Which Harry Potter Magical Creature Are You, Based On Your Zodiac 根据你的属相,你是哪种哈利波特魔法生物

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Which Harry Potter Magical Creature Are You, Based On Your Zodiac 根据你的属相,你是哪种哈利波特魔法生物 kako桑 From dragons to the occamy, each zodiac sign perfectly matches a magical creature from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. 从龙到蛇,每个星座都完美匹配于哈利波特魔法世界中的魔法生物。 12 Aries - Dragon In many ways, this one is obvious - anyone who has crossed an Aries knows that they can breathe fire when they are angry! Dragons (and Aries) are also generally wild, tempestuous, and difficult to tame... but those that love them truly love them, and they can be powerful allies, if you can get them on your side. 12 白羊座——龙 在很多方面,这一点是显而易见的——任何越过白羊座的人都知道,当他们生气的时候,他们可以喷火!龙(和白羊座)通常也是狂野的,狂暴的,难以驯服的。但那些爱他们的人是真的爱他们,他们可以成为强大的盟友,前提是能让他们站在你这边。 11 Taurus - Centaur It's somewhat unclear, for a lot of Harry Potter, whose side the centaurs are on - but they are deeply loyal to their beliefs and principles, and that's a very Taurus trait. They are also patient, more concerned with the long view of the stars than the immediate threats of the present, but they can be stubborn, too. 11 金牛座——半人马 对于《哈利·波特》的很多人来说,这有点不清楚,马人是倒底是站在哪一边的——但他们对自己的信仰和原则非常忠诚,这是金牛座的特点。他们也很有耐心,比起眼前的威胁,他们更关心星星的长远前景,可能会很固执。 10 Gemini - Occamy The beautiful Occamy can grow or shrink to fit any situation - just like a Gemini, who is always looking to find the right fit for wherever they are, or whoever they are with. This sign is known for their adaptability, and that matches the Occamy perfectly. Geminis can also be a bit superficial, though, and what better creature for this sign than one that lays silver eggs? 10 双子座——鸟蛇 美丽的鸟蛇可以变大或变小以适应任何情况——就像双子座一样,无论在哪里,无论和谁在一起,他们总是在寻找合适的人选。这个星座以适应能力而闻名,这和鸟蛇非常匹配。不过,双子座也可能有点肤浅,对于这个星座来说,还有什么比生银蛋更好的生物呢? 9 Cancer - Bowtruckle Newt Scamander's little Bowtrtuckle friend was a classic Cancer - loving, protective, and not always the easiest to get to know. When Newt was threatened, this little stick-creature was not one to mess with, and Cancers definitely have a scary side to their protectiveness. 9 巨蟹座——波特塔克尔 纽特·斯卡曼德在波特塔克尔的小朋友是一个典型的巨蟹座、有保护作用的人,而且不太容易了解。当蝾螈受到威胁的时候,这种小的粘着物是不会惹它的,而且巨蟹座在保护方面肯定也有很可怕的一面。 8 Leo - Hippogriff These stunning creatures have a whole lot in common with the lion of the zodiac - although (unlike the Griffin, a related creature), they are not part-lion themselves. What they are is loyal, powerful, and incredibly impressive... not to mention proud! Like the Leo, it's very easy to insult a Hippogriff, and if that happens, it's not going to end well. 8 狮子座——马鹫 这些令人惊叹的生物与黄道十二宫中的狮子有很多共同之处——尽管(不像狮鹫,一种跟它相关的生物),它们本身并不是半狮。他们是忠诚的,强大的,令人印象深刻的…骄傲就更别提了了!就像狮子座一样,想要侮辱马鹫很容易,但如果这真的发生了,结局肯定是不好的。 7 Virgo - House Elf Virgos are known for being modest, diligent, and hard workers - and of course, this sign is known as being the clean and tidy types who would organize the world. It's no surprise, then, that Virgos are most like House Elves: humble and detail oriented, happy to do their work in the background. Then again, get a Virgo angry, and you'll see a very different side to them - more like Dobby than your usual House Elf! 7 处女座-家养小精灵 处女座的人以谦虚、勤奋和努力工作而闻名——当然,这个星座的人也是干净整洁的,他们会把整个世界组织得井井有条。毫无疑问,处女座的人更像家养小精灵:谦逊、注重细节,乐于做幕后工作。但如果让处女座的人生气,你就会看到他们完全不同的一面——更像多比,而不是你那个平常的家养小精灵! 6 Libra - Niffler When Fantastic Beasts was released, everyone fell in love with the Niffler - just like everyone will fall in love with a charming and sociable Libra. Libras are sociable, diplomatic, and adored by just about everyone... but like the little Niffler, they are a bit too obsessed with all things bright and shiny, and their self-indulgent tendencies can get them into trouble! 6 天秤座——嗅嗅 《神奇动物》上映后,每个人都会爱上嗅嗅——就像每个人都会爱上迷人而善于交际的天秤座一样。天秤座善于交际、老练,几乎所有人都喜欢他们。但就像这只小嗅嗅一样,它们也有点过于沉迷于所有闪闪发光的东西,这样任性的话可能会让它们陷入麻烦! 5 Scorpio - Basilisk A Scorpio is a passionate, powerful, and just a little bit scary - like the Basilisk that lived in the Chamber of Secrets, hidden at Hogwarts. 5 天蝎座——蛇怪 天蝎座热情、强大,但也有点吓人——就像藏在霍格沃茨的密室里的蛇怪一样。 4 Sagittarius - Thunderbird This beautiful creature, like a Saggitarius, is all about freedom. They want to explore, to soar through the air (albeit not quite so literally, when it comes to the star sign), and they will never be held down. They are also very straightforward - but like the Thunderbird, a Saggitarius might find themselves in a tough situation because they have decided not to look before they leap. 4 射手座——雷鸟 这种美丽的生物,就像射手座,都是喜欢自由的。它们想要探索,想要在空中飞翔(虽然对于星座来说,不是那么字面上的意思),它们永远不会被压制。它们也非常直截了当——但就像雷鸟一样,射手座经常会处于一个艰难的情况,因为雷鸟在跳跃前从不三思而后行。 3 Capricorn - Demiguise Peaceful, practical, and careful - words to describe either a Demiguise or a Capricorn! The Demiguise has the ability to become invisible - and they are hunted for it, making them one of the more cautious creatures in the magical world. A Capricorn might not have a built-in invisibility cloak, but they are still quite pessimistic and tend to be reserved - but can be incredibly caring once someone gets beyond that. 3. 摩羯座——隐形兽 平和、务实、谨慎——这些词可以用来形容隐形兽或摩羯座!隐形兽有隐身的能力——它们因此受到追捕,这使它们成为魔法世界中较为谨慎的生物之一。摩羯座也许没有天生的隐形斗篷,但他们仍然是相当悲观保守的——但是一旦有人超越了这一点的话,他们就会变得非常体贴。 2 Aquarius - Thestral The Thestrals are loyal - Hogwarts has a domesticated herd that pulls the carriages for the school, and Harry and his friends are able to approach and even ride these horse-like beasts. However, they are still deeply independent, and that's just like an Aquarius. In addition, Aquarians are usually very connected to their emotions, and the Thestrals are connected to the deepest emotions of grief - which allow people to actually see them. 2 水瓶座—— 夜骐 夜骐很忠诚——霍格沃茨有一只驯养的兽群为学校拉车,哈利和他的朋友们可以接近甚至骑上这些像马一样的野兽。然而,他们仍然非常独立,就像水瓶座一样。此外,水瓶座的人通常与他们的情感紧密相连,而夜骐则与最深的悲伤情感相连——人们能够真正地看透他们。 1 Pisces - Mermaid The mermaids of Harry Potter aren't like those of other fantasy worlds - no beautiful underwater maidens, these! However, they still suit the classic water/fish sign that is Pisces. They are sensitive and compassionate, but they are also secretive, and prefer to keep themselves to themselves in the Black Lake. 1 双鱼座——美人鱼 哈利波特的美人鱼不像其他的幻想世界——没有美丽的水下少女!然而,他们仍然适合经典的水/鱼星座双鱼座。他们是敏感和富有同情心的,但他们也很神秘,喜欢待在黑湖里。