Thirteen times the Golden Trio could have done with some Felix Felicis 黄金三人组使用福灵剂完成的13个事件

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It’s a pity Liquid Luck is highly toxic in large quantities and takes six months to brew. Here’s thirteen unlucky times Felix Felicis could have been really useful for Harry, Ron and Hermione… 


1. That time Harry and Hermione had to transport a dragon up the tallest tower at Hogwarts


If only they’d swigged some Felix Felicis before setting out on this mad mission. A baby dragon, a Slytherin enemy (Malfoy) and a less than helpful friend (Neville) made it all the more likely that Hermione and Harry were going to be caught out of bed. Then they went and left the Invisibility Cloak at the top of the tower. That golden potion could have saved them so many Gryffindor house points.


2. That time Harry and Ron hit the only tree that hits back


They didn’t exactly think through flying Mr Weasley’s enchanted car to Hogwarts. Given that the Invisibility Booster was on the blink and they were seen by Muggles before crashing into the Whomping Willow, we reckon a quick mouthful of Liquid Luck before setting off might have made the flight a little smoother.


3. That time Harry played Quidditch with Dobby’s rogue Bludger


We do understand why Felix Felicis is banned from competitive sports, but poor Harry didn’t have the easiest time in Quidditch matches. This game in particular (from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) involved a Bludger that was out to get him. If Harry had taken Felix Felicis perhaps the Bludger would have missed him and kept Gilderoy Lockhart away from his broken arm. We’re still cringing at Skele-Gro.


4. That time Peter Pettigrew escaped justice for a second time


This whole scene was an absolute unlucky mess. Lupin forgot to take his Wolfsbane Potion and started to turn fully-fledged werewolf. Pettigrew used the commotion to transform back into his rat Animagus form, AKA Scabbers. Some Felix Felicis for Harry, Ron or Hermione – even the tiniest of drops – might have helped keep Pettigrew under control and cleared Sirius Black’s name.


5. That time Fred and George tried to put their names in the Goblet of Fire


Fred and George tried and failed to get around Dumbledore’s Age Line by taking an Ageing Potion, but imagine if they’d had Felix Felicis on their side? Maybe then Harry’s name wouldn’t have come out of the Goblet at all? We would have paid good Galleons to see the Weasley twins competing in the Triwizard Tournament – they probably would have given their dragons Puking Pastilles or U-No-Poo…

弗雷德和乔治试图通过使用衰老药水来绕过邓布利多的年龄线,但想象一下他们是否让费利克斯·费利西斯站在他们一边?也许哈里的名字根本不会从高脚杯里出来吗?我们本可以付好加仑去看韦斯莱双胞胎参加三向导锦标赛比赛——他们可能会给他们的龙 Puking Pastilles 或 U-No-Poo...

6. That time Harry asked Cho to the Yule Ball


A couple of years after this, Felix Felicis actually helped Harry get together with Ginny in a non-direct way. But wouldn’t it have given Harry’s ego a boost if Cedric hadn’t already asked Cho to the Yule Ball, and she’d said yes to him instead?


7. That time Professor Umbridge broke into the Room of Requirement


Thanks to Dobby’s warning, the DA members got an early warning about Umbridge bursting in on their meeting. But their luck really did run out after that: Pansy Parkinson grabbed their list of names from the Room of Requirement, which referred to them as ‘Dumbledore’s Army’. This piece of evidence led to Dumbledore leaving Hogwarts and Umbridge taking control, which we all could have done without.

多比的警告,DA 成员收到了关于乌姆里奇闯入会的预警。但在那之后,他们的运气真的耗尽了:潘西·帕金森从“要求屋”那里抢走了他们的名字清单,后者称他们为“邓布利多的军队”。这一证据导致邓布利多离开霍格沃茨和乌姆里奇,这是我们本可以没有的。

8. That time Harry tried to speak to Sirius, but got Kreacher instead


With the help of Liquid Luck, Harry might have had better timing and succeeded in contacting Sirius – rather than a house-elf loyal to the wrong side. If he’d had enough Felix Felicis, Harry might even have avoided capture by Umbridge immediately afterwards. Could Sirius’ death have been avoided if Harry hadn’t rushed to the Department of Mysteries? Or would Lord Voldemort have found another way to trick Harry into going there, even with the help of Felix Felicis? 
9. That time Ron failed his Apparition exam by half an eyebrow


Maybe not one of the most important moments in the Harry Potter series that required Felix Felicis… but half an eyebrow! We really felt Ron’s frustration. We’re sure Liquid Luck could have helped Ron with this – although of course it’s banned in examinations so he may well have been expelled, even if he was able to legally Apparate.


10. That time Hermione tried to ask Borgin what Malfoy was after in Borgin and Burkes…


Harry, Ron and Hermione really could have done with some luck when they ditched Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes for Borgin and Burkes and tried to work out what Malfoy wanted to buy. Extendable Ears didn’t do it, and neither did Hermione’s attempts to convince Borgin that she wanted to buy Malfoy a birthday present! Finding out about Malfoy’s interest in Vanishing Cabinets might have been really helpful this early on.


11. That time Harry, Ron and Hermione broke into Gringotts


Using Polyjuice Potion to change into Bellatrix Lestrange, using the Imperius Curse, trying to trick goblins, breaking into a vault… What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot as it turned out, including a dragon. We suppose the three were quite lucky to make it out of the wizards’ bank alive but a few drops of Felix Felicis definitely wouldn’t have gone amiss.

使用多汁药水变成贝拉特里克斯莱斯特兰奇,使用帝国诅咒,试图欺骗妖精 闯入一个金库…。有什么可能出错?包括一条龙。我们认为这三个人很幸运能活着走出巫师的银行,但是几滴费利克斯费利西斯肯定不会出错。

12. That time Harry gave away his location to the Snatchers


Felix Felicis might not have prevented Harry from saying Voldemort’s name – which by that stage had been made Taboo – and revealing his (and Ron and Hermione’s) location to the Snatchers, but perhaps they would have had a better chance of escape. Malfoy Manor was a terrifying place for them to end up and it meant poor Dobby sacrificed himself to save them.


13. That time all our favourites risked their lives at the Battle of Hogwarts 那次,我们所有的最爱都在霍格沃茨战役中冒着生命危险
We wish we could have shared out Felix Felicis between all our favourite Harry Potter characters at the Battle of Hogwarts. Not just Harry, Ron and Hermione, but all the characters we loved and lost on the day that ended Lord Voldemort for good.



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