Harry Potter's Hogwarts Has The Most Expensive Movie Bathrooms 哈?《哈利·波特》中霍格沃茨最贵的竟然是盥洗室?

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Harry Potter's Hogwarts Has The Most Expensive Movie Bathrooms





For many, the characters and locations in the films have become impossible to separate from the mental imagery while reading the novels. Daniel Radcliffe personified the character of Harry Potter and the magnificent castle with dark spires protruding from massive walls became Hogwarts. The Harry Potter movie's depiction of Hogwarts has given it a memorable form that Potterheads everywhere can easily identify. It is easily the most iconic location in the franchise. Even the Hogwarts replica at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios commands the most attention in that portion of the park.



The exterior of Hogwarts is definitely magical but apparently the price tag of the lavatories are as well. This is according to a recently study Victorian Plumbing (via CBR), a online bathroom retailer in the U.K., conducted to examine the construction costs of bathrooms from famous film and television sets. Their findings indicate that Hogwarts shelled out a ton of Galleons and Knuts to create their lavish commodities. Read below to see what it would cost fanatics to recreate.

霍格沃茨的外观十分富有魔法气息,但其中卫生间的价格则更加魔幻这个结论是根据英国洗浴用品零售商victoria Plumbing最近进行的一项研究得出的。该研究调查了很多电影和电视剧里卫生间的建造成本。他们的研究结果表明,霍格沃茨花费了很多加隆和克努特建造他们的浴室。详情如下:



"Victorian Plumbing, a major online bathroom retailer based in the United Kingdom, analyzed some of the most famous bathrooms in film and television and figured out the price to replicate them in someone's home. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive bathroom on the list is Harry Potter's Gryffindor bathroom, costing a total of £6,096.74 ($7,130.75)."

Victorian Plumbing公司调查了一些电影和电视剧中的浴室,并计算出复制这些浴室的成本。不出所料,名单上最贵的浴室是哈利·波特中格兰芬多的浴室,总共花费了6096.74英镑(7130.75美元)。“


The study considered various bathroom sets spanning from The Simpsons to Pretty Woman. The findings may explain why the cost of attending Hogwarts was never revealed on screen. It is worth noting that Hogwarts may have been given the title of most expensive. The bathroom set in Scarface came in second on the list, just a little over a thousand British pounds away from Hogwarts.



The bathrooms played a major role in the Harry Potter movies. The locations are where the heroic trio first fend off the troll in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, where they get assistance from Moaning Myrtle in The Chamber of Secrets, and where Harry duels it out with Draco Malfoy in The Half-Blood Prince. Sadly, it appears that the average muggle or Harry Potter fanatic won't be able to recreate their Gryffindor dreams at home unless they are willing to empty the vaults of Gringotts.