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Which Hogwarts professor would be your best friend

Would you be gardening with Professor Sprout or enjoying some biscuits from Professor McGonagall's tartan biscuit tin? We've decided who your Hogwarts professor best friend would be, based on your personality.
If you’re addicted to plants... you’d be best friends with Professor Sprout
Are you not afraid of getting your hands dirty? Is your house more like a living terrarium than a house? Is there a cactus on your desk right now, as you read this? Then embrace your green-fingered ways and pop down to the greenhouse with Pomona Sprout! Yes, the Herbology professor was a dab hand at magical flora and fungi, whether it was nurturing Mandrakes or draining Snargaluff Pods, and we imagine you’d love to be popping on a pair of dragon-hide gloves and helping her out. Professor Sprout was also a very matter-of-fact, open-minded sort of person – so we imagine you two would have tons to talk about as you grappled with some Venomous Tentacula.


If you’re a history buff... you’d be best friends with Professor Binns


Professor Binns may have been famous for sending his classes to sleep... but when it comes to magical history, you’re wide awake. The Professor-turned-ghost didn’t have the most exciting delivery when it came to teaching History of Magic, but so what? You’d love to cosy up by the fire with him and learn all about the stories of wizarding past. A cup of tea and a lengthy chat about the Goblin Rebellions for you, please. 


If you’re constantly checking your star sign... you’d be best friends with Professor Trelawney

Sybill Trelawney was always at one with the great beyond... or at least, she knew what colour teacup Neville Longbottom would smash next. So, the Divination professor wasn’t quite the Seer that her great-great grandmother Cassandra was, but she did have her moments, as we saw in the books. If, you too, feel you have the rare gifts that come with having an Inner Eye, you and Sybill would get on like a house on fire! Are you always avoiding walking under ladders? Would you never dare dine with 12 other people? Sybill would adore you – and between the two of you – we imagine you’d come up with at least one decent prediction about our future.


If you’re forever curious about the world... you’d be best friends with Professor Dumbledore

The universe is vast – and you want to know everything about it, from the world’s great unsolved mysteries to knowing the world’s best knitting patterns. Professor Dumbledore was a hugely celebrated wizard for many reasons, whether it was for his epic duel with Gellert Grindelwald or his discovery of the 12 uses of dragon blood. But Dumbledore also appreciated the finer things in life – such as Muggle sweets or simply, a good pair of socks. If you find yourself constantly distracted, always half-reading 14 articles at once, we imagine hanging out in Dumbledore’s office would be perfect for you. That wise old man probably knows the answers to quite a few of your questions. After all, he answered many of Harry’s over the years.


If you simply do not suffer fools gladly... you’d be best friends with Professor McGonagall

Life’s too short for horseplay and tomfoolery sometimes – and don’t you and Minerva McGonagall know it. Do you roll your eyes at silly news stories on a frequent basis? Do you have zero time for small talk and general faff? Then, we think you’d love Minerva, Gryffindor’s no-nonsense head of house who felt very much the same. Minerva had a reputation for being strict – and though she was – she also had a devilishly dry sense of humour and a disregard for anything airy-fairy. We can just imagine the pair of you now, chuckling over some biscuits from her tartan biscuit tin, talking about Professor Umbridge’s ludicrous recent behaviour.


If you’re a selfless and creative person... you’d be best friends with Professor Flitwick
This kindly Ravenclaw wasn’t just Hogwarts’ Charms professor – but a generally happy wizard who always brought subtle joys to the school, whether that was decorating the castle at Christmas or teaching his students some of the niftiest spells. If you like to cheer up others (despite not being able to cast a Cheering Charm yourself) with your creative ways (maybe you’re really good at wrapping presents or think up the best party games) we reckon you’d adore Filius Flitwick. And we’d definitely attend a soiree hosted by the pair of you – because you guys know how to bring a bit of sparkle to everyday life.


If you’re always to be found taking photos of your pet... you’d be best friends with Professor Hagrid
Do you love animals a bit more than people sometimes? Rubeus Hagrid can definitely relate to that, for this is the guy that once treated a baby Norwegian Ridgeback like it was a new-born kitten. We love that Hagrid is always able to see the beauty in some of the scarier magical creatures out there (being best mates with a giant spider, for example) and your love of animals would be perfectly in tune with how Hagrid feels. We can just imagine the two of you now... swapping pet photos over some over-done rock cakes.


If you’re the sarcastic sort with a dark sense of humour... you’d be best friends with Professor Snape
Yes, Snape was a bully whose enjoyment of the Dark Arts was deeply, deeply troubling... so it is entirely understandable if you disagree with wanting to be friends with him. But if you did find yourself in the dungeons one day, perhaps your dark sense of humour and sardonic wit would actually make Snape... dare we say it, laugh? Snape did have his moments (his face-off with Professor Umbridge, in particular) where his bitterness and contempt for the world translated into black comedy, and we do always wonder if Snape had hung out with better people, would he have gone down a brighter path.



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