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Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!



        Author:  Grindelwald 2


Weasley's Wizard Wheezes a place we all love. It was founded by the Weasley brothers in Diagon Alley, which bought a variety of funny products developed by the brothers over the years. For example, quick skipping sugar and so on. So, what did they Sale? The following author summed up 33 products, let's take a look!


  1. 防咒帽

1.Shield Hats


Shield Hats with iron armour mantra, as long as you stare closely at the face mantra can rebound back. But it only works for small magic, small evil spells, and has no use for powerful black magic such as unforgivable spells. For some unskilled wizards in the Ministry of Magic who even use iron armour, the spell-proof cap is useful. On the eve of the Voldemort attack, the Ministry of Magic ordered 500 spell-proof hats for officials from the Wesley Magic. So Fred and George thought it was their cash cow and developed a range of products.

  1. 防咒斗篷

2.Shield Cloaks


The Shield cloaks is a product developed by the Weasley brothers. Since the Ministry of Magic ordered 500 hats from them, the brothers have developed the series. The Shield cloaks is one of them. Just put on the cloak and stare at the castor's face, and the spell can bounce back. But it only works for small magic, small evil spells, and has no use for powerful black magic such as unforgivable spells. For some unskilled wizards in the Ministry of Magic who even use iron armour, the Shield cloaks is useful.

  1. 防咒手套

3.Shield Gloves


The Shield gloves is a product developed by the Weasley brothers. Since the Ministry of Magic ordered 500 hats from them, the brothers have developed the series.Shield gloves are one of them. Just put on the gloves and stare at the castor's face, and the spell can bounce back. But it only works for small magic, small evil spells, and has no use for powerful black magic such as unforgivable spells.Shield gloves are useful for some unskilled wizards in the Ministry of Magic who even use iron nails.

  1. 秘鲁隐身烟雾弹

4.Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder


Also known as Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. It is used to cover and escape from the enemy's eyes. The moment it is thrown out can make the surrounding dark, using spells such as "Lumos" or "Incendio" can not penetrate. But the hand of glory still works. This product was imported from Peru by two brothers. When Harry went to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in 1996, George gave Harry two Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder as a thank-you to Harry for giving them 1000 Golden Gallons.

  1. 诱饵炸弹

                    5.Decoy Detonator


The Decoy Detonator, a magic product invented by the Weasley brothers to cover and escape, is a strange, black owl-like object that looks like a ready escape. The base of the decoy bomb has two "feet" that can move quickly. Then one side two, two to four... They then run away quickly, making loud noises and spewing smoke to attract attention. Fred and George gave Harry two of these bombs, which came in handy when Harry dived into the Ministry of Magic to steal Umbridge's pendant box.

  1. 爱情魔药

                    6.Love Potions


After drinking the potion, the drinker will be infatuated with the person who buys the sub potion. Each effect lasts up to 4 hours, depending on the weight of the boy and the attractiveness of the girl. Like all love potions, its effect increases with storage time. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in 1996 with the highest level of Love Potions, and Fred once said ," Not anywhere else ." Ecstasy is banned in Hogwarts, but the Wesley brothers disguised them as a variety of things to smuggle King Hogwarts, dodging Filch's search.Romilda Vane bought one from the brothers and gave it to Harry Ron took it by mistake, causing later poisoning.

  1. 白日梦咒

                    7.Patented Daydream Charms


The Patented Daydream Charms is a patented product of Fred and George, with a brightly colored picture printed on the box: a handsome young man standing on the deck of a pirate ship with an intoxicated girl.


"Just say a spell and you'll be able to get into a high-quality, decision-making ,30-minute daydream that's good for school, simple, and absolutely imperceptible (side effects include dull expressions and slight drooling). Not for sale to teenagers under 16."


Hermione once praised the magic, so the brothers asked Hermione to take one for free, but Hermione obviously didn't.

  1. 十秒消除肿包特效灵

               8.Ten-Second Pimple Vanisher


This product is in a pink bottle, it has great effects on skin problems such as furuncle, blackhead and acne, and can almost immediately eliminate acne. In Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, Ginny picked up and asked.

  1. 便秘仁



U-No-Poo can constipation people who do not know. In the summer of 1996, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes a giant poster of the product on the shop window, with purple background and yellow text. It says:





Why are you worried about You-Know-Who

You should care


The feeling of constipation tortures the people!

  1. No-Poo谐音You-Know-Who(神秘人)。U指代“你”,No指代“不”,Poo指代儿童用语“大便”,映射伏地魔。

U-No-Poo harmonic You-Know-Who. U refers to "you ", No to" no ", Poo to children's term "stool ", mapping Voldemort.

  1. 便携式沼泽

                   10.Portable Swamp


A swamp can be made when using portable swamps. In the 1995-1996 school year, the Weasleys used it to turn a corridor of the school into a swamp when they left Hogwarts in defiance of Umbridge's brutal rule, and Harry used Umbridge's space to sneak in and talk to Sirius with a fireplace. Harry thinks there are many teachers in the school who can easily remove the swamp, but these professors prefer to look at it. Umbridge himself could not remove the swamp, so the swamp was pulled to a rope, and Filch had to take the task of carrying students through the swamp to the classroom. U Professor Flivey spent three seconds clearing the portable swamps after Mrich was removed from the post of principal. But Professor Flivey left a small swamp under the window and surrounded it with rope, calling it a "great magic ". Ron thought it was a memorial to Fred and George.

  1. 打拳望远镜

11.Punching Telescope


Punching Telescope a trick. As long as you hold the telescope and look through it, the telescope will make a loud noise, spew out a black light, pop up a miniature fist to the user to punch, so that the user's eyes become black, it is difficult to use ordinary healing magic to remove. At present, the only known removal method is the use of Weasleys Bruise Remover elimination agent. Hermione had been in the burrow in 1996, Mrs. Weasley can not repair, and finally went to the  Weasley Wizard Wheezes to remove it with Bruise Remover remover.                                                                                                                            

  1. 肥舌太妃糖

12.Ton-Tongue Toffee



Ton-Tongue Toffee is a candy developed by Fred and George, and was developed before Harry's fourth grade. The effect of Ton-Tongue Toffee is to cause the tongue to expand and grow rapidly, with a variable length of at least 4 feet (about 1.2 meters).Ton-Tongue Toffee is processed by ordinary toffee, so the outer packing paper is bright, very much like ordinary toffee.

Fred and George tested Dudley in 1994, knowing that Dudley was on a diet, so they dropped candy and lures. Dudley tongue expanded rapidly and was eventually changed back by Arthur. Also because of this, the brothers' Ton-Tongue Toffee was confiscated by Molly. He was They later made some more.

  1. 机智抢答羽毛笔

                 13.Smart-Answer Quill


Smart-Answer Quill is a special quill sold by Weasley Wizard Wheezes, which looks like an automatic quill. There is no evidence that Wesley's magic sells quills for automatic quills, but in fact witty quills only give humorous (or rude) answers to the questioner. In 1996, Harry saw a box of quill pens at Weasley Wizard Wheezes , including a Smart-Answer Quill.

  1. 拼写检查羽毛笔

14.Spell-Checking Quills


Spell-Checking Quills is a special quill sold by Weasley Wizard Wheezes to the theater, which is forbidden to carry in exams. This quill can help users correct misspelled words. But its magic doesn't last long, it will disappear in a few months, and it will be worse than previous spelling. Ron used to have a Weasley's  Spell-Checking Quills, but the magic should have failed, spelling several words wrong with the quill, and finally asked Hermione to correct it for him. In 1996, Harry saw a box of quill pens, including a Spell-Checking Quills, at the Wesley Magic Theatre.

  1. 自动喷墨羽毛笔

                 15. Automatic inkjet quill


Automatic inkjet quill is a special quill that Weasley Wizard Wheezes. This quill can automatically spray ink without having to let the user dip it himself. But his magic should not last, after a period of time the magic will fail. In 1996, Harry saw a box of quill, including automatic inkjet quills, at Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

  1. 侏儒蒲

16. Puffskein


 Look at the left side of the picture above. The pink thing in the cage is Puffskein. Puffskein is a miniature velvet. They have deep, shallow pink and purple fluff, and they scream. George says they can't let Puffskein breed fast. In Weasley Wizard Wheezes, the theater was sold in a big cage. As long as someone put his finger into the cage, the dwarf Po would come close and look lovely. There is only one dwarf bushel in each cage in the film, not many. Ginny bought a Puffskein as a pet from the Weasley Wizard Wheezes in 1996, calling them "very cute ".

  1. 飞檐走壁鞋



The boy's shoes in the picture are Wingtips. The cornice shoe is a magic shoe developed by Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Its soles have magic that allows people wearing shoes to walk easily on walls. Harry went to Weasley Wizard Wheezes Theater in 1996 to sell Wingtips and try them on. There is a board to try on, people can wear shoes to walk on the board, so that the body parallel to the ground. These shoes are always very popular with young wizards, there is always a group of wizards around the board. The shoes are generally yellow with red and green stripes, Very handsome.

  1. 金丝雀饼干

18.Canary Creams


Canary Creams are a prank product invented by Fred and George in 1994. The appearance looks like an ordinary biscuit, but in fact, after eating, the user will become a big gold sparrow, a minute later will take off the feathers and become the same. Because this kind of biscuit and ordinary egg milk biscuit are similar in appearance and taste, they are often eaten by people by mistake. Neville mistakenly ate canary biscuits in 1994 and became a canary. This biscuit sells for seven silver pieces at Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

  1. 可反复使用的刽子手——拼不出就吊死他!

19.Reusable Hangman——Hang him if you can't!



This is a scrabble toy ," a wooden man slowly steps up to a set of realistic noose, both on the top of a box, which says: Reusable Hangman —— can not spell to hang him !".

The toy is usually made up of a winch and a villain. If the player in the game misspells, the villain error occurs. When Harry went to Weasley Wizard Wheezes in 1996, he saw a teenager watching the toy excitedly.

  1. 可食用的黑魔标记——谁吃谁恶心!

20.Edible Dark Marks——Who eats who is sick!

左图中弗雷德和乔治左边有一个穿红马甲的假人,假人后背上的字母正是可食用的黑魔标记的英文Edible Dark Marks,字母的背景就是一个黑魔标记的模样。之后又出现了假人的正面。这是弗雷德和乔治设计制作的一种糖果。它的样子看起来很像伏地魔所使用的黑魔标记。吃了它的人会感觉到恶心,用于恶作剧。电影中的假人脸上明显起了泡,与书中的效果不同。哈利1996年去韦斯莱魔法把戏坊时看见有一个小男孩想偷窃。弗雷德对他发出了警告:如果谁敢偷东西,到时候要付出的就不只是加隆了!于是那个小孩马上将手缩了回去。

Fred and George on the left have a dummy in a red vest. The letter on the back of the dummy is “Edible Dark Marks——Who eats who is sick! Then there was the face of the dummy. This is a candy designed by Fred and George. It looks like Voldemort's black mark. People who eat it will feel sick and use it for mischief. The dummy's face in the film is obviously bubbling, unlike the effect in the book. Harry saw a little boy trying to steal when he went to Weasley Wizard Wheezes in 1996. Eph Red warned him: if anyone dares to steal, it's not just Garon! So the child immediately drew his hand back.

  1. 青肿消除剂

                   21.Bruise Remover


Bruise Remover is a sticky yellow liquid, packed in a small plastic bottle, can eliminate Bruise Remover within an hour after coating, very effective. Because Weasley Wizard Wheezes most of the theater's products by Fred and George himself, it led to the birth of a green swelling remover. In normal times, Gemini carries a green swelling remover with him. In 1996, when Hermione was hit by a fist-fighting telescope, Fred pulled a swelling remover directly from his pocket and gave it to Hermione. Customers who buy boxing telescopes should be accompanied by a swelling remover.

  1. 伸缩耳

                     22.Extendable Ears


The Extendable Ear is a very effective bug developed by Fred and George. Its shape is a long meat rope, one end connected with a false ear. Just insert the other end into the ear and whisper "go ", and the other end will crawl like a bug into the door that the eavesdropper wants to eavesdrop. The eavesdropping effect is very good. It is one of Wesley's masterpieces, and Harry and others tried to eavesdrop on the conversations of members of the Phoenix at Number Twelve,Grimmauld Place. But because the door was put on the anti-disturbance mantra and did not succeed, the anti-disturbance mantra can effectively avoid others with Extendable Ear eavesdropping. Harry and others have also successfully heard Moody and others in San Mango with Extendable Ear.

  1. 无头帽

                     23.Headless Hats


Headless hat is a prank product invented by Weasleys and their friend Lee Jordan. The appearance is a pointed hat that must be decorated with pink feathers, allowing the wearer's head to disappear with the hat for 2 plus one. This hat uses some kind of stealth, which can extend the invisible range beyond the body. Although it is beneficial to lawbreakers, this magic can not last long. A long spell will fail immediately. In seventh grade, the three developed the product and showed it in the gryffindor common room, which hermione called "very strange ".

  1. 戏法魔杖

24.Fake Wand


The magic wand is a prank product invented by Fred and George during Hogwarts school. The magic wand looks like a real wand, but it changes as soon as it hits, at different prices and with different effects. The cheapest moment can turn into rubber or underwear. And the most expensive kind, if the user is not prepared, the neck and head will be beaten. Harry and Ron played in the back of the classroom during the metamorphosis, and Molly was replaced by Fred and George in the Burrow. But Fred and George only invented the cheapest one at school, and the most expensive one was the one they changed after leaving school It changed. Harry, Ron and Molly are also using the cheapest. The magic wand was Fred George's first product.


  1. 鼻血牛轧糖

25.Nosebleed Nougat


In the picture, behind the fence is a pile of purple and orange boxes with nosebleed brown sugar. Bovine sugar is a quick-acting truant invented by Fred, George and Lee in the seventh grade. Using the orange half of Bovine sugar can cause a nosebleed from two nostrils, while eating purple usually stops the nosebleed. The nosebleed cow candy is one of the favorite products of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes, and Harry saw only the last box on the shelf when he went to the Weasley Wizard Wheezes. But it wasn't going well in the early stages of developing the nosebleed cow sugar, and they did n' t quickly develop the antidote, George, who tried it The nosebleed kept flowing.

  1. 发烧糖

26.Fever fudge

图片中右侧拉文德身后的最上面的盒子上印着的英文Fever Fudge就是发烧糖的英文,可见盒子里放的就是发烧糖。发烧糖是速效逃课糖的一种,它是一种双色糖,吃下一半体温会上升到发烧的程度,逃课后再吃下另一半就会降温,恢复正常。弗雷德、乔治和李在研发初期的副作用是服用者会在会在别人看不见的地方长一些大脓包,而且剧烈运动会导致脓包膨胀和爆炸。弗雷德和乔治在魁地奇训练时就因为脓包而非常疼。后来受李的启发,他们发现莫特拉鼠汁可以消解脓包。改良后的成品在韦斯莱魔法把戏坊中售卖。

English Fever Fudge printed on the top box behind Lavender on the right is fever sugar. Fever Fudgeis a kind of quick-acting truant sugar, it is a two-color sugar, eat half of the body temperature will rise to the degree of fever, after skipping class and eat the other half will cool down, return to normal. The side effects of Fred, George, and Lee in the early days of research and development were that the user would grow large pus in places that others could not see, and that intense exercise would cause the pus to swell and explode. Fred and George were sore with pus while training in Quidditch. Inspired by Lee, They found that Murtlap's juice could dissolve the pus. The improved finished product is sold in Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

  1. 昏迷花糖

27.Fainting Fancies

装昏迷花糖的盒子在图中左下角,盒子上印着昏迷花糖的英文Fainting Fancies,说明盒子里装着昏迷花糖。昏迷花糖是一种速效逃课糖。食用昏迷花糖会使人昏迷,其效果是像被一把无形的大锤砸了一下脑袋。昏迷的表现虽然不同,但都达到了昏迷的效果。在吃下紫色的解药糖后就会清醒起来。我们完全有证据说弗雷德和乔治在他们七年级时就研发成功了昏迷花糖。因为他们在七年级时就在格兰芬多公共休息室里付给一年级学生们钱,并让他们尝昏迷花糖,学生们吃了后明显都达到效果了。他们昏迷后,乔治详细记录了他们的情况,然后再喂给他们紫色解药,并询问他们昏迷的感觉。

Coma sugar box in the lower left corner of the picture, the box with Fainting Fancies printed in English Fainting Fancies, indicating that the box contains Fainting Fancies. Coma candy is a quick truant. Eating comatose candy can make people coma, the effect is like being hit by an invisible hammer in the head. Although the performance of coma is different, but all achieved the effect of coma. You'll wake up after eating the purple antidote. We have all the evidence that Fred and George developed coma candy in their seventh grade. Because they paid first graders in the Gryffindor common room in seventh grade Money, and let them taste coma sugar, students eat after the obvious effect. After they were unconscious, George recorded their condition in detail, then fed them the purple antidote and asked them how they felt.

  1. 吐吐糖

28.Puking Pastilles

吐吐糖在画面左边中央,昏迷花糖的盒子的上方。是一个印着Puking Pastilles的盒子。画面右面从一个假人口中吐出来的糖也是吐吐糖,正映衬了吐吐糖的效果。吐吐糖是弗雷德、乔治和李·乔丹研发的一种速效逃课糖。它是一种双色口香糖,一半紫色,一般橙黄色。上课时吃掉橙黄色的一半会让人呕吐不止,而逃课成功后再吃下紫色的一半就能恢复。最初处于研发阶段时,弗雷德和乔治亲自试验,在吃掉橘黄色的一半后就会吐得没完没了,无法歇口气吞下紫色的一半。但后来改良后兄弟俩曾经在格兰芬多公共休息室里兜售。以至于后来两人想用吐吐糖逃避魁地奇训练时怕被安吉丽娜揭穿,才后悔当时向安吉丽娜兜售吐吐糖。1996年两人将改良后的产品在韦斯莱魔法把戏坊中售卖。

Puking Pastilles in the center of the left, above the box of coma candy. A Puking Pastilles box. The sugar from a fake population on the right side of the picture is also Puking Pastilles, which reflects the effect of Puking Pastilles. Puking Pastilles is a quick-acting truant developed by Fred, George and Lee Jordan. It is a two-color gum, half purple, generally orange. Eating half the orange in class can make people vomit, and after skipping class, eating half the purple can recover. At the beginning of the development phase, Fred and George personally experimented with eating half the orange Endless, unable to take a breath to swallow the purple half. But then the modified brothers were sold in the Gryffindor common room. So that the two people want to spit sugar escape Quidditch training fear of being exposed by Angelina, only to regret selling to Angelina spit sugar. In 1996, the two men sold their improved products in the Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

  1. 血崩豆

29.Blood Blister pod


Blood Blister pod is a small purple candy developed by Fred and George. It can make the eater bleed nosebleed and become white and have to go to the school hospital. The candy was used by Fred and George as a hemostatic products for Katie Bell during a poor Quidditch training in 1995. As a result, turned pale, unable to control, can only be supported by Gemini to the school hospital. From this point of view, weasleys himself should not have the antidote to Blood Blister pod.

  1. 韦斯莱“嗖嗖——嘭”烟火

30.Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-Bangs


This is a magical firework with magic and difficult to control. If you use the stunning spell, it will explode violently; if you use the disappeared spell, the explosion will increase ten times. The pattern of fireworks include pink Catherine wheel fireworks, sparking fire dragon, swearing stick, long tail rocket and standard firecracker. When any two kinds of collisions occur, new effects will be produced. This product includes a paperback flame box and luxury deflagration for 5 and 20 galons, respectively. When Umbridge came to power, Fred and George set fire to their stockpiles in an effort to fight Umbridge, sparking fire Fury, resist Umbridge.

  1. 纸牌


在弗雷德和乔治的左边上方、画面右上角,有一个黑色的牌子,上面印着Get your Muggle Magic……,下面是一个黑色的帘子,里面明显装着“麻瓜的魔术”,而其中就有纸牌。纸牌是韦斯莱魔法把戏坊出卖的一种产品,弗雷德称之为“麻瓜的魔术”。这些东西据弗雷德所说“专门卖给我爸爸那种喜欢麻瓜东西的怪人。赚的不多,但细水长流,都是非常新奇的玩意儿。”这种纸牌应该就是麻瓜界中扑克牌一类的玩意儿。产品内应该会附有玩法说明。

Above Fred and George's left, in the top right corner, there is a black sign with Get your "Muggle Magic"…… on it Below was a black curtain that clearly contained Muggle magic, and there were cards. Solitaire is a product of Wesley's magic, which Fred calls "Muggle magic ". Fred called this East West "sells to my dad's freaks who like Muggle things.Not much money, but a long stream, are very novel things ." This kind of card should be a card in the Muggle world. Production The product should be accompanied by instructions on how to play.

  1. 绳索系法

32.Rope fastening

在弗雷德和乔治的左边上方、画面右上角,有一个黑色的牌子,上面印着Get your Muggle Magic……,下面是一个黑色的帘子,里面明显装着“麻瓜的魔术”,而其中就有绳索系法 。绳索系法和纸牌一样是在韦斯莱魔法把戏坊出售的一类产品。它也是一种“麻瓜的魔术”。1996年哈利去韦斯莱魔法把戏坊时弗雷德带他到处逛逛,哈利见到了摆在一个摊子上的一些“麻瓜的魔术”,其中就有绳索系法。弗雷德称这种东西“专门卖给我爸爸那种喜欢麻瓜东西的怪人。赚的不多,但细水长流,都是非常新奇的玩意儿。”这种绳索系法应该就是麻瓜界中用绳索玩的一种魔术。产品内应该会附有玩法说明。

Above Fred and George's left, in the top right corner, there is a black sign with Get your "Muggle Magic"…… on it Below was a black curtain, which clearly contained Muggle magic, in which there were ropes. Rope binding, like cards, is a kind of product sold at Wesley Magic. It is also a "Muggle magic ". When Harry went to Wesley Magic in 1996, Fred showed him around. Harry saw some "Muggle Magic" on a stall, including rope binding. Fred called this East West "sells to my dad's freaks who like Muggle things. Not much money, but a long stream, are very novel things ." This rope tie should be a magic trick used in the Muggle world. The product should be accompanied by instructions for play.


33.The joke Crucible


  Jokes crucible is a product that Weasley Wizard Wheezes in the theater. This product should be changed from ordinary crucible, from which some jokes can be revealed. Harry and others visited Fred and George when they went to Weasley Wizard Wheezes in 1996. Said ," There's a customer outside who wants to laugh at the crucible, Mr. Weasley and Mr. Weasley ." This is the only appearance of the joke crucible. For its other characteristics, we can only guess.


Today for Weasley Wizard Wheezes to introduce the products of the theater here is over. Weasleys has a big brain hole! It's not easy to invent so many interesting things. Have you found any products that are not introduced in this article? Welcome to comment in the comment area!