Celebrate Halloween with a New Collectible Pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club 通过哈利波特粉丝俱乐部的新收藏品庆祝万圣节

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Celebrate Halloween with a New Collectible Pin from the Harry Potter Fan Club 通过哈利波特粉丝俱乐部的新收藏品庆祝万圣节

BY CATHERINE LAI · PUBLISHED OCTOBER 6, 2020 · UPDATED OCTOBER 6, 2020 凯瑟琳·赖·出版于2020年10月6日·更新于2020年10月6日


Wizarding World Digital’s Harry Potter Fan Club has a spooky new addition to its Pin Seeking collection. The Hallowe’en in the Great Hall pin perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween at Hogwarts, featuring floating jack-o’-lanterns and candles in front of the Great Hall and its enchanted ceiling. 巫师世界数码的“哈利波特”粉丝俱乐部在“寻针”系列中增加了一些怪异的新成员。 大会堂的“万圣节前夜”大头针完美地捕捉了霍格沃茨的万圣节精神,在大会堂及其附魔的天花板上设有浮动的南瓜灯和蜡烛。

Brightly colored and intricately detailed, this enamel pin is sure to get collectors excited and evoke memories of “trooolllllll in the dungeon!” 这款珐琅针色泽鲜艳,细节精细,一定会让收藏家兴奋并唤起人们对“地牢中的trooolllllll”的记忆!

The pin is priced at $14.99 or £11.95. Wizarding World Gold members can purchase it now, with 24 hours of early access and a 20% discount. And it will go on general release tomorrow, October 7, at 11:00 a.m. ET as long as supplies last. 该引脚的价格为14.99美元或11.95英镑。 巫师世界黄金会员可以立即购买,并可以24小时免费试用,并享有20%的折扣。 只要供应持续,它将在美国东部时间10月7日上午11:00正式发布。

You can learn more about the Pin Seeking collection and download the collectors’ guide on Wizarding World Digital. Each pin comes with a scannable Enchanted Key that unlocks surprises in the Wizarding World app. Note that the app is currently available only in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 您可以了解有关“寻针”系列的更多信息,并在“巫师世界数字”上下载收藏家指南。 每个图钉都带有可扫描的魔法钥匙,可在巫师世界应用程序中解锁惊喜。 请注意,该应用程序目前仅在澳大利亚,加拿大,爱尔兰,新西兰,英国和美国可用。

Last month, the Pin Seeking collection released a limited-edition Sorting Hat locket pin. We’ll continue to keep you updated as soon as new pins are released. 上个月,Pin Seeking系列发布了限量版Sorting Hat盒式胸针。 一旦发布了新的密码,我们将继续为您提供更新。

Are you a Pin Seeker? Which pin has been your favorite so far?

您是找别针吗? 到目前为止,您最喜欢哪一个引脚?