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5Flamel Studied At Beauxbatons

  1. 勒梅在布斯巴顿求学的日子

Fans would be familiar with Beauxbatons Academy of Magic owing to the Triwizard Tournament and Bill’s wife Fleur Delacour. However, few would be aware that Nicolas Flamel was the esteemed alumni of this school of magic.


He studied at Beauxbatons during the 14th century and it was while at school that he realized that he possessed the requisite skills necessary for becoming a talented alchemist. Flamel continued to support his alma mater by funding them. However, whether this donated wealth was the result of his alchemical skills has never been elaborated by Rowling or her books.


4He Met His Wife While Studying At Beauxbatons

  1. 他在布斯巴顿求学时邂逅了他的妻子

It was not only his love for alchemy that Nicolas Flamel discovered while studying at Beauxbatons but also the love of his life. It was in school that he first met with his wife Perenelle Flamel (who was in fact the actual wife of the real Nicolas) and the two were inseparable ever since.


They not only stayed married to each other but also partook in the Elixir of Life and remained constant support to each other through many centuries. After the Philosopher’s Stone was destroyed, they also embraced death together.



3He Is Said To Have Been Spotted In Several Places Across Generations


There are rumors regarding Flamel which indicate that he has been spotted in several places across many generations. And the writer of theHarry Potter novels, J.K. Rowling, seems to be one of the believers of this myth.

有 关于勒梅的传闻表明好几代人在不同的地方发现了他的足迹。《哈利波特》的作者 ,J.K.罗琳,似乎是这个传闻的信徒之一。


She revealed on Pottermore that Flamel supposedly discovered the Philosopher’s Stone and had gained immortality using it. She further stated that many streets in Paris have been named after the mystical alchemist and his wife and that there are myriad mentions of them being sighted in various places across time.


2He Met Dumbledore In The 20th Century

  1. 他在20世纪与邓布利多相遇

Nicolas Flamel first met Albus Dumbledore sometime during the 1890s. They became close friends and even worked together as partners on alchemy, as mentioned in Dumbledore’s Chocolate Frog card.


The fact that Flamel formed such close companionship with Dumbledore, further highlights the skills and genius of the Hogwarts Headmaster. Being as old as he is, Flamel must have met many talented wizards over the ages, but it was only in Albus Dumbledore that he found a close confidant and friend.

事实上,勒梅与邓布利多结成了如此亲密的伙伴关系,这进一步凸显了 霍格沃茨校长的能力和才华。作为他这样年龄的魔法大师,勒梅在他的生涯中一定见过很多优秀的巫师,但邓布利多是他找到的唯一一位知己。

1He Was Adept In Divination, Defence Against The Dark Arts, Potion Making, & Alchemy

  1. 他擅长占卜、黑魔法防御、药剂制造和炼金术


Being a wizard who has lived across generations, Nicolas Flamel has undoubtedly acquired some skills. However, it is the second Fantastic Beasts movie that best reveals the extraordinary nature of his magical prowess. Being the only known creator of the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as the Elixir of Life, his genius as an alchemist and master potion maker are already established.


However, as showcased in the Crimes of Grindelwald Flamel also possessed divination skills, as he gazed into the crystal ball and could see Nagini and Credence Barebone, as well as the rally Grindelwald had organized at the Mausoleum of the Lestrange family. . Furthermore, he revealed that he had been away from "action" for almost two hundred years, implying that he used to be a proficient magical duelist sometime during his life, His instantaneous recognition and accurate countering of Grindelwald’s wayward Protego Diabolica, further establishes Flamel’s acute skills in Defence Against the Dark Arts.