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What magical object do you wish you owned?



If you were to accidentally find yourself in Diagon Alley, what magical object would you immediately try to find? Based on your personality, we have made some assessments.


PS: We’d automatically assume you’d like a wand – so just pretend we’ve given you one of those already.



If you’re adventurous... you’d have a broomstick!


If you’re the outdoorsy type or enjoy Muggle sports (which sadly, usually take place on the ground) we imagine you’d love to get your hands on a Firebolt or a Nimbus 2000, or even just a Cleansweep Seven – anything to be quite literally whisked off your feet. The broomstick is one of the most sought-after wizarding world items, of course, so we imagine many of you would immediately pick this. You may not even fancy playing Quidditch, but simply want to go exploring.




In Diagon Alley, crowds of young wizards are usually found gazing in wonder outside Quality Quidditch Supplies’ window – and really, who can blame them? So, if you adore the outdoors and have a taste for adventure, we imagine you’d immediately be shouting “up” and flying off somewhere nice with your very own broom.

You can read all about brooms and the magical sport in our Quidditch hub.





If you’re solitary... you’d have the Invisibility Cloak




Do you relish those stolen, quiet moments where, basically, everyone gives you a little peace? Then you’d likely enjoy the Invisibility Cloak; an opportunity to be perfectly inconspicuous. Think of how lovely it would be, after a hard day, to simply slip the cloak over your head and be left to your own devices. You could go anywhere without being bothered, no small-talk, nobody giving you leaflets. Harry usually used his cloak for solving mysteries or hiding from undesirable wizards. We would most likely use ours for when we wanted a time out at parties.




If you worry a lot... you’d have a Sneakoscope



This one is perhaps arguable – as the Sneakoscope is a device that whizzes around furiously if there’s someone untrustworthy nearby. Perhaps, if you’re someone with a tendency to over-worry, a Sneakoscope would make you worry more? Or perhaps you would feel validated, and prefer knowing that there is something to worry about? Nonetheless, a Sneakoscope may not relieve your anxieties, but at least you’d have a heads up that your concerns weren’t all in your head.





If you like to put on a show... you’d have enchanted fireworks




Sometimes, Muggle inventions make their way into the wizarding world, but with some major enhancements.

A good example of this is fireworks – which are bigger, brighter and far more animated than ours. There are different brands available, such as Dr Filibuster’s range, but don’t forget that the Weasley twins also have their own brand (Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-bangs) which they used to great, dramatic effect upon their epic exit from Hogwarts in Order of the Phoenix. A great way to advertise their products, too. Unlike our little Catherine wheels and paltry rockets, the Weasley twins’ fireworks were described as ‘pyrotechnical miracles’ and included sparkly dragons and never-ending firecrackers.


So, next time you want to dramatically leave a room, kind of like how Fred and George did, these would definitely turn a few heads.










If you love to travel... you’d have a Portkey



Perhaps one of the most enviable elements of the wizarding world is that the community simply have far better public transport options than us. Even the Hogwarts Express has a far better food trolley than most of our Muggle ones.

Strictly speaking, a Portkey is usually an ordinary object, like a boot or a bucket, but placed with an enchantment to take you somewhere specific. This is how Harry got to the Quidditch World Cup, for example. Think of the possibilities you, a fervent traveller could have, with such an item always at your disposal. No admin, lugging heavy luggage or long plane flights required! Just imagine tapping a toaster and turning up in Thailand. Or patting a pencil and popping up in Peru. Or grabbing a guitar and galivanting off to Greece. Well, you get the idea.







If you’re a perfectionist... you’d have a Time-Turner


Have you ever thought of the absolute perfect comeback to say to someone who said something rude to you one time? Except you thought of it six days later? Now, with a Time-Turner, you could actually go back and say that incredibly witty thing to that man who barged into you at the post office. In fact, you could pop back whenever you wanted inside your own timeline and sort out all manner of minor mistakes you’ve made along the way. Finally! That garbled way you asked out that person you fancied could be rectified! You never dropped and smashed that entire jar of pasta sauce in the supermarket! You wouldn’t want to change anything too major, though – time travel is very complicated business. Just ask Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy.






If you appreciate the finer details in life... you’d have some Omnioculars





Ominoculars appear to be like Muggle binoculars but with far better features, basically. Harry learnt this when he acquired some at the Quidditch World Cup.

So how would you use them? Perhaps you’re a keen photographer. Maybe you need a better pair of glasses, but you’ve not bothered sorting your subscription yet. But really, these Ominoculars would be perfect for anyone simply wanting to study their surroundings in excellent definition.

And the best part of Ominoculars is that you can rewind things you have just seen and watch them over again. For example, you could relive a nice sunset or rewatch the moment a baby takes their first steps. Ron used this feature to... watch someone pick their nose. But maybe you appreciate the finer things in life.







If you’re a little scatty... you’d have a Remembrall





We’ve all been in the shoes of a young Neville Longbottom, who had quite the reputation for being forgetful. This handy device, essentially a glowing orb that turns red when your mind fails you, was good for Neville – although didn’t actually tell him about the thing he’d forgotten. Still, we imagine this item would be ideal every moment you leave the house and realise you’ve left your keys, wallet or phone behind. Or perhaps it would simply never stop glowing – driving you a little bit mad. Still, we’d take it over the alternative.




__Which magical object would you love to get your hands on? __