Harry Potter New York’s online store is now open for US-based shoppers 《哈利·波特》纽约在线商店现已向美国购物者开放

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Harry Potter New York’s online store is now open for US-based shoppers 《哈利·波特》纽约在线商店现已向美国购物者开放

The digital version of the upcoming Harry Potter New York store is now live for those based in the US.


Here’s a glimpse at what to expect from the new shop, which includes a hand-picked range of exciting Wizarding World products and Harry Potter New York exclusives. 这里有一个新的商店,其中包括精心挑选的一系列令人兴奋的魔法世界的产品和哈利波特纽约独家的期待。
The new online store hosts everything from old favourites to newer, customisable items, such as Hogwarts house robes that can be personalised with your names.


For hardcore collectors, the store’s new range of Celebration wands also offers some extra magic, all inspired by the iconic props, sets and creatures of the Wizarding World. Expect the wands to feature themed designs inspired by Horcruxes, the creatures of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the four Hogwarts house mascots. And one particular wand, The Golden Snitch wand, is only available from Harry Potter New York.


As for the physical store, Harry Potter New York is slated to open in 2021 – so get ready for a shopping spree uniquely magical in a very magical city.
For now, have a browse at this unique new range from HarryPotterStore.com