【翻译】Harry Potter: 5 Things Voldemort Was Right About (& 5 He Was Wrong) 哈利 · 波特: 关于伏地魔说对了的五件事(和他说错了的五件事)

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标题:Harry Potter: 5 Things Voldemort Was Right About (& 5 He Was Wrong)

哈利 · 波特: 关于伏地魔说对了的五件事(和他说错了的五件事)



In Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort was a savvy antagonist who almost took over the wizarding world. But the villainous Dark Lord wasn't always correct.

在《哈利 · 波特》中,伏地魔是一个精明的反派,他几乎统治了整个巫师世界。但邪恶的黑魔王并不总是正确的。

The main antagonist in the Harry Potter series was never a Seer, but the intense arrogance with which he carried himself made him believe he had the future predicted — a future in which he reigned supreme. Voldemort does deserve credit, however, seeing as he was successful in many other ventures due to his ability to understand certain aspects of humanity.

哈利·波特的主要敌人从来都不是一个先知,但是他身上表现出的强烈的傲慢使他相信他预测到了未来---- 一个他统治的至高无上的未来。伏地魔确实值得称赞,看在他在许多其他冒险中都取得了成功的份上,因为他有能力理解人性的某些方面。

Overall, the Dark Lord managed to bolster his powerful position with the perfect execution of many plans, which came about from the accurate beliefs he had about things that benefitted. On the flip side, he ended up losing because his hubris didn’t allow him to consider that he could be wrong.


10 Right: That He Would Be Remembered As A Great Wizard


It was clear much before his hard-hitting fight with Albus Dumbledore that Voldemort had achieved his goal of being remembered forever by the wizarding world. Ever since he was a child, he knew he was destined for great things and had no doubt he was better than the rest.


Even the likes of Dumbledore acknowledged him as an exceptionally powerful wizard who had learned things about magic virtually no one else had. As Ol.ivander put it, Voldemort did go on to do great things. Terrible, yes, but great.


9 Wrong: Harry's Future Will Be Doomed

9.错误的事: 哈利的未来注定要失败

Voldemort’s mission was to end Harry in order to keep the prophecy from coming true. In the film version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, he claimed that Harry would “lose everything.” This was far from the case, as Harry went on to have a long life surrounded by friends.

伏地魔的任务是杀死哈利,以阻止预言成真。在电影版的哈利·波特与凤凰社中,他声称 Harry 会“失去一切”然而事实远非如此,因为哈利最终得以长寿,且被朋友环绕着。

To his Death Eaters, Voldemort continually claimed that Harry’s days were numbered and he would personally see to it that the boy didn’t live long enough to see his Hogwarts days through. Fortunately for the Boy Who Lived, the Dark Lord was wrong in every way.


8 Right: Muggles Can't Coexist With The Knowledge Of Wizards

8.正确的事: 麻瓜不能与巫师的知识共存

This is something Voldemort shared with Grindelwald and will likely play out in Fantastic Beasts 3. He reveled in the idea of wizards ruling over Muggles, and as Harry put it to the Dursleys, killed them for fun just because he could.

这是伏地魔和 Grindelwald 共通的东西,所以很可能会在《神奇动物3》中出现。他沉迷于巫师统治麻瓜的想法,正如哈利告诉德思礼一家的那样,他杀死他们只是为了好玩,因为他可以杀死。

By the series’ end, wizards still lived out of the public eye since it was concluded that Muggles could never live in harmony with them. The main reason for this lies in their fear of not understanding magic. Thus, Voldemort had a point that wizards could never be accepted among Muggles.


7 Wrong: Believing Snape's Love For Lily To Be An Infatuation

7.错误的事: 认为斯内普对莉莉的爱只是一时的迷恋

While there are several reasons to consider Snape a bad man, his saving grace has always been his pure love for Lily. Voldemort didn’t see it this way, having considered Snape's feelings as mere infatuation that would go away with time.


 It was this mistake that cost him dearly, as Snape played the part of a double agent and convinced both sides he was playing the other before his real allegiance was revealed. He remained loyal to the heroes because of his love for Lily. In this regard, Voldemort was a horrible judge of character.


6 Right: That He Was The Heir Of Slytherin

6.正确的事: 他是 Slytherin 的继承人

There’s more information to be found about Harry Potter lore on Pottermore, but what’s plain to understand is that Voldemort was indeed the heir of Slytherin. He realized that his ancestor wanted someone from his family line to one day open the Chamber of Secrets and purge the school of Muggle-borns.

还有更多关于哈利波特传说的信息可以在pottermore里找到,但是显而易见的是伏地魔确实是 Slytherin 的继承人。他意识到,他的祖先希望有一天他家族中的某个人能打开密室,清除学校里麻瓜出身的人。

It was a horrible thing that Voldemort did, as he unleashed the Basilisk to kill Myrtle and harm several others. However, this did accomplish Slytherin’s wish, something Riddle had not only figured out but completely lived up to.


5 Wrong: Believing The Gaunts To Be An Honorable Family

5.错误的事: 相信冈特是一个光荣的家庭

When he realized his father didn’t have any magical blood in him, Voldemort turned toward his maternal line in the Gaunts and associated himself with them by, convincing himself it legitimized him as part of the Slytherin family.


To this end, he considered the Gaunts themselves an honorable family by turning Marvolo Gaunt’s ring into a Horcrux. He was completely wrong, though, as the Gaunts were eventually remembered as extremists who treated Muggle-borns with prejudice and whose most noteworthy accomplishment was landing themselves in Azkaban for attacking Ministry officials.

为了达到这个目的,他把马沃洛 · 冈特的戒指变成了魂器,认为冈特一家是一个光荣的家庭。但他完全错了,因为人们最终记得,冈特一家是极端分子,他们带有偏见地对待麻瓜出身的人,他们最值得注意的成就是因为攻击魔法部官员而被关进阿兹卡班。

4 Right: People Are Easily Manipulated

4.正确的事: 人很容易被操纵

Had Voldemort stuck to the strategies he’d employed when he was known as Tom Riddle, he’d have had a better chance in the long-run. This is because he was a master manipulator in his young days, to the point where he got pretty much whatever he desired simply by using his charm.

如果伏地魔坚持他在被称为汤姆 · 里德尔时使用的策略,从长远来看,他会有更大成功的机会。这是因为他年轻的时候是一个操纵大师,以至于他几乎可以用他的魅力得到他想要的任何东西。

This included snagging every Horcrux item he wanted, gathering followers around the wizarding world, and even manipulating Ginny as a piece of Horcrux memory himself. He told Harry with glee how much fun it was to play around with people’s feelings, and Voldemort certainly knew the flaws in the human condition.


3 Wrong: That He Was The Only Who Knew Hogwarts' Secrets

3.错误的事: 他是唯一知道霍格沃茨秘密的人

It was rather ludicrous of Voldemort to believe he was a total ace in exploring Hogwarts, seeing as the Room of Hidden Things already had huge stashes of items when he hid the Horcrux in it. By the time of the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort believed he’d already won due to his knowledge of the Horcrux’s location.


He couldn’t be more wrong, as every heroic character was hiding right in the middle of the Room of Requirement, with Harry soon realizing that the Room of Hidden Things needed to be accessed. Regardless, the Marauders group certainly knew the ins and outs of Hogwarts far better than Voldemort, anyway.


2 Right: Harry's Weakness Was His Heroic Nature

2.正确的事: 哈利的弱点是他的英雄本性

Even the Tom Riddle from the diary had Harry figured out, as he lured the latter to the Chamber of Secrets by using Ginny as a hostage. Later on, Voldemort created a vision in Harry’s mind to make him enter the Ministry to rescue Sirius when his godfather wasn’t actually in danger.

这点就连日记里的汤姆 · 里德尔也猜到了,因为他用金妮作为人质把后者引诱到了密室。后来,伏地魔在哈利的脑海中创造了一个幻象,让他在小天狼星并没有真正处于危险之中的时候进入魔法部去救他。

Voldemort might not have envisioned Harry sharing his protection of love with the survivors in the Battle of Hogwarts, but that was just a one-off as he’d earlier got Harry to walk to his death in the forest. Overall, Voldemort realized Harry had a knack for playing the hero and exploited this well.


1 Wrong: That He Could Defeat Death

1.错误的事: 他能战胜死神

The sight of Voldemort meeting his demise is made sweeter by the film's incredible soundtrack, visuals, and the knowledge that he was ultimately wrong in the one area he didn’t want to be. By creating the Horcruxes, Voldemort figured he was immortal and could never be killed.


In his mind, everyone who conspired to bring him down was wrong in their belief that he could be defeated, as he’d already cheated death. As it happened, he became a mortal man once again and met his demise at the hands of the same boy who ironically became the Master of Death.