【翻译 | 双语】Harry Potter: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Albus Dumbledore 哈利波特: 只有书迷才知道的关于阿不思·邓布利多的10件事

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Harry Potter: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Albus Dumbledore

哈利波特: 只有书迷才知道的关于阿不思·邓不利多的10件事




Albus Dumbledore is one of the most vital characters in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and this is what only book fans would know about him.


Not every Hogwarts teacher is up to the task of educating and helping young minds. Severus Snape was a bully, Dolores Umbridge was a true villain, and Gilderoy Lockhart was utterly useless, contrary to what he'd written in all of his books. However, no matter who is employed, Albus Dumbledore is a steady, brilliant presence at the head of the castle. And, throughout Harry Potter's time at the school, he did everything possible to help the Boy Who Lived throughout his difficult battle with Lord Voldemort.

不是每个霍格沃茨的老师都能胜任教育和帮助年轻人的任务。西弗勒斯 · 斯内普常欺压人,桃乐丝·恩不里居是个真正的坏人,吉德罗·洛哈则和他在所有书里宣传到的相反,他一点用都没有。然而,不管谁任职,阿不思·邓不利多在城堡的前端都是一个稳定的,辉煌的存在。而且,在哈利波特在学校的整个时间里,他尽一切可能帮助这个生活在他与伏地魔的艰难战斗之中的男孩。 

However, while the movies did a brilliant job at bringing the character to the big screen, not every little detail made it onto the big screen. These are things only fans of the source material know about the greatest headmaster Hogwarts has ever had.



10 He Foresaw Pettigrew's Finest Hour


One death that the Harry Potter movies don't show is that of Peter Pettigrew, who perishes in the final book of the series. Wormtail dies after hesitating when he's instructed to bring Harry, Ron, and other prisoners up to the dining room in Malfoy Manor, showing Lord Voldemort just the slightest disloyalty. His silver hand, given to him by the Dark Lord in Goblet of Fire, chokes him to death - much to the horror of those present.

小矮星彼得 · 佩迪格鲁的死亡并没有在哈利·波特中出现,他在这个系列的最后一本书中死去了。虫尾巴因被指示把哈利、罗恩和其他囚犯带到马尔福庄园的餐厅之时犹豫不决,向伏地魔显示了一点点不忠诚。他的银手,是《火焰杯》中的黑魔王送给他的那只,把他掐死了——这让在场的人感到非常恐怖。

In the Prisoner of Azkaban book, however, Dumbledore foresees this. Shortly after Pettigrew escapes the clutches of the Dementors, the Hogwarts headmaster taps into that excellent brain of his to predict there will be a time where Harry is grateful to have spared Wormtail from certain death.



9 He Saved The Life Of Remus Lupin

他救了莱姆斯 · 卢平的命

Remus Lupin joins the Hogwarts staff in Prisoner of Azkaban, replacing Gilderoy Lockhart as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. He's forced to leave at the end of the year though, after Severus Snape reveals his true identity as a werewolf. This is something nobody saw coming, but Dumbledore already knew.

在《阿兹卡班的囚徒》中,莱姆斯 · 卢平加入了霍格沃茨魔法学校的教职员工行列,取代了吉德罗·洛哈特成为黑魔法防御术的教师。不过,在西弗勒斯 · 斯内普揭露了自己狼人的真实身份后,他被迫在年底离开了。没有人预料到会发生这样的事,但邓布利多早就知道了。

Remus explains that Dumbledore saw no reason why he couldn't go to Hogwarts as a student, and put measures in place to ensure he live as normal a life as possible. Lupin opens up on how the Whomping Willow was built to ensure he could travel to the Shrieking Shack to transform without putting anybody in danger in the process.



8 He Knew About The Room Of Requirement


The Room of Requirement is a secret room within Hogwarts that will be anything someone needs. Need a room to hide something? Or to lie low? Or to go sleep? It's able to do all that. However, it's top secret and very few people know about it's existence.


In the Goblet of Fire book, though, Dumbledore lets it slip that he knows about it. He tells of stumbling across it on a full bladder when it was full of chamber pots. Though he doesn't actually call it the 'Room of Requirement' at the time ,Harry susses it out and puts two and two together when it comes to teaching pupils there the following year.

然而,在《火焰杯》这本书中,邓布利多无意中透露说他知道这屋子。他讲述了在一个人有三急情况里跌跌撞撞地发现它的故事。尽管哈利当时并没有把它称为“有求必应屋” ,但他推测了出来,并在第二年在那里教学生的时候把这两者结合起来。


7 He Hired Sybill Trelawney To Protect Her


Sybill Trelawney makes her debut in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie and book. She's able to predict some things - like Neville breaking a teacup - but on the whole is rather useless. Everybody at the school knows this and movie fans can be forgiven for wondering why she was even hired in the first place, given that she lacks talent and accuracy in her prediction-making.


But the Order of the Phoenix book explains this. It's told that it was Trelawney who created the Prophecy about both Harry and Lord Voldemort and, when the Dark Lord got wind of it, Dumbledore hired Trelawney for her own protection. Even she's unaware of the chain of events she set in motion and, given how overwhelming that would be, it's probably for the best.



6 He Collected More Memories


Hepzibah Smith in Harry Potter In the Half-Blood Prince movie, fans see two old memories. One is Dumbledore's, when he first met Lord Voldemort at an orphanage in London - not knowing that he was encountering the darkest wizard ever born. And the second belongs to Horace Slughorn, who told the Dark Lord how to make Horcruxes during the villain's time at Hogwarts.

在西弗勒斯·斯内普的电影中,粉丝们看到了两段旧时的回忆。一个是邓布利多的,当他第一次见到伏地魔是在伦敦的一家孤儿院——他不知道自己遇到了有史以来最黑暗的巫师。第二个属于霍勒斯 · 斯拉格霍恩,他告诉还在霍格沃茨时期黑魔王如何制造魂器。

However, the book details many more memories that Dumbledore collected. One belongs to Bob Ogden, an old Ministry of Magic employee who meets Voldemort's vile family during his time as an employee. Another is from Honky the House Elf, who tells of how Voldemort killed Hepzibah Smith to take her belongings. And another is from Morfin Gaunt, the Dark Lord's uncle. Unfortunately, while they would have been interesting to see, the blockbuster of the same name completely omits these recollections.

然而,这本书详细描述了邓布利多保存的更多的记忆。其中一个是魔法部的老员工鲍勃 · 奥格登,他在担任伏地魔的雇员期间遇到了伏地魔邪恶的家人。另一个是来自 Honky 的家养小精灵,他讲述了伏地魔如何杀死赫普兹巴 · 史密斯,夺走她的财物。另一个来自黑魔王的叔叔莫芬 · 冈特。不幸的是,虽然它们看起来很有趣,但这部同名大片却完全忽略了这些回忆。


5 He Snubbed Lord Voldemort For A Job


Another memory the Half-Blood Prince movie doesn't show is Dumbledore's himself. In the source material, the Hogwarts headmaster tells Harry about the time Lord Voldemort turned up to the school, many years after leaving, to request a job. The Defence Against the Dark Arts job, specifically.


Unsurprisingly, Dumbledore declines. He informs Tom Riddle of how he knows about his antics after leaving the school and how he was fully aware of the wizard's descent into darkness. Riddle, though, isn't bothered. He uses the trip to hide Rowena Ravenclaw's old diadem in the Room of Requirement, which he'd turned into a Horcrux. Dumbledore suspects this but, due to the limited information, has no idea a Horcrux is right under his nose the whole time.

不出所料,邓布利多拒绝了。他告诉汤姆 · 里德尔,离开学校后,他是如何知道他的错误行动的,以及他是如何完全意识到面前的青年正在坠入黑暗之中。不过,里德尔并不在意。他利用这次旅行把罗伊娜 · 拉文克劳的旧王冠藏在了有求必应屋里,他把它变成了一个魂器。邓布利多对此有过怀疑,但由于得到的线索有限,他不知道魂器一直就在他的鼻子底下。


4 He Had A Funeral And It Was A Big Deal


Dumbledore is killed by Severus Snape during the sixth movie. It's a poignant affair, but the Hogwarts headmaster's funeral wasn't shown.

邓布利多在第六部中被西弗勒斯 · 斯内普杀死了。这是一个令人心酸的事件,但是霍格沃茨校长的葬礼并没有在电影中播出。

In the Half-Blood Prince novel, it's a huge affair. Just about everybody turns up to pay their respects to the greatest mind the wizarding world has ever seen. Allies from the Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts, and Ministry of Magic all attend, while even the odd enemy like Dolores Umbridge and Rita Skeeter make an appearance.

在《混血王子》中,这葬礼是一件大事。几乎每个人都来向巫师世界有史以来最伟大的思想致敬。来自凤凰社、霍格沃茨和魔法部的盟友都参加了这次活动,甚至还有一些奇怪的敌人,比如桃乐丝·恩不里居和丽塔 · 斯基特也出席了。


3 He Got His Own Portrait


Shortly after Dumbledore's death in the sixth book of the series, Harry, Ron and Hermione all go to his old office. And, once there, they see a portrait of their idol looking back at them.


 It's Hogwarts tradition that, when a headmaster dies in service, they get a portrait of themselves put up on the wall. And it's no difference with Albus. After Snape's death, Harry manages to campaign for him to get the same treatment. He lets the whole wizarding world know that the Potions Master, despite killing Dumbledore, was a good guy at heart.



2 He's Unsure If He's A Killer


In the Deathly Hallows book, fans learn plenty about Dumbledore's backstory. While he was a brilliant wizard with a heart of gold, he made many mistakes during his younger years. And it's revealed that he was once keen on enslaving muggles with Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard with who he harbored a deep, romantic longing for.


When Dumbledore changes his mind, a battle breaks out between himself, Grindelwald, and his brother Aberforth. In the crossfire, sister Ariana Dumbledore is devastatingly killed. What's worse, is that both Dumbledores and Grindelwald never knew which member of the trio fired the fatal shot. This haunts him for the rest of his days - and even in the afterlife.

当邓布利多改变主意的时候,他,格林德沃和他的弟弟阿不福思之间爆发了一场对决。在交火中,阿丽安娜 · 邓布利多被杀死了。更糟糕的是邓布利多和 Grindelwald 都不知道是他们三个中的哪个发出了致命的咒语。这一点在他的余生,甚至在来世都会萦绕不去。


1 He Became Prefect And Head Boy


Dumbledore is unparalleled. And, during his time at Hogwarts, he was inevitably top of every class - just like Hermione Granger.


It's revealed in the Deathly Hallows book that he became Prefect and Head Boy during his time at Hogwarts, as anyone would expect from somebody with his remarkable levels of intelligence. This story is told by Aberforth, who is rather bitter about the whole thing. After all, it must be pretty difficult being stuck in the shadow of the greatest wizard in the world. Especially one with such big skeletons in their closet.