Which Yule Ball character would you be? 你会是圣诞舞将会的哪个角色

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One Christmas Day, Hogwarts played host to the festive celebration known as the Yule Ball. Now, if you were invited to this glamorous party, which Hogwarts character would you most relate to? 有一年圣诞节,霍格沃茨举办了一场被称为圣诞舞会的节日庆典。现在,如果你被邀请参加这个迷人的聚会,你最喜欢哪个霍格沃茨的角色?

Do you adore a boogie? Or do you prefer staying in the corner, spying on all the shenanigans? Do you love meeting new people – or would you much rather seek out gossip with your best friend? At the Yule Ball, we got to see new sides to the Hogwarts staff and student as they ‘let their hair down’ (McGonagall’s words!) and enjoyed an unconventional school dance. So, which character that attended the Yule Ball do you most relate to? 你喜欢布吉舞?还是你喜欢躲在角落里监视所有的诡计你喜欢结交新朋友?还是更愿意和你最好的朋友一起八卦?在圣诞舞会上,我们看到了霍格沃茨教职员工和学生们新的一面,他们“放松下来”(麦格教授的原话),享受了一场非传统的校园舞会。那么,你对参加圣诞舞会的哪个角色最有共鸣呢?

We’ll be including character moments that occurred in both the book of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the accompanying film! 我们将包括在哈利波特和火焰杯的书和伴随的电影中发生的角色时刻!

If you always stick by your best friend... you would be Ron 如果你一直支持你最好的朋友你就是罗恩

If you’re going to a glitzy shindig – chances are you’ll either end up engaging in small talk with scary new people or gluing yourself to your best friend who just so happens to be with you. This is precisely what Ron did at the Yule Ball, sticking firmly by Harry’s side throughout the whole night. This was of great annoyance to his date, Padma, of course, and things didn’t get much better when he took out his jealousy on Hermione in a display of emotional fireworks at the end of the evening. However, we’re not saying you would do any of those things. 如果你要去参加一个炫目的聚会——很有可能你最终会和一些可怕的新朋友闲聊,或者和你最好的朋友黏在一起,而他刚好和你在一起。罗恩在圣诞舞会上就是这样做的,整个晚上都紧紧地守在哈利身边。当然,这对他的约会对象帕德玛来说是一件非常烦恼的事,而当他在晚会结束时表现出对赫敏的嫉妒时,事情并没有变得更好。但是,我们并不是说你会做这些事情。

Sometimes, parties can just be a bit overwhelming, especially if the person you fancy is at the party too – and attending it with someone else. Although Ron didn’t handle that situation very well, at least he got to be distracted with Harry for a while, especially when they accidentally eavesdropped on quite a personal conversation between Hagrid and Madame Maxime.




If you’re just in it for the buffet... you would be Dumbledore 如果你是去吃自助餐的话...你就是邓布利多

What separates a good party from a great party? The answer is easy: a good spread. And if anyone knows how to do food well, it’s Hogwarts. For the Yule Ball, things really stepped up a notch, with the celebration featuring enchanted plates that would conjure up any food you wished, simply by saying its name. 一个好的派对和一个伟大的派对有什么区别?答案很简单:良好的传播。如果有人知道如何做好食物,那就是霍格沃茨。在圣诞舞会上,气氛更上一层楼,庆祝活动的特色是施了魔法的盘子,只要说出盘子的名字,就能变出你想要的任何食物 Albus Dumbledore, a man who often professes his love for snacks, kicked off proceedings by wishing for pork chops. So, if you enjoy playing a stealth mission at parties, such as hunting down buffet items or canapés, we suspect Dumbledore would be right there with you. 阿不思·邓不利多,一个经常声称自己喜欢吃零食的人,以希望吃猪排开始了诉讼程序。所以,如果你喜欢在聚会上执行秘密任务,比如寻找自助餐或小吃,我们怀疑邓布利多会和你在一起。

If you like to dress up... you would be Hermione 如果你喜欢打扮你将会是赫敏


The usually frizzy-haired Hermione surprised her peers at the Yule Ball by appearing in a beautiful dress with especially sleek hair, not to mention turning up arm in arm with the Durmstrang Triwizard Champion and Quidditch ace, Viktor Krum. A party can be an opportunity to transform and simply feel good about yourself, which is precisely what Hermione did after years of stressful studying and dedication to being the top student of her year. Perhaps you love to turn heads at your parties too – and if so, good! Hermione certainly deserved the self-esteem boost after instances of being bullied by Malfoy and even Ron ‘forgetting’ she was a girl. But we especially loved that she gave herself this big glamour moment for herself rather than anyone else.




If you like to make the most out of a not-great situation... you would be Parvati 如果你想最大限度地利用一个不太好的情况...你会是帕瓦蒂

Attending the Yule Ball with the Hogwarts champion (well, one of them) was obviously a huge moment for Parvati Patil, who relished the opportunity to dress up to the nines and dance in front of the whole school. Alas, Harry had asked her last minute after getting turned down by Cho – and nobody loves being the second choice. To make things worse, after an awkward dance with Harry, he immediately descended from the dance floor to be grumpy alongside Ron! No matter, though. Parvati quickly found a new dance partner – and we admired her greatly for brushing herself down after Harry ignored her. 和霍格沃茨的冠军(好吧,是其中之一)一起参加圣诞舞会对帕瓦蒂帕蒂尔来说显然是一个重要的时刻,她尽情享受着在全校面前盛装跳舞的机会。唉,哈利在被秋拒绝后的最后一分钟才问她——没人愿意做第二选择。更糟糕的是,在和哈利跳了一段尴尬的舞后,他马上从舞池里下来,在罗恩旁边大发脾气!不过没关系。帕瓦蒂很快就找到了一个新的舞伴——我们非常钦佩她在哈利不理她之后还能保持镇静。

If you are also good at overcoming setbacks and rescuing your night, then you and Parvati have that in common. 如果你也善于克服挫折,拯救你的夜晚,那么你和帕瓦蒂有共同之处。

If you love to dance the night away... you would be Neville 如果你喜欢整夜跳舞...你就是纳威

Some people go to parties to meet people, some go to hopefully find a bit of romance, but some people just want to dance! And Neville Longbottom was very much the latter. The usually shy and nervous Neville really came out of his shell at the Yule Ball, not returning back to his dormitory until the dying embers of the night. And good for him! Why overcomplicate things? Sometimes, all you need is to quite literally dance the night away.




If you’re an over-sharer... you would be Hagrid 如果你是个过度分享的人...你就是海格

Bless lovely Hagrid. After finding a kindred spirit in Madame Maxime, Hagrid revealed that he is a half-giant to her in Hogwarts’ rose garden. Unfortunately, the way that Hagrid tells Madame Maxime this information, inferring that she must be one too, doesn’t go down too well, ending with her storming off, announcing she was not the same: just big-boned. Poor Hagrid. He really was just trying to seek a connection – and we’ve all been guilty of putting our foot in our mouth at one social occasion or another. Hagrid, we’ve all been there. 祝福可爱的海格。海格在马克西米夫人身上找到了一个志趣相投的人,于是在霍格沃茨的玫瑰花园里向她透露了自己是个半巨人。不幸的是,海格告诉马克西姆夫人这个消息的方式推断她也一定是一个,并没有得到太好,结束与她愤怒地离开,宣布她是不一样的:只是大骨架。可怜的海格。他真的只是想寻求一种联系——我们都曾在这样或那样的社交场合说错话。海格我们都经历过。

If you don’t really like parties... you would be Harry 如果你真的不喜欢派对...你就是哈利

You know what? Parties aren’t for everyone, and that’s completely fine. For our hero, our Boy Who Lived, our Chosen One, Harry simply had too much on his plate to enjoy the extravagances of The Yule Ball, and we're not talking about the delicious dinner. 你知道吗?派对并不适合所有人,这完全没问题。为了我们的英雄我们的救世主我们的天选之子哈利实在是吃得太多了,无法享受圣诞舞会的奢华,而且我们也不是在谈论美味的晚餐。

For a start, there was the ever-looming Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament to look forward to, with a mysterious egg-clue that Harry had yet to figure out. Then there was the small matter of him still not knowing how he was a Hogwarts Champion in the first place. How about the fact that his crush Cho Chang was going with the other, more legitimate Hogwarts Champion? And then there was smaller party admin to deal with, such as learning how to dance without falling on his face and contending with Ron’s seething jealousy of Hermione. Oh, and this was on top of his own jealousy for Cho and Cedric. There was just a lot going on, and it mostly just led to Harry surviving the evening with Ron – where he could find a scrap of comfort. Parties can be stressful for all sorts of reasons, so we're glad Harry had Ron by his side to navigate it with. 首先,有一个时刻在迫近的三强争霸赛第二项任务值得期待,还有一个神秘的鸡蛋线索,哈利还没有弄清楚。还有一件小事,就是他还不知道自己怎么会是霍格沃茨的冠军。如何看待他暗恋的张秋要和另一个更正统的霍格沃茨冠军去?然后还有一些小的派对管理员要处理,比如学习如何跳舞而不摔倒在他的脸上,以及对抗罗恩对赫敏的嫉妒。这是他对周和塞德里克的嫉妒只是有很多事情在发生,而这主要是为了让哈利和罗恩一起度过那个夜晚——在那里他可以找到一丝安慰。由于种种原因,聚会可能会让人感到紧张,所以我们很高兴哈利有罗恩在他身边陪伴他。