【已付费】Delving deeper into Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition with Emily Gravett与艾米丽·格雷维特一起深入探究魁地奇时代插图版

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Delving deeper into Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition with Emily Gravett 与艾米丽·格雷维特一起深入探究魁地奇时代插图版


we asked the illustrator of Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition to talk us through some of her favourite pieces, from tapestries to Quidditch balls – and her inspirations when it came to creating them. Take a sneak peek inside the book to learn more... 我们请了《魁地奇穿越时代》插图版的插图画家给我们讲讲她最喜欢的作品,从挂毯到魁地奇球——以及她创作这些作品时的灵感。在书中偷看一下,了解更多……

Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition is out today! And you can catch more from Emily with our exclusive interview with her here. 《魁地奇穿越时代》插图版今天出版了!你可以通过我们对艾米丽的独家采访了解更多。

The tapestry 挂毯

This tapestry, which depicts an ancient hunt for a Golden Snidget, is one of the biggest pieces in the entire book. It took Emily around 2 weeks to complete. If you look closely, it’s filled with all sorts of commotion, magical creatures, a Latin description and other little details. 这幅挂毯描绘了远古时代对金缕梅的猎杀,是整本书中最重要的部分之一。艾米丽花了大约两周的时间才完成。如果你仔细看,里面充满了各种各样的骚动、神奇生物、拉丁语的描述和其他小细节。

‘The tapestry, inspired by the Bayeaux tapestry, was a massive challenge actually, because there were so many elements that I had to make look right,’ Emily said. ‘And I’m not a sewer, so I had to figure out a way to make it look like I’d sewn it in Photoshop – working out how to make stitches and then using individual stitches in Photoshop, so it took about two weeks! I scanned in an old piece of linen as the background and then sewed it together digitally.’ 艾米莉说,这款挂毯的灵感来源于巴约挂毯,实际上是一个巨大的挑战,因为有太多的元素需要我把它设计得好看。”“我不是缝纫高手,所以我必须想办法让它看起来像是我在Photoshop(图像处理的一种软件)里缝出来的——我想出了怎么缝,然后在Photoshop(图像处理的一种软件)里单独缝,所以花了大约两周的时间!”我扫描了一块旧亚麻布作为背景,然后用数码技术把它缝在一起。”

The leprechaun 精灵

Emily also called out this Kenmare Kestral’s leprechaun mascot as one of her favourite pieces, which she made a real-life version of using needle-felting. “I still have him somewhere!” she said.

‘Each one of the Quidditch teams has a badge, so I designed them as logos, but then I thought I’d put all the team ‘merchandise’ in there and make that for real – that’s how I ended up making patches too.’ 艾米丽(Emily)还将肯梅尔·凯斯特拉(Kenmare Kestral)的妖精吉祥物称为她最喜欢的作品之一,她使用针刺毡制作了真实的照片。“他还在我的某个地方!””她说。 “每一支魁地奇球队都有一个徽章,所以我把它们设计成徽标,但后来我想我应该把所有球队的‘商品’都放在那里,然后把它做成真的——这就是我最后也做了补丁的原因。”

The Quidditch teams 魁地奇球队

The British and Irish Quidditch Teams section of the book was one of the first chapters Emily worked on. And for each team, she was sure to include little details that were true to their real-life locations. 书中英国和爱尔兰魁地奇球队的部分是艾米丽写的第一章。对于每一个团队,她肯定会包括符合他们真实生活地点的小细节。

‘There’s little chapter headings in the book so I was trying to find references for each place. Appleby, for example, has a horse fair, so that’s why there’s a little carriage on it and Wigtown has the books. 这是本书中的小章节标题, 所以我试着为每一个地方找参考书目。例如,爱普比(Appleby)就有一个马术比赛,所以这就是为什么上面有一个小马车而威格敦(Wigtown)有书的原因。

The Quidditch players 魁地奇的球员

‘I used to play roller derby, so in my head, roller derby and Quidditch have sort of become the same sport. Roller skates and brooms are not the same at all, but it’s that kind of speed and the ‘being hit’ element of it, so I was thinking of safety gear, knee pads and wrist guards, etc. And the players. The thing I liked about roller derby is there’s quite a lot of diversity, in body shapes and sizes, and I wanted to get that across in the team members I was drawing – make sure they weren’t all just svelte athletes. It’s quite an inclusive sport. After all, you’re sitting on a broom! “我过去经常玩旱冰比赛,所以在我的脑海里,旱冰比赛和魁地奇差不多是一种运动。轮滑鞋和飞天扫帚完全不一样,但它的速度和“被击中”的元素,所以我想的是安全装备,护膝和手腕等。和球员。我喜欢旱冰比赛的一点是,它有很多不同的形体和大小,我想让我所画的团队成员明白这一点——确保他们不都是苗条的运动员。这是一项包容性很强的运动。毕竟,你是坐在扫帚上!

The Quidditch balls 魁地奇球

I was a bit worried about this chapter because at first, I thought it would be a bit dull – it’s just about balls! But the actual fold-out Quidditch balls sort of amazed me – I thought it’d be a great thing to actually put the actual-size of the balls in – so I measured them on Photoshop. When I saw them printed out, I thought, ‘that can’t be right?’. But I did loads of research into the sizes to make sure I had the most accurate Quaffle! 我对这一章有点担心,因为一开始,我认为它会有点枯燥-它只是关于球!但是真正的可折叠的魁地奇球有点让我吃惊——我想把球的实际尺寸放进去是一件很棒的事情——所以我在Photoshop(图像处理的一种软件)中测量了它们的尺寸。当我看到它们打印出来的时候,我想,‘这不可能是对的?’但是我对尺寸进行了大量研究,以确保获得最准确的鬼飞球!

Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition is out NOW from Bloomsbury and Scholastic. 《魁地奇穿越时代》插图版现在由布鲁姆斯伯里出版社和学术出版社出版。

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this edition will go to J.K. Rowling’s own international children’s charity Lumos, which helps some of the world’s most vulnerable children and young people to have a better life; and to Comic Relief. 出售这一版本的部分收入将捐给J.K.罗琳自己的国际儿童慈善机构Lumos,该慈善机构帮助世界上一些最脆弱的儿童和年轻人过上更好的生活;并用于喜剧救济。

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