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Your Wizarding World: Q&A with Bonnie Wright



Bonnie Wright made her debut as the fearless and talented Ginny Weasley almost 20 years ago in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. As we approach this milestone anniversary of the first film, we chatted to Bonnie about her favourite Wizarding World memories.



Bonnie Wright spent ten years fully immersed in the world of Harry Potter and brought an important character to life. As it’s the 20th anniversary of the Philosopher’s Stone, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask Bonnie 20 questions about her time as Ginny Weasley. We certainly learnt a lot, from who was the funniest on set to what she loved about her character and even which other Hogwarts house might take her fancy.



Take a look…



1. Firstly, we know you’re a Gryffindor but what would your second choice be?



Slytherin! Why not give the other side a turn?



2. How does it feel knowing that the Philosopher’s Stone was released 20 years ago?

2. 知道《魔法石》在20年前就被发布了是什么感觉?


Honestly, I still can’t believe it. I think because it is still loved by so many people it feels like it came out yesterday.



3. Were you surprised at just how popular Philosopher’s Stone (and subsequent movies) became?



Yes, which I shouldn’t have been really because we all know the books are so brilliant, but I am pleased it unfolded how it did. There was a sense of the unknown that enabled me to be totally present to the experience.



4. What is your favourite moment from the first film?

4. 第一部电影中你最喜欢的时刻是什么?


I love the scene when Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley. We get introduced to the wizarding world through Harry’s eyes. Everything is so magical!



5. What is you earliest memory of being a part of the Wizarding World?

5. 你对进入魔法世界最早的记忆是什么?


Being actually 9 and ¾ years old on platform 9 ¾! When you’re that young age is important ha! The best part of the entire series for me was being a member of the Weasley family.



6. What was your reaction when you found out you were going to play Ginny Weasley?

6. 当你知道你要扮演金妮·韦斯莱时,你的反应是什么?


My brother Lewis and I rolled down the windows of the car and screamed. My family and I were all so excited.



7. What Ginny moment made you feel the most proud of her?

7. 金妮的哪个瞬间让你为她感到最骄傲?


Standing up for Harry being bullied by Draco Malfoy in Flourish and Blotts, it was so cute and endearing.



8. What do fans tell you they most admire about your character?

8. 粉丝们告诉你他们最欣赏的你的性格是什么?


How fierce, kind and loving she is. She has this amazing power that she balances with softness so well.



9. If you had the chance to play another character, who would it be?

9. 如果你有机会演另一个角色,你会选谁?


I could never do it justice, but I always loved Bellatrix Lestrange.



10. We know that filming a movie can involve a lot of gaps between takes/scenes. How would you entertain yourself during that time on set?

10. 我们知道拍摄一部电影需要在拍摄/场景之间有很多间隙。你在片场是怎么娱乐自己的?


Well, we were kids, so we loved to be kids and be goofy but at the same time we also had school to stay on top of. So as soon as we weren’t on set, we were in the classroom together.



11. Who was the funniest person on set and how did they make you laugh?

11. 谁是片场最搞笑的人,他们是如何让你发笑的?


Rupert was always the funniest, I laughed the most during our scenes at The Burrow.



12. When meeting the cast for the first time, was there anyone who made you particularly starstruck?

12. 当你第一次见到演员时,有没有什么人让你特别着迷?


Well, I was so young, so I was pretty naive when it came to knowing who was famous. Julie Walters who played my mum became a motherly figure to me on set when I was young, explaining what was happening around me and just making me feel protected. I then watched more of her films and was like wow she is incredible – I am nervous now!

我当时太年轻了,所以我很天真地知道谁是名人。朱莉·沃尔特斯(Julie Walters)在我年轻的时候扮演了我母亲的角色,她向我解释了我周围发生的事情,让我感到受到了保护。然后我看了更多她的电影,我觉得她太不可思议了,我现在很紧张!


13. When Harry, Ron and Hermione went through the trapdoor to rescue the Philosopher’s Stone in the first film, they faced many obstacles. There was Fluffy the three-headed dog, the Devil’s Snare, the flying keys, the giant wizard chess board and the Mirror of Erised. Which one would you feel most confident taking on and how would you tackle it?

13. 在第一部电影中,当哈利、罗恩和赫敏穿过活板门去营救魔法石时,他们遇到了许多障碍。有三头狗毛毛、魔鬼网、飞钥匙、巨大的巫师棋盘和厄里斯魔镜。哪一个你觉得最自信,你会如何处理它?


Fluffy mainly because I have always loved the idea of playing the harp. I better get practicing!



14. And which two characters would you choose to help you rescue the Philosopher’s Stone and why did you pick them?

14. 你会选择哪两个角色来帮助你拯救魔法石?你为什么会选择他们?


Neville and Luna, because we did so well together at the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



15. If you could have one spell, or one type of magic, that you were able to use in your day-to-day life, what would you pick?

15. 如果你有一种咒语,或者一种魔法,可以在你的日常生活中使用,你会选择什么?


A Portkey, I would love to be able to travel carbon emission free.



16. What is your favourite Harry Potter book and film? And are they different to each other?

16. 你最喜欢的哈利波特书和电影是什么?它们之间有什么不同吗?


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is my favourite book because I love all the characters who are Order members. My favourite film is probably Deathly Hallows Part 2 just because it was the big finale and strongest still in my memory.



17. We know that Ginny had a pet Pygmy Puff, but what would be your wizarding pet?

17. 我们知道金妮养了一只侏蓬背鹟,但你的魔法宠物是什么呢?


I was always sad that there weren’t more dogs around Hogwarts. So, I would bring my dog, Billy Blue.



18. What form would your Boggart take and what would your Animagus form be?

18. 你的博格特会是什么样子,你的阿尼马格斯会是什么样子?


My Boggart would definitely be a rat. I wish my Animagus could be a dolphin, if I was cool enough to have that power.



19. Which Wizarding World moment made you the most emotional?

19. 魔法世界的哪个时刻让你最激动?


The last scene, being back on platform 9 ¾ and this time as a mother married to Harry. It was so surreal. The actors playing our kids were the same age as we were when we began. It was a true full circle moment full of a lot of emotions.



20. Why do you think the Harry Potter series is still so loved today?



It explores the most important theme, love. Unconditional and unjudgmental love. Good triumphs over evil because of love. I think fans and myself find a home in Hogwarts. No matter what is happening in our own lives, it is always there to welcome us.