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Fantastic Beasts: 10 Things That Need To Happen In The Third Movie



With a third Fantastic Beasts set to be released in 2022, fans are hoping that the director will address some of these things in the next film.



After many delays, the third installment in the Fantastic Beasts franchise is finally set to release in 2022. With there now being a division in the wizarding world, since many decided to follow Grindlewald while a few others stayed behind, fans are curious about what will follow.



As the series continues, it's also likely that new beasts and new characters are sure to be introduced, with more connections to Harry Potter bound to follow as well. The previous movies have set up many characters and storylines, some more successfully than others and many of these will surely feature in the next installment.



10Dial Down The Nostalgia



While it's important that the series continues to connect to Harry PotterThe Crimes of Grindelwald relied a little too heavily on nostalgia. It was exciting to see Hogwarts again and delve further into Dumbledore's past but the inclusions of Nagini and McGonagall leaned slightly too far towards fan service and their inclusion felt unnecessary.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them struck a healthy balance, including some subtle nods to the original series while also setting up a new group of characters. Unfortunately, many of the characters fans met in the first film were forced to take a back seat in the sequel to make way for the many tie-ins to the original series. The third film would benefit from keeping the links subtle and meaningful in order to take the franchise in a new direction.



9Introduce New Beasts



For a series titled Fantastic Beasts, the second movie really took the focus away from the magical creatures. There are many strange magical creatures in The Harry Potter universe and some have only featured fleetingly or have only been mentioned.



The textbook version of Fantastic Beasts describes a whole range of creatures such as The Chimera, Erkling, and Quintaped, which could definitely be explored further in the next installment. Also, a more subtle way to tie into the original series could be to further develop creatures that first appeared there, such as Trolls, Dragons, and Merpeople. Giving more importance to the beasts in the third movie would help the series to regain its original focus.



8Show Theseus' Grieving



Something The Wizarding World franchise has always excelled at is character development. Due to the large cast in the second movie, Newt's relationship with his brother, Theseus wasn't given much screen-time; and, even less focus was given to Theseus' relationship with Leta Lestrange.



Considering fans know Newt has previously had feelings for Leta, a lot of character-driven drama could have developed from this love triangle. By the end of the second film though, Leta is dead and a lot of potential died with her. The next movie can rectify this by showing the impact of her death and putting more of a focus on Theseus as a character.



7Develop The Romantic Connection Between Dumbledore And Grindelwald



Fans still have a lot of unanswered questions about Dumbledore and some of the biggest revolve around his relationship with Fantastic Beasts' main villain, Grindelwald. Although things have definitely soured between the two by the time the series takes place, fans know that there is a romantic history between the two. This was hinted at when Jude Law's Dumbledore saw Grindelwald in The Mirror Erised but it does feel as if the filmmakers are holding back and may only hint at their history in the future.



In the next movie, it would be interesting if the two came face to face again, sparking flashbacks to their past. It feels important that the series fully explores their romantic history in order to fully explain Dumbledore's internal conflict.



6Explain Queenie's Decision



Although Queenie's decision at the end of the second movie is understandable in some ways, it did feel quite rushed. There's a slight disconnect between the Queenie introduced in the first movie to the one viewers see in the sequel.



Her choice to use a love potion on Jacob is morally questionable and seems out of character for Queenie. Her decision to join Grindelwald is somewhat understandable, but so little time is given to her feelings and her connection with the villain that it feels rushed and out of left field. More focus should be given to Queenie in the third movie in order for fans to fully understand her motivations.



5Be Consistent To What's Come Before



One of the biggest flaws of the spin-off franchise so far is the inconsistencies with what's come before. McGonagall was one of the best Hogwarts professors but she has no reason for being in this series. The second Fantastic Beasts movie takes place in 1927 and also flashes back even further and in both timelines, McGonagall is teaching at Hogwarts.



The problem here is that McGonagall wasn't even born at this point which raises some questions about the continuity of the franchise. The movie also sees Dumbledore teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts when the Harry Potter series had already established he taught transfiguration and wizards are apparating in and out of Hogwarts without a care in the world. For the next film to succeed, the filmmakers need to ensure they're consistent with what's come before as no matter how small, no plot hole will go unnoticed by the fans.



4Show More Of The Wizarding World



One of the most exciting prospects of a Harry Potter spin-off was the opportunity for fans to explore more of The Wizarding World. While the original series features many magical locations, the majority of them were based in the UK.



Fantastic Beasts has already effectively shown the magical community in both New York and Paris which has helped to expand the fictional universe even further. With Rio de Janeiro and Berlin set to feature in the third film, fans are bound to see more of The Wizarding World explored. Featuring more locations in the series will expand on the size of the universe and increase the scope of the franchise.



3Undo The Credence Twist



The biggest plot inconsistency in Fantastic Beasts so far is the twist involving Credence at the end of the second movie. In a rather confusing and convoluted turn of events, it is revealed that Leta swapped her baby brother with a previously unmentioned brother of Dumbledore, who is later revealed to be Credence.



While Dumbledore kept many secrets from Harry, the headmaster's past was explored through his brother, Aberforth and there was certainly no mention of another brother. As Grindelwald told Credence this secret, it's definitely possible he was lying and this isn't a plot hole after all. That being said, Leta definitely swapped her brother with another baby so the series needs to properly address this in the future and would benefit from undoing it entirely.



2Progress Forward In Time



The first two Fantastic Beasts films were set in 1926 and 1927 so they haven't covered a great deal of time so far. The series is set to end with Dumbledore and Grindelwald's famous duel, which fans will know took place in 1945. Without some significant time jumps though, the movies will struggle to reach this date.



The duel is famous in The Wizarding World and is sure to provide a climactic end to the spin-off series. The next movie could benefit from a time jump to show how Grindelwald's power has grown and to further progress the story towards this endpoint.



1Decide Who The Main Character Is



While the franchise began with Newt very much at the forefront, the sequel seemed confused as to who the main character was. Newt was quickly taken into fan's hearts after his debut in the first movie but Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and countless other characters fought for the spotlight in the sequel.



The franchise would benefit from focusing on a smaller range of characters and developing the ones it already has before introducing new ones. The third Fantastic Beasts film should give more focus to Newt, remembering that he is the main protagonist of the series.