Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch Curtain Call AR experience with Portal 《哈利•波特与被诅咒的孩子》推出演员AR体验

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Fans can now digitally immerse themselves with the magic of Cursed Child thanks to this exciting new collaboration with Portal from Facebook.


In a completely new, cutting edge Wizarding World partnership with Facebook, the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s new Curtain Call experience allows users – and up to three of their friends – to transform into characters from the hit stage play during Portal-to-Portal video calls.


Fans will also be able to try out these new filters and backdrops on other platforms too. Using AR technology, this new feature is a fully digital experience, enabling fans to place themselves in three wizarding world locations and cast magical effects on each other as they chat. Fans can pick the Great Hall of Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic or the Edge of the Forbidden Forest (based on Christine Jones’ innovative set designs) for their settings, then digitally dress themselves up as one of 12 key characters from the award-winning play. Choices, choices...


Whether it’s wearing Harry Potter’s famous glasses or rocking the white-blond hair-do of Scorpius Malfoy, users will get the chance to digitally don many wigs, make-up looks and costumes – all inspired by the real-life designs from award-winning Costume Designer, Katrina Lindsay.


And as well as different filters and effects, keep an eye out for some extra-special easter eggs throughout the experience too...

In addition to Curtain Call, these three new wizarding world backgrounds can also be used through Portal’s Photo Booth app. And if fans don’t have Portal, not to worry. Users can also find the AR character masks on Instagram and Facebook too. For now, fans can dress up like Moaning Myrtle or be made over like Albus Potter, and there will be more characters to step into the shoes of very soon. For all aspiring theatre-kids out there, consider this your own personal dress rehearsal!


除了谢幕,这三个新的魔法世界背景也可以通过Photo Booth应用程序使用。如果粉丝们没有Portal,不用担心。用户还可以在Instagram和Facebook上找到AR字符面具。目前,粉丝们可以打扮成哭泣的桃金娘,也可以打扮成阿不思·波特,而且很快就会有更多的角色来代替桃金娘。对于所有的儿童来说,这是你自己的想法,把这当成你的个人彩排吧!

This is one of the first times Portal has connected user’s AR experiences across screens in a collaborative, multi-participant environment, where everyone can experience the AR effects simultaneously. What better than the magic of the Harry Potter stories to celebrate this new technology in style?