【翻译|双语】哈利 · 波特:只有原著粉才知道的韦斯莱一家的10件事

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Harry Potter: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About The Weasleys

哈利 · 波特:只有原著粉才知道的有关韦斯莱一家的10件事




The Weasleys are one of the most prominent families in Harry Potter, but some knowledge is exclusive to book readers...

韦斯莱一家是《哈利 · 波特》中最显赫的家族之一,但是有些信息是原著读者所独有的...... 

Out of all the families in the Harry Potter universe, the Weasleys are arguably the best of the bunch. Arthur and Molly are doting parents, managing to produce brilliant children despite being strapped for cash. Bill and Charlie are both rather cool and modest, while even Percy has his positives. Fred and George provide comedic value, while both Ginny and Ron prove themselves to be loyal assets to Harry himself during his ongoing battle with Lord Voldemort.


They all got a fair bit of screentime in the movies but not every single little detail made it onto the big screen.



10 Arthur And Molly Met At Hogwarts


Arthur and Molly don't get much light shed on their backstory during the course of the movies - and it's even the same in the books. One thing we do learn, however, is that the pair met at Hogwarts. And, naturally, got up to no good.


Discussing the loathed Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch, Molly recalls how her and Arthur decided to take a night-time stroll through the grounds - despite it being against the castle's rules. Mrs Weasley, then named Miss Prewett, is able to get away. But caretaker at the time Apollyon Pringle catches Arthur and, we imagine, gave him a stern telling off.

在谈到令人厌恶的霍格沃茨看守人阿格斯 · 费尔奇时,茉莉回忆起她和亚瑟决定在校园里夜间漫步——尽管这违反了霍格沃茨的规定。韦斯莱夫人,当时的名字叫普莱维特小姐,逃脱成功了。但是当时的看门人阿波里昂 · 普林格抓住了亚瑟,并且,我们猜想,狠狠地训斥了他一顿。


9 Fred And George Had A Third Partner In Crime


Fred and George stick together throughout all the Harry Potter movies. It's very rare you see one without the other, such is the closeness of their bond. However, in the source material, they have a partner in crime in the form of Lee Jordan.

在所有哈利·波特的电影中弗雷德和乔治都是形影不离的。几乎看不到他们单独出现,尽管他们二人之间有如此密切的联系。然而在原著中,他们的“犯罪”同伙确有李 · 乔丹。

Lee Jordan does appear on the big screen, commentating on Quidditch matches during Harry's first two years at Hogwarts. But he's never glimpsed with Fred and George - in stark contrast to the books. Lee is very much involved in all of their scheming and, when the Weasleys flee Hogwarts without him during the Order of the Phoenix, is spotted in the common room looking rather lonely. He, like many Gryffindor students past and present, takes place in the Battle of Hogwarts.

李 · 乔丹确实出现在大银幕上,在哈利在霍格沃茨的头两年里担任魁地奇比赛的解说员。但他从未在电影中展现出与弗雷德和乔治有过联系——这与书中的情节形成了鲜明的对比。当韦斯莱兄弟在凤凰社期间撇下他逃离霍格沃茨的时候,他被发现在公共休息室里显得相当孤独。他和许多格兰芬多的学生一样,参与了霍格沃茨之战中。


8 Percy Fell Out With The Family


There's a brief moment in the fifth movie where Harry looks shocked to see Percy Weasley grabbing him by his robes, working on behalf of Cornelius Fudge and the Ministry of Magic and accusing him of creating the illicit group, Dumbledore's Army. What isn't explained, though, is why this happens.

在第五部电影中,有一个短暂的瞬间,哈利看到珀西 · 韦斯莱抓住他的长袍,为康奈利 · 福吉和魔法部工作,指责他创建了非法组织——邓布利多的军队,哈利看起来很震惊。然而,没有解释的是这种情况为什么会发生。

In the book, it's revealed that Percy falls out with the family. Their allegiances to Harry and Albus Dumbledore don't sit well with the big dreamer, who turns his back on them refusing to accept Lord Voldemort's return to power. Fortunately he sees the error of his ways (more on that later).



7 Molly's Biggest Fear


Boggarts are traumatic features to face for anybody in the Harry Potter universe, whether you're a child or an adult. The creatures show you your greatest fear so for Harry that's a Dementor, for Remus Lupin that's a full moon and for Ron Weasley, it's a spider (which would probably be ours too).

无论你是一个孩子还是一个成年人,对于任何一个哈利·波特世界里的人来说,博格特都是一种创伤性的特征。这些生物向你展示了你最大的恐惧,所以对于哈利来说,它是摄魂怪; 对于莱姆斯 · 卢平来说,它是满月; 对于罗恩 · 韦斯莱来说,它是蜘蛛(这也可能是我们的博格特)。

What the films don't show is Molly's. Harry sees her trying to get rid of a Boggart from 12 Grimmauld Place and witnesses her biggest fear: the death of everybody she holds dear. It's a pretty shocking moment for the Boy Who Lived when he sees himself, Ron and Percy all dead right in front of his eyes. Fortunately, it's not the real thing.

电影没有展示的是莫利的最大恐惧。哈利看到她试图摆脱来自格里莫广场12号的一个博格特,也看到了她最大的恐惧: 她所珍视的每个人的死亡。对于这个活下来的男孩来说,这是一个相当令人震惊的时刻,当他看到自己,罗恩和珀西都死在他的眼前。幸运的是,这不是真的。


6 Arthur Left Fred's Buttock 'Never The Same'


Harry is overhearing a conversation between Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy in the Half-Blood Prince when he hears the words 'Unbreakable Vow' spoken out loud. Not knowing what this is, he confides in Ron. And, true to form, his friend explains precisely what this is.

哈利无意中听到了西弗勒斯 · 斯内普和德拉科 · 马尔福在《混血王子》一书中的对话,当时他听到了牢不可破的誓言。不知道这是什么,他向罗恩透露此事。而一如既往的,他的朋友精确地解释了这是什么。

While doing so, he also drops a funny story. Fred and George tried to get Ron to make one himself while they were young and, when Arthur finds out, he loses his temper (which is definitely rare for him). Ron says that Fred believes his left buttock has never been the same - so that must have been some punishment Mr Weasley dished out. Probably for the best this was never shown in a flashback...



5 Molly Didn't Approve Of Fleur Marrying Bill


Molly is always lecturing her children about something. She's certainly sweet but also pretty brutal, often having a go at her offspring even when in a good mood. She very much wears the trousers in The Burrow, with Arthur then softening whatever blows she dishes out.


Naturally, because of how protective she is, she doesn't approve of Fleur Delacour marrying her oldest son Bill. Yet she changes her mind after he's nearly mauled to death by the savage werewolf Fenrir Greyback and, after orginally thinking the former Triwizard Tournament contestant would turn her back on her future husband, is left shocked when she instead stands by him. The pair then patch up their differences and that paves the way for a much better relationship.

自然,由于她的保护欲,她不赞成芙蓉 · 德拉库尔嫁给她的大儿子比尔。然而在比尔几乎被野蛮的狼人芬尼尔 · 格雷里尔 · 贝克撕咬致死之后,她改变了主意。在原本以为这位三强争霸赛的前参赛选手会抛弃她未来的丈夫之后,当她转而支持他时,她为此感到震惊。这对夫妻在之后也修复了他们之间的分歧,为更好的关系铺平了道路。


4 Ginny Got With Harry Thanks To Hermione


Ginny is somewhat underused in the Harry Potter movies. But it's a different story in the books. And, in the Half-Blood Prince, she explains some useful advice from Hermione Granger that helped her finally secure the Boy Who Lived after many years of romantic lusting.


Ginny reveals that Hermione told her to stop being so nervous around Harry and to start dating other boys instead to rouse his attention. This, clearly, works. Harry ends up falling for Ginny halfway through his sixth year at the castle and, after biding his time, finally makes his move. He kisses her in front of Ron but, after a brief moment of shock, he gives his friend a look of 'if you must'. That's as good a seal of approval he was ever going to get.



3 Aunt Muriel Savaged Them All


Aunt Muriel Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Aunt Muriel makes a fleeting appearance in the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 blockbuster. She's a cackling witch, taking great delight at speculation over the recently-deceased Albus Dumbledore and his mysterious past. In the books, however, far more is spoken about her - and her horrible way of saying things.


She treats Hermione with disdain when she learns of her muggle-born past, has a pop at Ginny Weasley for wearing a dress 'far too low cut' and says that George Weasley's ears were 'lopsided' when he's actually missing one. While she's a complete hag, she does do one good thing: allowing family members to hide from Death Eaters in her home when they attempt to arrest them.

当她得知赫敏在麻瓜家庭出生的过去时,她对赫敏表示了蔑视。她对金妮 · 韦斯莱穿着“太低胸”的裙子表示了不满,并说乔治 · 韦斯莱的耳朵“歪了” ,而实际上他是少了一只耳朵。虽然她是个十足的刻薄人,但她做了一件好事: 当食死徒试图逮捕他们时,她允许家人躲在她家里。


2 Charlie Weasley Went Back To Hogwarts Twice

查理 · 韦斯莱回过霍格沃茨两次

Most people don't return to Hogwarts after leaving, unless they've got a special reason to be there. But, out of all the characters in the Potter universe, Charlie is the only person to return on two separate occasions after his departure.


The first time is in the Sorcerer's Stone, when he goes to the castle to retrieve Norberta the Dragon and whisk her away to Romania so she can get the care and attention she needs. And the second is in the Battle of Hogwarts itself, when he participates in the final showdown against Lord Voldemort and his horrible Death Eaters.



1 Percy And Ron See Fred Die


In the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 movie Fred Weasley appears to die alone. We don't actually see it, instead getting a scene of him screaming in terror as a Death Eater closes in. Things are different in the source material, however, with Fred's tragic death actually witnessed by brothers Ron and Percy.

在《死亡圣器:下》的电影中,弗雷德 · 韦斯莱似乎是孤独地死去的。我们并没有实际上的看到它的全貌,而是只看到了一个场景,当一个食死徒逼近时,他惊恐地喊着。然而,这在原著中是不同的,弗雷德的悲剧死亡实际上是由罗恩和珀西目击的。

He and Percy have just patched up their differences when there's a huge explosion that sends them, as well as Ron and Harry, flying backwards. In the aftermath, everybody is horrified when Fred doesn't awake having fallen down. It's devastating to read and, out of all the deaths in the Harry Potter series, this is perhaps the most emotional of the lot.