Dolores Umbridge多洛雷斯 乌姆里奇

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By J.K. Rowling Originally published on on Aug 10th 2015

J.K.罗琳 原载于 2015年8月10日 Dolores Jane Umbridge was the eldest child and only daughter of Orford Umbridge, a wizard, and Ellen Cracknell, a Muggle, who also had a Squib son.

多洛雷斯·简·乌姆里奇是巫师奥福德·乌布里奇和麻瓜埃伦·克拉克内尔的长女,他们还有一个哑炮儿子。 Dolores’s parents were unhappily married, and Dolores secretly despised both of them: Orford for his lack of ambition (he had never been promoted, and worked in the Department of Magical Maintenance at the Ministry of Magic), and her mother, Ellen, for her flightiness, untidiness, and Muggle lineage. Both Orford and his daughter blamed Ellen for Dolores’s brother’s lack of magical ability, with the result that when Dolores was fifteen, the family split down the middle, Orford and Dolores remaining together, and Ellen vanishing back into the Muggle world with her son. Dolores never saw her mother or brother again, never spoke of either of them, and henceforth pretended to all she met that she was a pure-blood. An accomplished witch, Dolores joined the Ministry of Magic directly after she left Hogwarts, taking a job as a lowly intern in the Improper Use of Magic Office. Even at seventeen, Dolores was judgemental, prejudiced and sadistic, although her conscientious attitude, her saccharine manner towards her superiors, and the ruthlessness and stealth with which she took credit for other people’s work soon gained her advancement. Before she was thirty, Dolores had been promoted to Head of the office, and it was but a short step from there to ever more senior positions in the management of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. By this time, she had persuaded her father to take early retirement, and by making him a small financial allowance, she ensured that he dropped quietly out of sight. 多洛雷斯的父母喜结良缘,多洛雷斯暗地里鄙视他们俩:奥福德没有野心(他从未升职,在魔法部的魔法维修部工作),而她的母亲埃伦,因为她的轻浮、不整洁和麻瓜血统而鄙视他们。奥福德和他的女儿都指责埃伦是多洛雷斯弟弟缺乏魔法能力的原因,结果,当多洛雷斯十五岁时,全家人分道扬镳,奥福德和多洛雷斯仍然在一起,埃伦和她的儿子一起消失在麻瓜世界里。多洛雷斯再也没有见过她的母亲或哥哥,也从来没有提到过他们中的任何一个,从此她假装自己是一个纯种的血统。


Whenever she was asked (usually by workmates who did not like her) ‘are you related to that Umbridge who used to mop the floors here?’ she would smile her sweetest, laugh, and deny any connection whatsoever, claiming that her deceased father had been a distinguished member of the Wizengamot. Nasty things tended to happen to people who asked about Orford, or anything that Dolores did not like talking about, and people who wanted to remain on her good side pretended to believe her version of her ancestry. 每当有人问她(通常是那些不喜欢她的同事):“你和以前在这里拖地板的乌姆里奇有关系吗?”她会笑得最甜,会笑,会否认任何联系,声称她已故的父亲曾是威森加摩的一名杰出成员。讨厌的事情往往发生在那些问起奥福德或任何德洛丽丝不喜欢谈论的事情的人身上,而那些想站在她这边的人则假装相信她对自己祖先的看法。 In spite of her best efforts to secure the affections of one of her superiors (she never cared particularly which of them it was, but knew that her own status and security would be advanced with a powerful husband), Dolores never succeeded in marrying. 尽管她尽了最大的努力去赢得一个上司的爱(她从来不特别在意是哪个上司,但她知道有一个有权势的丈夫会提高她自己的地位和安全感),多洛雷斯从未成功地结婚。 While they valued her hard work and ambition, those who got to know her best found it difficult to like her very much. After a glass of sweet sherry, Dolores was always prone to spout very uncharitable views, and even those who were anti-Muggle found themselves shocked by some of Dolores’s suggestions, behind closed doors, of the treatment that the non-magical community deserved. 虽然他们看重她的勤奋和野心,但那些最了解她的人却发现很难非常喜欢她。在喝了一杯甜雪利酒之后,多洛雷斯总是倾向于发表非常不仁慈的观点,甚至那些反对麻瓜的人也发现自己被多洛丽丝的一些建议震惊了,这些建议是关起门来的,关于非魔法社区应该受到的待遇。 As she grew older and harder, and rose higher within the Ministry, Dolores’s taste in little girlish accessories grew more and more pronounced; her office became a place of frills and furbelows, and she liked anything decorated with kittens (though found the real thing inconveniently messy). As the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge became increasingly anxious and paranoid that Albus Dumbledore had ambitions to supersede him, Dolores managed to claw her way to the very heart of power, by stoking both Fudge’s vanity and his fears, and presenting herself as one of the few he could trust. Dolores’s appointment as Inquisitor at Hogwarts gave full scope, for the first time in her life, for her prejudices and her cruelty. She had not enjoyed her time at school, where she had been overlooked for all positions of responsibility, and she relished the chance to return and wield power over those who had not (as she saw it) given her her due. Dolores has what amounts to a phobia of beings that are not quite, or wholly, human. 随着年龄的增长,她变得越来越坚强,在魔法部里的地位也越来越高,多洛雷斯对小女孩的小饰物的爱好也越来越明显。她的办公室变成了一个装饰华丽的地方,她喜欢任何有小猫装饰的东西(尽管她觉得真正的东西很乱)。当魔法部长康奈利·福吉变得越来越焦虑和偏执,认为阿不思·邓布利多有取代他的野心时,多洛雷斯设法通过激发福吉的虚荣心和恐惧,把自己描绘成少数他可以信任的人之一,从而抓住了她通往权力中心的道路。 多洛雷斯被任命为霍格沃茨的检察官,这是她有生以来第一次充分暴露了她的偏见和残忍。她不喜欢在学校的时光,在那里她被忽视了所有的责任岗位,她很喜欢有机会回来,对那些没有给她应有的权力的人行使权力。 多洛雷斯有一种恐惧症,就是害怕不完全是人的东西。 Her distaste for the half-giant Hagrid, and her terror of centaurs, reveal a terror of the unknown and the wild. She is an immensely controlling person, and all who challenge her authority and world-view must, in her opinion, be punished. She actively enjoys subjugating and humiliating others, and except in their declared allegiances, there is little to choose between her and Bellatrix Lestrange.


Dolores’s time at Hogwarts ended disastrously, because she overreached the remit Fudge had given her, stepping outside the bounds of her own authority, carried away with a fanatical sense of self-purpose. Shaken but unrepentant after a catastrophic end to her Hogwarts career, she returned to a Ministry which had been plunged into turmoil due to the return of Lord Voldemort. 多洛雷斯在霍格沃茨的日子以灾难性的结局收场,因为她超越了福吉给她的权限,超越了自己的权威,带着一种狂热的自我目的感。在霍格沃兹经历了一个灾难性的结局后,她动摇了,但不知悔改。她回到了魔法部,因为伏地魔的归来,魔法部陷入了混乱。 In the change of regimes that followed Fudge’s forced resignation, Dolores was able to slip back into her former position at the Ministry. The new Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour, had more immediate problems pressing in on him than Dolores Umbridge. Scrimgeour was later punished for this oversight, because the fact that the Ministry had never punished Dolores for her many abuses of power seemed to Harry Potter to reveal both its complacency and its carelessness. Harry considered Dolores’s continuing employment, and the lack of any repercussions for her behaviour at Hogwarts, a sign of the Ministry’s essential corruption, and refused to cooperate with the new Minister because of it (Dolores is the only person, other than Lord Voldemort, to leave a permanent physical scar on Harry, having forced him to cut the words ‘I must not tell lies’ on the back of his own hand during detention). 在福吉被迫辞职后的政权更迭中,多洛雷斯得以重新回到她以前在外交部的职位。新部长鲁弗斯·斯克林杰比多洛雷斯·乌姆里奇面临着更紧迫的问题。斯克林杰后来因为这个疏忽受到了惩罚,因为魔法部从来没有因为多洛雷斯多次滥用权力而惩罚她,这一事实在哈利波特看来既暴露了魔法部的自满,也暴露了其粗心。哈利认为德洛丽丝继续受雇,而且她在霍格沃茨的行为没有受到任何影响,这是魔法部本质腐败的表现,因此他拒绝与新部长合作(德洛丽丝是除了伏地魔之外,唯一一个在哈利身上留下永久性伤疤的人,因为他迫使哈利剪掉了‘我不能在拘留期间对他说谎。 Dolores was soon enjoying life at the Ministry more than ever. When the Ministry was taken over by the puppet Minister Pius Thicknesse, and infiltrated by the Dark Lord’s followers, Dolores was in her true element at last. Correctly judged, by senior Death Eaters, to have much more in common with them than she ever had with Albus Dumbledore, she not only retained her post but was given extra authority, becoming Head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission, which was in effect a kangaroo court that imprisoned all Muggle-borns on the basis that they had ‘stolen’ their wands and their magic. It was as she sat in judgement of another innocent woman that Harry Potter finally attacked Dolores in the very heart of the Ministry, and stole from her the Horcrux she had unwittingly been wearing. 德洛丽丝很快就比以前更喜欢魔法部的生活了。当魔法部被傀儡部长皮乌斯·辛克尼斯接管,并被黑魔王的追随者渗透时,多洛雷斯终于找到了她真正的元素。高级食死徒们正确地判断出她和他们的共同点比她和阿不思·邓布利多之间的更多,她不仅保留了她的职位,而且被赋予了额外的权力,成为麻瓜出身的注册委员会的负责人,该委员会实际上是一个袋鼠法庭,根据他们偷了他们的魔杖和魔法。 就在她审判另一个无辜的女人时,哈利·波特终于在魔法部的中心袭击了多洛雷斯,并从她那里偷走了她无意中戴着的魂器。 With the fall of Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge was put on trial for her enthusiastic co-operation with his regime, and convicted of the torture, imprisonment and deaths of several people (some of the innocent Muggle-borns she sentenced to Azkaban did not survive their ordeal). 随着伏地魔的倒台,多洛雷斯·乌姆里奇因与他的政权积极合作而受到审判,并被判犯有折磨、监禁和杀害几个人的罪行(她判处阿兹卡班监禁的一些麻瓜出身的无辜者没能挺过这场磨难)。 J.K. Rowling’s thoughts

J.K.罗琳的思想 Once, long ago, I took instruction in a certain skill or subject (I am being vague as vague can be, for reasons that are about to become obvious), and in doing so, came into contact with a teacher or instructor whom I disliked intensely on sight. 很久以前,有一次,我接受了某项技能或学科的指导(我正在尽可能地含糊其辞,原因即将变得显而易见),在此过程中,我接触到了一位我一见就非常讨厌的老师或指导员。 The woman in question returned my antipathy with interest. Why we took against each other so instantly, heartily and (on my side, at least) irrationally, I honestly cannot say. What sticks in my mind is her pronounced taste for twee accessories. I particularly recall a tiny little plastic bow slide, pale lemon in colour that she wore in her short curly hair. I used to stare at that little slide, which would have been appropriate to a girl of three, as though it was some kind of repellant physical growth. She was quite a stocky woman, and not in the first flush of youth, and her tendency to wear frills where (I felt) frills had no business to be, and to carry undersized handbags, again as though they had been borrowed from a child’s dressing-up box, jarred, I felt, with a personality that I found the reverse of sweet, innocent and ingenuous. 那个女人以兴趣回应了我的反感。为什么我们会在瞬间,在内心,在(至少在我这边)非理性地,我真的不能说。在我脑海中挥之不去的是她对玩具配件的明显喜好。我特别记得一个小小的塑料蝴蝶结幻灯片,浅柠檬色,她穿在她的短卷发。我过去常常盯着那张小幻灯片看,这对一个三岁的小女孩来说再合适不过了,仿佛它是某种令人厌恶的生理成长。她是个矮胖的女人,还没有青春的时候,她喜欢穿那些(我觉得)不该穿的衣服,再一次提着小手包,仿佛是从孩子的化妆盒里借来的,我觉得,我的性格与甜美、天真和天真正好相反。 I am always a little wary when talking about these kinds of sources of inspiration, because it is infuriating to hear yourself misinterpreted in ways that can cause other people a great deal of hurt. This woman was NOT ‘the real Dolores Umbridge’. She did not look like a toad, she was never sadistic or vicious to me or anyone else, and I never heard her express a single view in common with Umbridge (indeed, I never knew her well enough to know much about her views or preferences, which makes my dislike of her even less justifiable). However, it is true to say that I borrowed from her, then grossly exaggerated, a taste for the sickly sweet and girlish in dress, and it was that tiny little pale lemon plastic bow that I was remembering when I perched the fly-like ornament on Dolores Umbridge’s head. I have noticed more than once in life that a taste for the ineffably twee can go hand-in-hand with a distinctly uncharitable outlook on the world. I once shared an office with a woman who had covered the wall space behind her desk with pictures of fluffy kitties; she was the most bigoted, spiteful champion of the death penalty with whom it has ever been my misfortune to share a kettle. A love of all things saccharine often seems present where there is a lack of real warmth or charity. 在谈论这些灵感来源时,我总是有点谨慎,因为听到自己被误解会给别人带来很大的伤害,这让我很恼火。这个女人不是“真正的多洛雷斯·乌姆布里奇”。她看上去不像蟾蜍,对我或其他任何人来说,她从来都不是虐待狂或恶毒的,我也从未听她表达过与乌姆布里奇有一个共同的观点(事实上,我对她的了解不够深,不了解她的观点或偏好,这使我更不喜欢她)。然而,我确实是从她那里借来的,然后又夸张地说,我喜欢那病态的、甜美的、女性化的衣服,而当我把苍蝇般的装饰品放在多洛雷斯·乌姆布里奇的头上时,我还记得那只小小的淡柠檬塑料蝴蝶结。 我在生活中不止一次地注意到,对这种难以名状的吐温的品味,可能与一种明显的不仁慈的世界观密不可分。有一次,我和一个女人共用一间办公室,她在桌子后面的墙上贴着毛茸茸的小猫的照片;她是最顽固、最恶毒的死刑拥护者,与她分享一个水壶是我的不幸。对所有事物的热爱,糖精常常出现在缺乏真正的温暖或慈善的地方。 So Dolores, who is one of the characters for whom I feel purest dislike, became an amalgam of traits taken from these, and a variety of sources. Her desire to control, to punish and to inflict pain, all in the name of law and order, are, I think, every bit as reprehensible as Lord Voldemort’s unvarnished espousal of evil. Umbridge’s names were carefully chosen. ‘Dolores’ means sorrow, something she undoubtedly inflicts on all around her. ‘Umbridge’ is a play on ‘umbrage’ from the British expression ‘to take umbrage’, meaning offence. Dolores is offended by any challenge to her limited world-view; I felt her surname conveyed the pettiness and rigidity of her character. It is harder to explain ‘Jane’; it simply felt rather smug and neat between her other two names. 所以多洛雷斯,我最讨厌的角色之一,变成了一个从这些和各种各样的来源中提取的特征的混合体。我认为,她以法律和秩序的名义进行控制、惩罚和施加痛苦的欲望,与伏地魔公然宣扬的邪恶行径一样,是应该受到谴责的。 乌姆里奇的名字是精心挑选的。Dolores的意思是悲伤,毫无疑问,她会让周围的人感到悲伤。Umbridge是对“umbrage”一词的改编,该词源于英国短语“取umbrage”,意为冒犯。任何对她有限的世界观的挑战都会冒犯多洛雷斯;我觉得她的姓传达了她性格中的小气和刻板。“简”这个名字很难解释,只不过在她的另外两个名字之间显得自鸣得意、干净利落。