。“Expeto Patronum”的字面意思是“我在等待我的监护人”。考虑到整个法术本身基本上就是一个守护者,这是非常合适的。显然,这类事情在电影中从来没有解释过,但更深入地观察可以很好地洞察罗琳在创作该系列时的思维过程。


5. There’s A Cute Connection Between RonAnd Hermione’s Patronuses



Jack Russell’s are known to chase otters.Ron is basically in love with Hermione from the first time he lays eyes on her,Hermione takes a while to reciprocate.



You can see where we’re going with this.Ron’s Patronus takes the form of a Jack Russell, and Hermione’s is an otter. Noone ever comments on this, but it’s a very nice, subtle nod that shows everyonethat they really were meant to be together. And, in a way, that they both knewit deep down way before they ever did anything about it.



4. They Can Match Animagi Forms



The only two animagi we see in the seriescast a Patronus turn into the exact same animal as their Patronus. MinervaMcGonagall is in her cat form the first time we ever see her, and her catPatronus helps her out in various ways later in the series. James Potter isable to turn into a stag when he wants to hang out with werewolf Lupin, and hisPatronus (like Harry’s) is a stag. It’s not clear whether the two are linkedintrinsically or if the Patronus takes that form because the Animagus is such abig part of the character’s personality, but it’s a cool subtlety that isn'treally spoken about, nonetheless.



3. You Can Edit Your Own Patronus



A wizard can choose to cast a corporealPatronus or an incorporeal Patronus. The former is the most common and mostpowerful, taking on the form of an animal and being able to repel dementorswith ease. When Harry is first starting out, you’ll notice that his iseffectively just a sheet of white mist; this is incorporeal. It’s easier andmuch less strong, but is also able to hide a wizard’s identity. Lupin, forexample, uses the same technique on the train to Hogwarts, as he doesn’t wantcertain questionable details about his lifestyle to be widely known (coughwerewolf cough).



2. A Wizard Has To Be "Worthy" Of APatronus



While the idea that only "goodguys" can cast a Patronus isn’t true, there are a few restrictions thatstop certain people from casting them. You’ll notice that we never see a deatheater cast a Patronus. Well, Snape, but we'll come to that.



That’s because, as revealed in the HarryPotter game Wonderbook: Book Of Spells, most of them will be eaten by maggotswho emerge from the end of their wand. Yeah. If we knew about this earlier,perhaps we could have figured a few things out about Snape’s affiliation. Afterall, he’s the only death eater able to cast a Patronus.



1. They Take A Lot Of Skill



Well, we all know this, but the extent towhich it is true seems to be a little overlooked. As we spend most of the HarryPotter series following very powerful wizards and witches like Dumbledore andMcGonagall, who can conjure up a Patronus like it’s nothing, we don’t reallyget to see how hard it is for everyone else. Hermione, of course, can pick itup quickly, but we see Ron struggle just as much with this as he does the restof his studies. Similarly, look at how long it took Dumbledore’s army to getthe hang of it. That took a lot of lessons.