【翻译|双语】Harry Potter: 10 Scariest Creatures In Hogwarts 哈利 · 波特: 霍格沃茨最可怕的10种生物

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标题:Harry Potter: 10 Scariest Creatures In Hogwarts 哈利 · 波特: 霍格沃茨最可怕的10种生物




Hogwarts may be a magical place and a beloved second home for Harry Potter, but it's also full of terrifying creatures we'd never want to come across.


A school is a secondary home, a place where kids pick up half the life lessons they need in order to become adults. So, it's only understandable that schools are kept as safe as possible for children. Hence, putting ghosts, man-eating beasts, and literal demons along with other harmful monstrosities in them should be out of the question. But, The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is not an ordinary institution.


They have trains, they have fortifications, and they have Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers who harm students from time to time. Apart from the regular contraband Dark Lord during Harry's stay at Hogwarts, there were also plenty of horrifying creatures prowling Hogwarts grounds that really fit better in a horror movie. These 10 creatures make the Death Eaters look like a boy band with how menacing they are in the films.


10 Helena Ravenclaw 海伦娜 · 拉文克劳

The ghost of Ravenclaw Tower at Hogwarts Helena Peeves and most other ghosts roaming around Hogwarts are usually safe and relatively sociable compared to most ghosts in other films. Seeing as the films turned the Bloody Baron into a joke, the scariest ghost title now belongs to Helena Ravenclaw or the grey lady.

与其他电影中的大多数鬼魂相比,在霍格沃茨周围游荡的怪兽和其他大多数鬼魂通常对于学生而言是安全的而且相对比较友好。由于电影把血腥男爵变成了一个笑话,现在最可怕的鬼魂这一头衔属于海伦娜 · 拉文克劳,或者另一种说法,灰衣女士。

She's the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw herself and is definitely a lot more antisocial than the other ghosts. She loves to keep to herself mostly and is prone to jump-scare outbursts that surprisingly didn't give Harry a heart attack when it happened in the movie.

她是罗伊娜 · 拉文克劳自己的女儿,她绝对比其他鬼魂更反社会。她大部分时间都喜欢独来独往而且很容易惊慌失措,在电影中哈利竟然没有因此心脏病发作着实令人惊讶。

9 Hagrid's Freaky Plant 海格的怪异植物

hagrid's plant Hagrid's prone to sneaking in some illegally-acquired magical beasts in Hogwarts grounds and has somehow managed to sneak in a three-headed dog, a giant spider—who got kicked out into the Forbidden Forest—a dragon, and that one weird plant that he hurryingly hid in the third movie after some "normal" guests barged in.


In any case, that creature is still unnamed and appears to be out of place. It clearly belongs made with H.R. Giger in mind and might have belonged in the Alien movie instead. The unidentified creature closely resembles an overgrown Mandrake plant, but those tentacles are a worrying sight indeed.

无论如何,那个生物仍未命名,而且看起来不在它应该在的地方。很明显,这部电影是为 h · r · 吉格尔(异形导演)制作的,那植物或许应该放在《异形》这部电影里。这个身份不明的生物非常像一株生长过度的曼德拉草,但是那些触须确实是一个令人担忧的景象。

8 A "Werewolf" 狼人 

Even werewolves aren't off-limits though seeing what Hagrid keeps bringing into Hogwarts, this is a rather small headache for Albus Dumbledore. After all, he's the one who welcomed the werewolf, a.k.a. Professor Remus Lupin, whose name obviously doesn't imply that he's some sort of rabid canine.

看看海格给霍格沃茨带进了什么,狼人或许相比起来也没有那么的越界了。这对阿不思·邓不利多来说是一件小小的头痛事。毕竟,他是那个欢迎狼人(指莱姆斯 · 卢平教授,他的名字显然意味着他不会是某种狂暴的犬类动物)的人。

Too bad it was only a matter of time before Lupin ended up nearly eating one—or three—of his students. That makes Lupin a double whammy; since he's a teacher and a werewolf, both are feared by students except this kind of teacher can kill anyone too noisy in his class. It makes professor Snape look more preferable.


7 Grindylows 格林迪洛

Outside the grounds of Hogwarts, there's a nearby lake, though, based on what we've seen of it in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it's best not to go near the thing. There are literal water demons in the lake called Grindylows who love to drown anyone that doesn't have gills.


That automatically makes the lake a no-swim zone and probably even bad for fishing or boat trips because of these little buggers. Sometimes, they even get impatient and resort to strangling their victims underwater with their tentacles because drowning takes too long.


6 Thestrals 夜骐

Thestrals are not exactly harmful nor deadly, since they're docile creatures. Even the majestic hippogriff is exponentially more dangerous than them. Still, their appearance lends much to their spooky facade. They look like hellspawn in a Tim Burton movie due to the black bat-like wings and the emaciated frame.


Moreover, they can only be seen by people who have witnessed death. They're not exactly creatures one would want to see after witnessing someone die, as they'd most likely add to the trauma. That pretty much explains why anyone except Luna Lovegood would avoid them.

此外,只有亲眼目睹过死亡的人才能看到它们。它们不是人们在目睹某人死亡后想要看到的生物因为它们很可能会增加创伤。这就解释了为什么除了卢娜 · 洛夫古德之外的人都会避开他们。

5 A Basilisk 蛇怪

By far the deadliest creature ever in Hogwarts would be the Basilisk. It's essentially just a giant snake with the added lethality of petrifying anything that makes eye contact with it. Even creepier is the fact that it's been inside Hogwarts for around a millennium because Salazar Slytherin thought it was a good idea to channel his inner Hagrid.

到目前为止,霍格沃茨最致命的生物是蛇妖。它本质上只是一条巨大的蛇,附加了石化任何与它有眼神接触的东西的杀伤力。更令人毛骨悚然的是,它已经在霍格沃茨呆了大约一千年,因为萨拉查 · 斯莱特林认为放出他内心中的海格进入霍格沃茨是个好主意。

The basilisk can pretty much kill any wizard or witch since they would need to use their eyes for spells. Were it not for Fawkes' intervention and help, Harry would likely be a statue churning in some giant snake's stomach acid. The basilisk remains the best proof that Hogwarts should be sued.


4 Dementors 摄魂怪

Speaking of Hogwarts being sue-able, Prisoner of Azkaban just had to top the second films' basilisk with one of the most horrific mainstays of the Harry Potter mythos: the Dementors. They're practically ghosts that suck out the souls of anyone they can, and the only thing stopping them is the promise of more food in the form of people.


That's why a cooperative alliance with them is threatening at best, seeing as they easily switched sides and joined Voldemort's army. Dementors, for that matter, are some of the scariest creatures not just in Hogwarts, but in all of the Wizarding World. Even their appearance alone is enough to scare anyone who doesn't know a Patronus charm, meaning all adults in the muggle world.


3 Devil's Snare 魔鬼的陷阱

One can often wonder just what the Hogwarts professors were thinking, putting something as lethal as a Devil's Snare inside school grounds. This was Professor Sprout's responsibility, as she's an herbologist and had to set up a line of defense for the Philosopher/Sorcerer's Stone.


Too bad that didn't do much against Professor Quirrell, as he seems to have just slithered past it with the help of Voldemort. So the Devil's Snare ended up nearly killing Ron, Harry, and Hermione. All three of them would've been fertilizer as early as the first book if not for a ridiculously clunky spell that's really just a "safe word" for the plant that likes to choke people.


2 Whomping Willow 打人柳

Whomping Willow In Harry Potter Yet another plant on the Hogwarts grounds that can easily turn humans into mincemeat would be the legendary Whomping Willow. It came close to killing Harry Potter than Voldemort ever did during the Chamber of Secrets movie and even in Prisoner of Azkaban.


Seriously, this cranky oversized bonsai could have easily ended the chosen one with a mere slap. Who thought it was a good idea to let a killer tree grow larger than a house? Apparently, it was planted there to cover up a secret passage to Hogsmeade, but, really, any other tree or even just covering up the shortcut would have been enough.


1 Boggart 博格特

Snape Boggart The boggart might be a rampant threat compared to most of the magical beasts in the Wizarding World, but at least the one in Hogwarts is well-kept by Professor Lupin. It takes in the form of whatever its beholder fears the most, making it a shapeshifter and sometimes even mimicking the Dementor's effects.


However, it's only really frightening if its beholder is alone. Otherwise, a boggart will try to scare both multiple people by becoming an amalgam of what everyone fears. By then, it's more funny than scary but still, any muggle that has a phobia for long-haired Japanese horror movie ghouls would have a bad time against boggarts.