10 Quotes That Prove Voldemort Is The Most Evil Character In The Harry Potter Movies 10句证明伏地魔是哈利波特电影中最邪恶的角色的话

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10 Quotes That Prove Voldemort Is The Most Evil Character In The Harry Potter Movies



Voldemort has a slew of phenomenal quotes in the Harry Potter movies, many of which show just how evil he truly is, far eviler than anyone else.



There are some great and wholly evil villains throughout the Harry Potter films and novels, but there is undoubtedly no bigger or more terrible than the saga's central baddie, Lord Voldemort. And the dark wizard does not just back this up with his actions in the franchise, but his words.



Voldemort has a slew of phenomenal quotes, many of which are iconic and showcase just how evil he truly is, far eviler than anyone else in the Wizarding World.



The First Signs Of His Cruelty



"I Can Make Things Move Without Touching Them. I Can Make Animals Do What I Want Without Touching Them. I Can Make Bad Things Happen To People Who Are Mean To Me. I Can Make Them Hurt."



One of the criminally few flashbacks in Harry Potter to Voldemort's young life sees Dumbledore visit him at his orphanage. During this meeting, the young Tom Riddle harrowingly describes his magical abilities, showing innate cruelty like no other.



Of all the villains in the saga, it is only Voldemort's past that is shown to audiences. Although book readers know his life was far more detailed and interesting than what gets shown on screen, there is clear potential for badness here, and his talk of making people hurt is a glimpse into the future atrocities he would perform.



The Disdain Of His Muggle Roots



"Surely You Didn't Think I Was Going To Keep My Filthy Muggle Father's Name? No. I Fashioned A New Name, A Name I Knew Wizards Everywhere Would One Day Fear To Speak When I Became The Greatest Sorcerer In The World."



All of the dark witches and wizards in Harry Potter share similar feelings towards those not of magical blood, and Voldemort is no different, changing his entire identity to escape his father's muggle name.



It is not even just that he changed his name due to his sickening hatred of muggles and muggle-borns, it is that he did so with the intention of that name inspiring fear and that he arrogantly intended it to be the title of the greatest wizard in history.



His Short Demand Of Wormtail



"Kill The Spare."



These simple words initiate one of the most shocking scenes in the Potter movies, as Wormtail obliges his master's wishes and murders Cedric Diggory in cold blood - one of the Harry Potter scenes that lead to some of the movies' saddest quotes.



Voldemort's extreme lack of care for life and his nonchalance in taking Cedric's life are the truly mortifying aspects of this simple line. It did not matter who Cedric was. No matter who ended up at that graveyard, they were getting murdered at the orders of an entirely evil individual.



His Favorite Curse



"Avada Kedavra."



In the Potter films, it can pretty much be assumed that anyone who uses the unforgivable curses is a foul individual. Voldemort, throughout his life, uses the killing curse time and time again.



Voldemort always delivers the incantation with such bile and hatred, but also, on occasion, a sick joy. While audiences see other characters use the curse, no one uses it as often as him, and no one with the same hatred. It truly is the worst of the Unforgivable Curses.



His Final Offer To Harry & His Friends



"Join Me In The Forbidden Forest, And Confront Your Fate. If You Do Not Do This, I Shall Kill Every Last Man, Woman, And Child Who Tries To Conceal You From Me."



Had Harry not used the Ressurection Stone, it would not be put past Voldemort to just kill and torture those who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts and did not join his cause when he offered. That is what is so diabolical about this quote.



Fans believe that had Harry not gone to the forest, Voldemort would have lived up to his promise and showed no shame or hesitation in killing as many people as possible en route to finding Harry. Only the evilest of villains would go to such lengths, which is what Voldemort is.



His Casual Dismissal Of Murdering Human Beings



"Killing Mudbloods Doesn't Matter To Me Anymore."



Voldemort's total disregard for lives outside of his own is one of his most wicked and warped traits throughout the films. It is not even just that he kills people, but it is that he shows no humanity in talking about them.



Here, Tom Riddle so casually states he is not killing "mudbloods" anymore because it simply stops mattering to him. He had a new goal, Harry. Riddle used the lives of those he harmed through the Basilisk almost like stepping stones to get to him, a deplorable way to look at and use human life.



When He Murders Severus Snape Without A Second Thought



"You've Been A Good And Faithful Servant, Severus. But Only I Can Live Forever."



Voldemort's total disregard for human life is not limited to those he deems as being mudblooded, but even his closest and most loyal servants, which is highlighted when he sinisterly and without caution kills Severus Snape.



The murder is bad and brutal enough on Voldemort's part, garnering sympathy for the complex hero/villain that is Severus Snape. But, the fact he did so just for a wand and while exclaiming he shall live forever is a line void of any humanity, filled with pure, unadulterated arrogance and evil.



His Opinion On Good & Evil



"There Is No Good & Evil. There Is Only Power And Those Too Weak To Seek It."



Voldemort never shows any illusions that he believes himself to be this good person, but as he says here, he does not think about the world in good or evil, but in power, something which he craves in abundance more than anyone else.



That is what is so evil in this quote, it is not the black and white view of the world in regards to power, it is the fact that power is all he really cares about. Being the greatest sorcerer in the Wizarding World is his ultimate goal beyond killing Harry Potter. He wants to live forever, being feared and holding power in his hands like nobody before or after him could dream of.



When He Gets Reunited With Harry



"Don't You Turn My Back On Me, Harry Potter! I Want You To Look At Me When I Kill You! I Want To See The Light Leave Your Eyes."



Not all Voldemort's evil quotes need to be exclamations of his power or related to his mass murders. He also has sickening quotes on a smaller scale that showcase his evil, including in this terrifying Voldemort scene in The Goblet Of Fire.



Everything about the quote is uneasy. That final line in particular, though, "I want to see the light leave your eyes," is stomach-turning. To want to witness that, to want to cause that, to anyone, never mind someone who is essentially a child, takes a level of evil that is almost incomprehensible to audiences.



His Need To Kill Harry



"I'm Going To Kill You, Harry Potter. I'm Going To Destroy You. After Tonight If They Speak Of You, They'll Only Speak Of How You Begged For Death. And How I, Being A Merciful Lord, Obliged."



Before he can rule over the Wizarding World and take all of its power, Voldemort's ultimate quest in the Potter films is to kill Harry Potter, which leads to some great, but hideous quotes.



The way in which Voldemort looms over Harry's body as he says this quote, along with the smile and sick joy he takes in toying with Harry before he tries to kill him, adds to its evil. The words themself prove once more Voldemort's obsession with power and with being the greatest wizard ever. He wants Harry to be remembered as someone put out of his misery by the Wizarding World's ruler, not as a boy murdered by an abhorrent wizard.