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​Hermione was one of the most sensible characters in Harry Potter. She often gave good advice, but that does not mean it was always great.



Hermione Granger is one of the brightest witches that ever lived. Her astuteness is not only limited to her classes at Hogwarts but also permits her to have a great understanding of life in general.



She is full of knowledge and advice, and never shies away from offering her opinion in any given situation. However, sometimes her advice is not the soundest either. Here are five times her guidance just went the wrong way.




Worst: "Well, If You Two Are Going To Chicken Out, Fine, I Don’t Want To Break Rules, You Know. I Think Threatening Muggle-Borns Is Far Worse Than Brewing Up A Difficult Potion."



In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Harry, Ron, and Hermione conceive a plan to use a Polyjuice potion in order to get into the Slytherin common room and investigate Malfoy. However, when Hermione explains just what this plan entails, Ron and Harry seem nervous to continue.



This is when Hermione acts a little out of character for herself and goes as far as to claim that breaking the rules is fine as long as they are able to stop whatever is threatening Muggle-borns at Hogwarts. Sure, the basilisk was a real threat and had to be stopped. However, advising Ron and Harry to break rules and steal ingredients from a teacher’s closet was not the best advice to give.




Worst: "If You Ask Me, Divination's A Woolly Discipline."



It’s no secret that Hermione despised Divination throughout her third year at Hogwarts. We can see how it would be hard for someone like her, who is so focused on pure logic, to take a subject like Divination seriously. However, her advice to not believe in its accuracy is just not good.



For one, if it wasn’t for the art of Divination, Professor Trelawny would have never predicted Harry and Neville’s attempted murder, a prophecy that proves to be of impeccable importance in Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix.




Worst: "Awful Things Happen To Wizards Who Meddle With Time."



In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, after using the time turner, Harry wants to confront Pettrigrew for betraying his parents. However, Hermione stops him and advocates how messing with time can prove to be disastrous.



This may actually be a sound piece of advice. However, coming from Hermione, it does not seem to make much sense because she has been doing exactly that for the entire movie, just to make sure she can attend as many classes as possible. Being a hypocrite is not usually the best way of giving someone advice.




Worst: "Oh For Heaven’s Sake! Listen To Me, All Of You! You’ve Got Just As Much Right As Wizards To Be Unhappy! You’ve Got The Right To Wages And Holidays And Proper Clothes, You Don’t Have To Do Everything You’re Told — Look At Dobby!"



This moment is solely shown within the books. In Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Hermione makes it her mission to free all house-elves from their owners, finds the organization S.P.E.W and even begins to leave knitted clothes around the Gryffindor common room so that whichever elf picks it, becomes involuntarily free.



However not every elf wants to be freed. What she says here may be true from a humanitarian point of view, but does not settle well with all the elves. Therefore, Hermione’s constant persuasion of them changing everything they have been taught in life isn’t the best advice. She comes off as pushy and is not appreciated by most house elves.




Worst: "I Just Think It’s Very Irresponsible To Start Performing Spells When You Don’t Even Know What They’re For."



In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, Harry finds Snape’s Potions book which helps him excel at Potions class that year. This leads Hermione to feel a pang of jealousy and act out as she is not able to handle coming in second in class for once.



This leads her bestowing some bad advice, and convincing Harry to stop using his Potion’s book even though it’s helping him do really great in school. This advice, spawned purely out of jealousy, is definitely not one of her best moments.