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beyond the radish earrings, Luna Lovegood was the lifestyle guru we all need.




Living life on the ordinary side? Embrace your inner noncomformist, dude. And who better than resident wizarding-world kook Luna Lovegood to give you some much-needed advice?




Don’t take things to heart



Luna was never offended by her critics, even when she was introduced as ‘Loony Lovegood’. In fact, she owned it. When faced with bad reviews, shoot them with an inquisitive look and carry on being you.




Who cares about bullies when there are Nargles all over the place, anyway?




Do what makes you happy



Doing what makes you happy in life is paramount, whether that be reading The Quibbler upside-down while wearing Spectrespecs, or constructing the ultimate lion hat to end them all.




Seeing the world through a Luna Lovegood lens will eliminate all your worries about the universe in one fell swoop. Dance alone at a wedding! Laugh too loudly at someone’s joke! Sing randomly for no reason whatsoever! Everyone will look at you strangely! But that’s just because they’re too scared to discover their own inner Luna. Probably.


从卢娜的视角看这个世界会让你关于宇宙所有的担心都一下子消除。 在婚礼上独舞!因为别人的笑话而放声大笑!无缘无故的唱歌!每个人都会奇怪的看着你!但可能他们只是害怕自己内在的“卢娜”被发现吧。


Style it out



It’s tough to stand out in a crowd full of cloaks, hats and dress robes, but Luna’s style choices had her serving high wizarding fashion.




Unlike Ron’s frilly cuffs, Luna actually chose the ludicrous things she wore and did so proudly, which is always the key to pulling anything off. Not looking at your own clothing choices with disgust will convince people that you are, in fact, a genius, and your haters will actually be jealous they could never be that original with their own looks. Nothing wrong with being fashion-forward. Or fashion… whichever way Luna faces.




Spend time on your hobbies



Even before we were treated to a glimpse of the breathtaking, hand-painted ‘friends’ mural in Luna’s bedroom, we had a hunch Luna was the arty type. Before the introduction of the legendary Butterbeer cork necklace, the signs were all there. Luna was an abstract artist and if a wizarding world version of the Turner Prize was a thing, Luna would definitely be in there.




The point is: Luna’s art may have been an acquired taste, but she always kept up her extra-curricular activities, and so should you. It’s important to focus on your core interests every now and then. It’s easy to get home from work and flop in front of the TV, but you’ll feel so much better if you catch up on the stuff you love. Maybe it’s learning an instrument, or a language, or… recycling corks. We’re open to all pastimes here.




Be loyal to your friends



Sure, Luna may have lacked self-awareness at times (‘It was like having friends!’) but she was still a decent mate. Be it joining an ill-fated quest to the Department of Mysteries or simply causing a distraction so Harry could be alone after the Battle of Hogwarts, Luna always had your back.




While your friends might not require you to help them mount a Thestral or guard the High Inquisitor’s office for them, you can still be there for slightly less magical reasons, like dropping by with a bottle of gin apropos of nothing.




Stay positive



Luna actually had a pretty dark past, but you wouldn’t know it from talking to her. When she revealed to Harry she lost her mother at a young age, she also calmly explained that she knew she’d see her again one day.




Her classmates may have found it funny to take her possessions but Luna merely noted that they always found their way back to her eventually. Even when she was kidnapped and held prisoner in the Malfoy Manor cellar, Luna kept her fellow prisoners’ spirits up. Again, you’ll probably not find yourself kidnapped by Death Eaters any time soon, but it’s good to react to the less favourable parts of life in a Luna Lovegood kind of way.




Don’t be afraid to speak your mind



Luna may have been Harry’s most profound friend. After all, no one really successfully comforted Harry over Sirius’s death like Luna did – not even Albus Dumbledore. In fact, Luna’s relationship with death was really inspiring and reflective. Never forget her adlibbed eulogy at Dobby’s graveside. She wasn’t all Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and Blibbering Humdingers, you know.




In the spirit of Luna, don’t be afraid to get your words out there, however wonderfully weird they may be. We reckon we could do with a few more Lunas in the world.