10 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined In Disney's Style 10个哈利波特人物以迪士尼风格重新设计

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10 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined In Disney's Style 10个哈利波特人物以迪士尼风格重新设计 kako桑 Disney and Harry Potter make for the most magical mash-up! Here are some of Harry Potter's best characters rendered in Disney's style via fan art. 迪士尼和哈利波特是最神奇的混搭!下面是一些用迪士尼风格通过粉丝艺术呈现的哈利波特中最好的角色。 Disney has given audiences their style of creativity for decades. But what exactly makes Disney style so whimsical? From Big Hero 6 (2014), Tarzan (1999) Lilo and Stitch (2002), Aristocats (1970) and Frozen (2013). The types of animation and concept drawings are similar enough that Disney is the obvious creator, yet each animated adventure has its own signature touch of originality that is just as unique as their stories. 几十年来,迪士尼一直在向观众展示自己的创意风格。但究竟是什么让迪士尼风格如此异想天开呢?《超能英雄6》(2014)、《泰山》(1999)、《星际宝贝》(2002)、《贵族》(1970)和《冰雪奇缘》(2013)。动画和概念图的类型非常相似,迪斯尼是显而易见的创造者,但每一个动画冒险都有自己独特的创意,就像他们的故事一样独特。 10 Hagrid Via: Johanna The Mad Mexican Digital Artist Johanna The Mad has created this beautiful piece of artwork that shows Hagrid, Harry, and their ginormous height difference. The textural component and color mediums used have created the warmth that emanates from Hagrid's character, his loving nature. His glorious hair has taken on a Mufasa mane and the style is similar to that of old animation sketch frames. Hagrid's depiction here could certainly be compared to the Beast in Beauty And The Beast (1991) before his transformation as well as his build afterward. 10 海格 墨西哥数字艺术家创作了这幅美丽的艺术品,展示了海格和哈利以及他们巨大的身高差异。结构成分和颜色介质的使用创造了温暖,散发出海格的性格,他的爱的本质。他光辉的头发已经采取了木法沙鬃毛和风格类似的老动画素描框架。海格在这里的刻画可以与《美女与野兽》(1991)中变形前的野兽和变形后的野兽相比较。 9 Harry And Ro Via: Tara Lei Norton This piece of artwork is a testament to Harry and Ron's friendship and one of the earliest moments experienced by the audience of them spending time together. Ron and Harry have a Michael Darling aspect to them from Disney's Peter Pan (1953). 9 哈利和罗恩 这件艺术品是哈利和罗恩友谊的证明,也是他们的观众在一起度过的最早的时刻之一。在迪斯尼1953年的电影《彼得·潘》中,罗恩和哈利有迈克尔·达林的影子。 8 Minerva McGonagall Via: Afo2006 This fan art pays homage to the older Disney classics and their style, similar to those of Cinderella (1950) and Sleeping Beauty (1959) from the 1950s. It is no doubt that in cartoon form, McGonagall would still manage to turn herself into a brilliant cat with spectacle markings that has a stern gaze, and the ability to make any student run to their dormitory when they're not supposed to be out. This Deviant Artist has taken particular inspiration from Cinderella character Lady Tremaine. 8 密涅瓦麦格 这种扇子艺术向更老的迪斯尼经典作品及其风格致敬,类似于1950年代的灰姑娘(1950)和睡美人(1959)。毫无疑问,在漫画中,麦格还是能把自己变成一只聪明的猫,带着眼镜的标记,目光严厉,并且能让任何不应该外出的学生跑回宿舍。这位叛逆的艺术家从灰姑娘的角色屈里曼小姐身上获得了特别的灵感。 7 Mad-Eye Moody Via: Makani This Deviant Artist has transformed Harry Potter's Alastor Moody into a Disney style drawing that is an unmistakable likeliness to the Auror. Any number of interpretations could be applied to the artwork, such as the similarities between this version of Moody and Quasimodo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996). Moody is given a big eye instead of his eye attachment and the drawing medium almost gives an Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) feel that is so prominent in the movie's characters, particularly Preston Whitmore, to this rough and scarred Harry Potter character. 7 疯眼汉穆迪 这位不寻常的艺术家将《哈利·波特》中的阿拉斯特·穆迪变成了一幅迪士尼风格的画作,与傲罗有着明显的相似之处。许多解释都可以应用到这件艺术品上,比如这个版本的穆迪和《巴黎圣母院的驼背》(1996)中卡西莫多的相似之处。穆迪被赋予了一只大眼睛,而不是他的眼睛,而绘画媒体几乎给了一个亚特兰蒂斯:失落的帝国(2001)的感觉,这在电影的角色,特别是普雷斯顿·惠特莫尔,这个粗糙和伤痕的在哈利波特角色中尤为突出。 6 Dolores Umbridge Via: Mario Oscar Gabriele There are many different opinions when it comes to the Harry Potter universe, but one of the most shared among fans is that Umbridge is worse than Voldemort. While many people grew darker and more violent in the presence of Horcruxes, the Locket hardly fazed Umbridge. 6 多洛雷斯·乌姆里奇 谈到哈利·波特的世界,人们有很多不同的看法,但粉丝们最一致的观点之一就是乌姆里奇比伏地魔还要可恶。当许多人在魂器面前变得更加黑暗、更加凶狠时,挂坠盒并没有使乌姆里奇感到惊慌。 5 Luna Lovegood Via: Mad Boogie Creations This Luna Lovegood artwork by Mad Boogie Creations was mentioned in a post on Instagram by the actress of Luna herself, Evanna Lynch. Lynch commented on the artwork saying that it captured Luna's soul, her "dreaminess, whimsy, curiosity, serenity and depth." 5 卢娜·洛夫古德 这幅《卢娜·洛夫古德》的作品是由布吉创作的,卢娜的女演员伊芙·穆尔海德在Ins上发了一条帖子。穆尔海德在评论这件艺术品时说,它抓住了卢娜的灵魂,她的“梦幻、奇想、好奇、宁静和深度”。 4 Lily And Snape Via: Margaux Kindhauser This brilliant comic by Margaux Kindkauser shows the beauty that can be found in Snape and Lily's friendship. The Disney aspects that can be found in this fanart are similar to those of Tarzan (1999) and Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001). Unfortunately for fans of this ship, Snape was doomed to be a temporary part of Lily's life while she would always be a constant in his. A phrase found throughout the Harry Potter novels that came to haunt the Potions Master was "you have your mother's eyes." And no doubt, having to look at them every day had a tortuous impact on Snape who dearly loved Harry's mother. 4 莉莉和斯内普 这部由马尔高·金德考斯创作的精彩喜剧展现了斯内普和莉莉友谊中的美。在这部喜剧中,迪士尼元素与1999年的《泰山》和2001年的《亚特兰蒂斯:失落的帝国》相似。不幸的是,对于这艘飞船的粉丝来说,斯内普注定是莉莉生命中的一个暂时的部分,而她将永远是他生命中的一个永恒的部分。在《哈利·波特》系列小说中,有句话一直萦绕着这位魔药课老师,那就是“你长着你妈妈的眼睛。”毫无疑问,每天看着它们对斯内普产生了一种曲折的影响,斯内普深爱着哈利的母亲。 3 Draco And Lucius Via: Makani The Malfoy family has a complex relationship to say the least, with Draco being put under ultimately too much strain from his father's hand in things. Many fans were upset that their dark, brooding and extremely dramatic favorite wasn't shown more love during the Harry Potter series, believing his misunderstood nature was downplayed until Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009). It can't be denied that Mr. Malfoy is a strained individual and that it isn't beyond him to raise his wand at a young wizard, as shown when Harry gave Dobby his freedom. 3. 德拉科和卢修斯 至少可以说,马尔福一家的关系很复杂,德拉科在很多事情上都受到了他父亲的过度压力。许多粉丝对他们黑暗、忧郁、充满戏剧性的最爱在《哈利·波特》系列中没有得到更多的爱而感到沮丧,他们认为他被误解的本性被淡化了,直到2009年《哈利·波特与混血王子》上映。不可否认,马尔福先生是个有点紧张的人,他不会对一个年轻的巫师举起魔杖,就像哈利给多比自由时所表现的那样。 2 Sirius Black Via: Flare And Icicle This Sirius Black pup isn't all that serious in this fan art. In fact, Harry's Godfather seems to be having a swell old time. And he's earned it after having to endure 12 Years in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit, being seen in the eyes of his friend as a traitor, having his future with Harry stolen, forced to hide as a fugitive and being murdered at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. That's a whole lot of pain. The suave Marauder will always be remembered as a sassy and mischievous student of Hogwarts. 2 小天狼星布莱克 小天狼星布莱克在扇子艺术中并不是那么严肃。事实上,哈利的教父似乎过得很愉快。他为自己没有犯下的罪行在阿兹卡班呆了12年,在他的朋友眼里他是一个叛徒,他和哈利好像看不到未来了,他被迫作为一个逃犯躲藏起来,并被贝拉特里克斯·莱斯特兰奇杀害,这些都是他应得的。这是很大的痛苦。这个温文尔雅的劫掠者将永远被铭记为霍格沃茨的一个调皮捣蛋的学生。 1 Albus Dumbledore Via: Afo2006 And of course, this list wouldn't be complete if it didn't have Hogwarts Headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore. This fan art has taken inspiration from Merlin in The Sword In The Stone (1963) to bring Dumbledore to life. It is easier to imagine Dumbledore from the first few books with his Sherbert Lemons, nitwit blubber oddment tweak speech and "alas earwax" comment in this softer, more kindly form. His half-moon spectacles and flowing white hair and beard are definitely accurate. 1 阿不思·邓布利多 当然,如果没有霍格沃茨的校长阿不思·邓布利多教授,这份名单就不完整了。这种扇子艺术的灵感来自于《石中剑》(1963)中的梅林,它赋予了邓布利多以生命。我们很容易从前几本书中想象出邓布利多用他的柠檬雪宝阿不思,糊里糊涂哭鼻子的零头和“哎呦,耳垢”这样更柔和、更亲切的形式发表评论。他那半月形的眼镜、飘逸的白发和胡须绝对是准确的。