哈利 · 波特: 关于魔法学家,我们仍然有10个未解之谜

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Harry Potter: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Magizoologists

哈利 · 波特: 关于魔法学家,我们仍然有10个未解之谜




Magizoologists like Hagrid or Newt Scamander are an important part of the Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter world, but what don't people know about them?

像海格或纽特 · 斯卡曼这样的魔法动物学家是神奇动物/哈利 · 波特世界的重要组成部分,但是人们对他们还有什么不知道的呢?

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Feature One of the chief pleasures of the Harry Potter universe is its richness. This is a fully-realized alternative world, one in which magical creatures (and even, weirdly enough, magical plants!) exist and in which wizards and witches are real and are governed by their own rules and laws. They even have various professions depending on one’s proficiency. Recent films have shown that magizoologists have played a pretty significant role in the wizarding world. In fact, they usually turn out to be some of the best people that one could ask for in a crisis.


However, there are still quite a few unanswered questions about these particular members of the Harry Potter universe.



10/10 Do They Ever Get Mauled By Muggle Animals?


It’s pretty clear that magical creatures (most notably dragons) pose their own special challenges when it comes to studying and wrangling them, and one has to be very careful in order to avoid getting seriously injured or killed.


However, one has to wonder whether a magizoologist ever gets mauled or harmed by what might be termed regular animals? After all, people trained to handle some of the world’s most dangerous magical creatures could probably take down a lion, but who really knows?



9 /10 Why Do There Seem To Be So Few Of Them?


One of the strange things about magizoologists is that, compared to some of the other types of wizards out there, there really don’t seem to be very many of them floating around the wizarding world.


This is especially strange considering how many magical creatures they are and how easy it would be for some intrepid (and unwise) Muggle scientist to find one of these creatures and either hurt themselves or the creature in question.



8/10 How Do You Become One?


In general, it’s pretty clear how one moves into the various magical professions revealed in Harry Potter. However, there seems to be some level of ambiguity about how, exactly, one becomes a magizoologist. We learn about how you become an auror, and about how people become professional Quidditch players, but we only ever encounter magizoologists after they've already become one.

总的来说,《哈利 · 波特》中所揭示的各种魔法职业是如何发展的已经很清楚了。然而,关于一个人究竟如何成为魔法动物学家,似乎存在某种程度的模棱两可。我们了解你如何成为一名傲罗,以及如何成为职业魁地奇球员的过程,但是我们只有在魔法动物学家已经成为魔法动物学家之后才会遇到他们。

For that matter, is there any form of quality control or credentialing to ensure that some sort of quack doesn’t become one?



7/10 Why Didn’t Hogwarts Employ An Actual One After The Original One Left?


Everyone knows that Hogwarts is full of all sorts of wizards and witches, many of whom have a particular strength or affinity. It doesn’t seem, however, that they have a full-time magizoologist on staff. Though it seems like Hagrid might fit the bill, it seems pretty certain that he isn’t a magizoologist himself, per se.


This in itself raises all sorts of questions as to whether Hagrid is, technically, a magizoologist or just someone who happens to have a lot of interest in magical creatures (which, all things considered, is a pretty admirable thing about him).



6/10 How Does One Get The Education Required?


Harry Potter O.W.L Related to the question of how one becomes a magizoologist, readers must be wondering how one goes about getting the full education to be one. Surely, given the fact that magical creatures are, to put it mildly, demanding and often downright dangerous, there must be some sort of curriculum that one might follow.


However, the books and films seem pretty mum on this point, leaving readers to speculate about this particular question. Is there a wizarding graduate school that we've just never heard of?



5/10 Why Do They Not Seem To Control The Department For The Regulation And Control Of Magical Creatures?


Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Since it seems that the wizarding world loves bureaucracy as much as the real world does, it’s not surprising that there would be a Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. What is surprising is that the magizoologists don’t seem to have a particularly strong presence there.


Considering the fact that these are the people who have the most explicit training in the handling of such creatures, one would think that they’d have a bigger part to play in the government.



4/10 Why Do They Write So Many Irresponsible Books About Going Out And Mucking Around With Magical Creatures?


If magizoologists love anything as much as engaging with magical creatures, it’s sharing that love with other people. Thus, many of the most famous magizoologists also had successful careers as authors, writing books that, it has to be said, were a bit irresponsible in encouraging others to go out and mess around with the same magical creatures that they encounter.


It’s a little strange that the powers that be didn’t do a little more to tamp down on this particular tendency.



3/10 Why Do They Generally Seem To Cause So Much Havoc?


While it’s true that magizoologists tend to be very charming and charismatic individuals, it has to be said that they also have an almost uncanny ability to cause trouble and wreak havoc wherever they happen to be.


This isn’t their fault, necessarily, since they’re usually just trying to do the right thing for everyone involved, but it’s still hard to understand why they can’t seem to get themselves a little more in hand (or, failing that, why someone else doesn’t do it).



2/10 What’s The Difference Between Them And A Wizarding Naturalist?


Anyone who’s part of a fandom knows that a great deal of time can be spent on some of the most arcane aspects of a given fictional world. Fans of Harry Potter will, no doubt, still be wondering about the difference between a magizoologist and a wizarding naturalist- like Luna Lovegood became.

任何一个粉丝都知道,在一个给定的虚构世界里,可以花大量的时间在一些最神秘的方面。毫无疑问,哈利波特的粉丝们仍然会对魔法动物学家和像卢娜 · 洛夫古德那样的巫师自然学家之间的区别感到好奇。

For that matter, they might even wonder whether there is, in fact, any difference between the two at all or whether they’re actually just synonyms for one another.



1/10 Why Do So Many Of Them Seem So Bad At Not Getting Torn To Shreds?


Wounded Hagrid Magizoologists, like other wizards, are a very diverse group. However, they do seem to have one thing in common, and that is the ability to get themselves torn into shreds by the animals that they are supposedly trying to observe and take care of (even though a lot of magical animals are cute, a lot are also very dangerous).


This happens repeatedly to various individuals, and it really does beg the question: shouldn’t people who have dedicated their lives to learning about these creatures be a little better at not getting injured?