Harry Potter: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Trolls 哈利·波特:关于巨怪的10件毫无意义的事情

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Harry Potter: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Trolls 哈利·波特:关于巨怪的10件毫无意义的事情 kako桑 The Trolls in Harry Potter are famously powerful but there are many things about them and their history in the Wizarding World that don't make sense. 《哈利·波特》中的巨魔以强大而著称,但关于它们以及它们在魔法世界中的历史,有很多东西都没有意义。 The Trolls in Harry Potter are incredible, in size, durability, as well as how ridiculously stupid they are. Interestingly, the O.W.T.S.and N.E.W.T. exams abbreviate the worst possible grade after them (T for Troll.) Well, at least they have the basic mental faculties required to use tools and wear clothing. 《哈利·波特》中的巨魔是不可思议的,在大小、耐久性看,他们是多么的可笑愚蠢。有趣的是,普通巫师等级测验和高级巫师等级考试都在后面缩写了可能的最差分数(T代表巨魔),不过至少能说明他们有使用工具和穿衣服的基本智力。 10 Are They Related To Giants? Giants Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Trolls are enormous, standing at around 3 meters tall and weighing over 2000 pounds. Giants, however, are nearly double in both height and tonnage, not to mention far smarter than Trolls. As such, it seems quite unlikely that there is more than a surface connection between these two magical species; for one thing, Giants can actually speak human languages, but Trolls can barely speak their own. 10 他们和巨人有关系吗? 巨怪体型巨大,站起来大约有3米高,体重超过2000磅。然而巨人在高度和吨位上几乎是巨魔的两倍,也比巨魔聪明得多。 因此,这两个神奇的物种之间似乎不太可能有表面上的联系;首先,巨人会说人类的语言,而巨魔连自己的语言都不太会说。 9 How Do They Maintain Bipedal Balance? Considering their dimensions — massive bodies that are balanced on a pair of lumbering legs — it's a miracle that they are able to stand at all, let alone walk around without tripping. Their misshapen anatomy notwithstanding, it's impossible for them to carry clubs that are half their size, and yet they swing them around with incredible force (and bare minimum effort.) Troll physiology might have worked on a four-legged creature, as the weight would have been distributed more equally, but it doesn't hold up in their case. 9 它们如何保持两足平衡? 考虑到它们的体型——巨大的身体靠两条笨拙的腿保持平衡——它们连站起来都是个奇迹,更别说走路时不会绊倒了。尽管它们有着畸形的解剖结构,但它们不可能携带只有自己一半大小的棍棒,而且它们有着令人难以置信的力量(只用了最小的力气)挥舞着棍棒。 巨魔生理学可能只对四条腿的生物起作用,因为它们的重量分配得更均匀,但对他们来说不成立。 8 They Can Breed With Humans Harry mocks Marcus Flint, the Slytherin Quidditch team Chaser, by assuming that "he had some Troll blood in him." While that doesn't turn out to be the situation, people have been known to have children with Trolls (if Hagrid can be half-Giant, then why not?) 8 它们可以和人类交配 哈利嘲笑斯莱特林魁地奇队的追球手马库斯·弗林特,说他“身上有巨魔的血液”。但事实并非如此,人们已经知道有人和巨怪生了孩子(如果海格可以是混血巨人,那为什么不能呢?) 7 Are They Magical Or Not? Trolls are categorized under "Beasts" according to the Ministry's Magical Creatures department, but that's because it is very hard to domesticate them. They do possess some magical energy, however, because their whiskers have been employed as wand cores by Ollivander. Nevertheless, the wandmaker prefers not to use this material if possible, because it doesn't have the punch offered by Phoenix feathers, Unicorn tail hair, and Dragon Heartstring. Trolls cannot perform any kind of spells, though, with or without a wand. 7 它们有魔力吗? 根据魔法部的神奇生物部,巨魔被归为“野兽”一类,那是因为很难驯养它们。不过,它们确实具有某种魔力,因为它们的胡须被奥利凡德用作魔杖的杖芯。 其实,如果可能的话,魔杖制作者是宁愿不使用这种材料的,因为它没有凤凰羽毛、独角兽尾毛和龙的心弦所提供的冲击力。不管有没有魔杖,巨魔都不能念任何咒语。 6 They Can Be Trained? Although they are rather feral in nature, Trolls have been trained for specific jobs (mostly as bodyguards or to protect important objects like the Philosopher's stone.) Dumbledore obtains a pair of them to stand watch outside the Gryffindor Common Room when Sirius Black makes his way into the castle, staying until the conclusion of the academic session. Few people are able to comprehend them as well, such as Quirrell and Barty Crouch, Sr., but only at a basic communication level. 6 他们可以被训练吗? 虽然巨魔的本性相当野性,但他们受过专门的训练(主要是保镖或保护像魔法石这样的重要物品)。 当小天狼星布莱克进入城堡时,邓布利多让他们俩在格兰芬多的公共休息室外站岗,一直守到学期结束。很少有人能像奇洛和小巴蒂·克劳奇那样理解它们,但只限基本的交流水平。 5 How Do Graphorns Bear Their Weight? Graphorn mother and young in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them In The Cursed Child, Hungarian wizards claim that local Mountain Trolls have been seen on Graphorns, who are not entirely thrilled with their role as beasts of burden. 5 格拉霍恩是如何承受它们的重量的? 匈牙利巫师声称当地的山地巨魔已经在图罗恩斯身上看到了,但他对自己作为负担野兽的角色并不是很兴奋。 4 Why Are They So Violent? For their total lack of mental capacity, Trolls are ridiculously aggressive towards everything in their area of vision, which isn't saying much, honestly. In other words, they are all brawn, no brain: but does this mean they have to be violent? Giants and Dragons aren't, at least unless they are disturbed or their territory is "invaded", but Trolls are just born destroyers. Does going out of their way to eat humans pleasurable to them in some way? It's a good thing that the International Confederation of Wizards keeps a constant tab on most tribes in Europe. 4 为什么他们如此暴力? 由于他们完全缺乏心智能力,巨魔对他们视野范围内的一切事物都具有攻击性,说实话这并不能说明什么,所以换句话说,他们都很强壮,没有大脑,但这是否意味着他们必须得要很暴力? 反正巨人和龙不是,除非他们被打扰或者他们的领土被“入侵”,但巨魔却是天生的破坏者,在某种程度上,特意吃人会让它们感到快乐吗?国际巫师联盟对欧洲大部分部落保持密切关注是一件好事。 3 Who Has The Nerve To Poach Them? Troll-leg umbrella stand at the Black residence Hunting Trolls used to be a popular sport in earlier times, but their numbers have been dwindling ever since the advent of urbanization. Still, there have been important politicians who have attempted to legally ban the activity, citing it as cruel and unjustified abuse. It's obvious that this continues to happen because the Black family home has an umbrella stand built out of a Troll's leg. Forget killing them, how do hunters even manage to bring them down? Pure luck? 3. 谁捕走了他们? 在早期,捕猎巨魔曾是一项流行的运动,但随着城市化的发展,巨魔的数量一直在减少。尽管如此,仍有一些重要的政治家试图通过法律去禁止这种行为,称其为残忍且不合理的虐待行为。 很明显,这种情况还在继续发生,因为布莱克家的伞架就是用巨怪的腿做的。猎人是怎么把它们弄下来的?纯粹的运气吗? 2 How Did A Troll Enter The Dungeons? Troll with Harry, Ron and Hermione In the first year, Professor Quirrell comes into the main hall, screaming something about a Troll in the dungeon (that he had himself planted there.) 2 巨魔是怎么进入地牢的? 一年级时,奇洛教授走进大厅,冲着地下教室里的一个巨魔大喊(是他自己栽倒在那里的)。 1 The Troll Of Nadroj Since the word "Nadroj" reads Jordan in reverse, the Troll of Nadroj is possibly a tribute to one of the artists employed in the making of The Prisoner of Azkaban, Jordan Crockett. This variant is far stranger than the other three mentioned earlier, possessing gigantic clawed arms and thick legs with spikes protruding out of them. How does it wield its iconic club without opposable thumbs? Does it have any special traits? 1 纳德罗吉的巨魔 因为“纳德罗吉”一词的意思是“乔丹”,所以纳德罗吉的巨魔可能是为了向《阿兹卡班的囚徒》的作者之一乔丹·克罗克特致敬。 这种变种比前面提到的其他三种要奇怪得多,它们拥有巨大的爪状手臂和粗壮的腿,腿上有突出的尖刺。在没有对生拇指的情况下,它是如何挥动其标志性的球杆的?它有什么特别的特点吗?