Another appreciation of cosy winterwear in the Harry Potter films 《哈利·波特》系列电影中舒适的冬装

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lt’s getting cold outside – and nobody knows how to rock something knitted and fuzzy like the wizarding community. Please join us in paying homage to these extremely cosy witches and wizards! 外面越来越冷了——没有人知道如何像巫师社区那样摇动编织的绒毛。请和我们一起向这些极其舒适的男女巫师致敬!

To see our first appreciation post of jumpers, sweater vests and beyond, join us in paying tribute to the Hogwarts students’ favourite winter woollies here. And now, here’s some more! 想看到我们的第一个关于套头衫、毛衣背心等的赞赏帖子,请和我们一起向霍格沃茨学生最喜欢的冬季羊毛衫致敬。现在,这里还有一些!

Hogwarts house scarves

One of the snuggest ways of showcasing your house pride has surely got to be with a big woolly Hogwarts scarf. For this moment, we’re modelling the Gryffindor ones with Harry, Ron and Hermione, simply because they look quite cool and moody here, like they’re posing for a band album cover. 霍格沃茨的围巾


Xenophilius Lovegood’s... actually, we don’t know what this is 谢诺菲留斯·洛夫古德...事实上,我们不知道这是什么


We love Luna for her quirky fashion choices, and when we met Xenophilius, her dad, we discovered that the apple did not fall far from the tree in that department. Look at this strange thatched number we see him wearing here. What is it?! Another of the wizarding world’s greatest mysteries. 我们喜欢Luna古怪的时尚选择,当我们见到她的父亲Xenophilius时,我们发现苹果落在离树不远的地方。看看我们在这里看到的这个奇怪的茅草房。这是什么又一个巫师世界最大的谜团

Hermione’s turtleneck of anxiety




During Harry’s first task at the Triwizard Tournament, a worried Hermione sneaks into his tent to wish him good luck wearing a very cosy turtleneck. Because when you’re fretting if your best friend is about to be eaten by a dragon, it’s always important to be comfortable. 在哈利参加三强争霸赛的第一个任务中,心急如焚的赫敏穿着一件非常舒适的高领毛衣溜进他的帐篷祝他好运。因为当你在为你最好的朋友即将被龙吃掉而烦恼时,舒适总是很重要的。

Just anything that anybody from Durmstrang wears




You thought it was a bit chilly at Hogwarts? Step forward, the class of Durmstrang, who turned up for the Triwizard Tournament looking like immaculate models ready for a long walk in Antarctica. The coats! The hats! The boots! The browns and greys and creams! Now, this is how you keep toasty and still catwalk-ready. Super-serious, yet super-snuggly. 你觉得霍格沃茨有点冷?向前一步,德姆斯特朗的班级,谁出现了三强争霸赛看起来像完美的模型准备在南极洲长途步行。外套啊!那些帽子!那靴子!棕色、灰色和奶油色!现在,这就是你保持温暖和猫步准备。超级严肃但又超级舒服。

Madame Maxime’s statement coat 马克西姆夫人的礼服

From Durmstrang to Beauxbatons – and here is Madame Maxime in the most striking coat the world has ever seen. It’s always fun to get yourself a dressy coat for the winter months to feel both fluffy and fabulous - and especially fun if that coat could also double-up as a magic eye optical illusion. 从德姆斯特朗到波克斯巴顿——这就是马克西姆夫人,她穿着世界上从未见过的最漂亮的衣服。在冬天给自己买一件漂亮的大衣总是很有趣的,既蓬松又漂亮——尤其是如果这件大衣也可以作为一个魔术眼视错觉。

Dual purpose earmuffs




There’s nothing we hate more than red raw ears on a frosty day, so be sure to invest in a pair of earmuffs. In the wizarding world, fluffy earmuffs also double-up as a life-saving accessory that quietens the sound of screaming Mandrakes, who are known for their fatal cries. We love a piece of headwear with dual purpose! 在寒冷的天气里,我们最讨厌的莫过于红色的生耳,所以一定要买一副耳罩。在巫师的世界里,蓬松的耳罩也可以作为一个救命的配件,可以让因其致命的叫声而闻名的曼德拉草尖叫声安静下来。我们喜欢一件有双重用途的头饰!

Pink poncho of horrors




Dolores Umbridge strikes again. If it wasn’t enough that the short-lived Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher caused general despair among the students of Hogwarts during her tenure, she also delighted in wearing an array of pastel pink atrocities to further upset us. We include this choice not to appreciate it, but just to simply observe that it somehow exists. 多洛雷斯·乌姆里奇再次出击。这位短命的黑魔法防御术老师在她的任期内引起了霍格沃茨学生的普遍绝望,这还不够,她也乐于穿着一系列柔和的粉红色暴行来进一步激怒我们。我们包括这个选择不是为了欣赏它,而只是简单地观察它以某种方式存在。

Professor McGonagall's facial expression perfectly represents how we feel too. 麦格教授的面部表情也完美地代表了我们的感受。

Neville: a wizard of many layers


We all know Neville loves to layer up in the colder months (we have commented passionately on his choice of sweater vests before) and here he is employing his Gryffindor-esque bravery by wearing three different patterns at once.

The checkered inlay of the coat, the lovely stripey Hogwarts scarf, and a fleece with different stripes on underneath! A bold choice for a character that would one day take on Lord Voldemort in a lovely knitted cardie.

And, finally, a special shoutout to.... 纳威:多层次的巫师




Professor Slughorn’s dressing gown-turned-couch




You know on those lazy Sunday afternoons where you spend so long sitting on the armchair, you feel like you have become the armchair? Try telling that to Professor Slughorn, who quite literally turned into the piece of furniture to avoid talking to Albus Dumbledore one time. His pink, striped dressing gown even matched the armchair’s look.

Surely, when it comes to winter-time cosiness, nobody can defeat this incredibly dedicated attempt to achieve pure comfy zen. 你知道在那些懒散的星期天下午,你花了这么长时间坐在扶手椅上,你觉得你已经成为扶手椅?试着把这话告诉斯拉格霍恩教授,他为了避免和阿不思邓布利多说话,真的变成了那件家具。他的粉红色条纹睡袍甚至与这张扶手椅的造型很相配。毫无疑问,当涉及到冬季的舒适,没有人可以打败这个令人难以置信的专用试图实现纯舒适的禅宗