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By J.K. Rowling Originally published on

on Aug 10th 2015

J.K.罗琳 原载于 2015年8月10日

The name ‘poltergeist’ is German in origin, and roughly translates as ‘noisy ghost’, although it is not, strictly speaking, a ghost at all. The poltergeist is an invisible entity that moves objects, slams doors and creates other audible, kinetic disturbances. It has been reported in many cultures and there is a strong association with the places where young people, especially adolescents, are living. Explanations for the phenomenon vary all the way from supernatural to scientific. It was inevitable that, in a building bursting with teenage witches and wizards, a poltergeist would be generated; it was likewise to be expected that such a poltergeist would be noisier, more destructive and harder to expel than those that occasionally frequent Muggle houses. Sure enough, Peeves is the most notorious and troublesome poltergeist in British history. “鬼灵精”这个名字起源于德国,大致翻译成“吵闹鬼”,虽然严格地说,它根本不是鬼。鬼是一种无形的实体,移动物体,摔门,并创造其他可听的,动力干扰。在许多文化中都有报告,而且与青年人,特别是青少年生活的地方有着密切的联系。对这一现象的解释从超自然到科学都各不相同。 这是不可避免的,在一个建筑物爆满青少年巫师,一个鬼会产生;同样可以预期,这样的鬼会更吵闹,更具破坏性和更难比那些偶尔频繁的麻瓜房子。果然,皮皮鬼是英国历史上最臭名昭著、最麻烦的捣蛋鬼。 Unlike the overwhelming majority of his colleagues, Peeves has a physical form, though he is able to become invisible at will. His looks reflect his nature, which those who know him would agree is a seamless blend of humour and malice. Peeves is well-named, for he has been a pet peeve of every Hogwarts caretaker from Hankerton Humble (appointed by the four founders) onwards. Though many students and even teachers have a somewhat perverse fondness for Peeves (he undoubtedly adds a certain zest to school life), he is incurably disruptive, and it generally falls to the caretaker of the day to clean up his many deliberate messes: vases smashed, potions upended, bookcases toppled and so on. Those with weak nerves deplore Peeves’ fondness for suddenly materialising an inch from the end of their noses, hiding in suits of armour or dropping solid objects on their heads as they move between classes.

不像他的绝大多数同事,皮皮鬼有一个物理形式,虽然他能够成为无形的意愿。他的长相反映了他的本性,认识他的人都会同意这是幽默和恶意的完美结合。 皮皮鬼的名字起得很好,因为从汉克顿·亨伯(由四位创始人任命)开始,他一直是霍格沃茨每一位管理员的心头大患。尽管许多学生甚至老师都对皮皮鬼有一种不正常的喜爱(他无疑给学校生活增添了某种热情),但他是个不可救药的捣乱分子,通常由当天的管理员来清理他故意制造的混乱:花瓶被打碎,药水被打翻,书柜被打翻等等。那些神经衰弱的人对皮皮鬼喜欢突然出现在离他们鼻尖一英寸的地方,喜欢在课间活动时穿着盔甲或把固体物掉在他们头上感到遗憾。

Several concerted efforts to remove Peeves from the castle have resulted in failure. The last and most disastrous was made in 1876 by caretaker Rancorous Carpe, who devised an elaborate trap, baited with an assortment of weapons he believed would be irresistible to Peeves, and a vast enchanted bell jar, reinforced by various Containment Charms, which he intended to drop over the poltergeist once he was in place. Not only did Peeves break easily through the giant bell jar, showering an entire corridor with broken glass, he also escaped the trap armed with several cutlasses, crossbows, a blunderbuss and a miniature cannon. 几次齐心协力想把皮皮鬼从城堡里赶走的努力都以失败告终。最后一次也是最糟糕的一次是在1876年,管理员RancorousCarpe设计了一个精心设计的陷阱,在陷阱里放了各种他认为皮皮鬼无法抗拒的武器,还有一个巨大的施了魔法的钟罩,再加上各种各样的遏制咒,他打算在他就位后把钟罩扔到捣蛋鬼身上。皮皮鬼不仅轻而易举地冲破了巨大的钟罩,用碎玻璃洒了一整条走廊,他还带着几把弯刀、弩、一个铳筒和一门微型大炮逃出了陷阱。 The castle was evacuated while Peeves amused himself by firing randomly out of the windows and threatening all and sundry with death. A three-day standoff was ended when the Headmistress of the day, Eupraxia Mole, agreed to sign a contract allowing Peeves additional privileges, such as a once-weekly swim in the boys’ toilets on the ground floor, first refusal on stale bread from the kitchen for throwing purposes, and a new hat – to be custom-made by Madame Bonhabille of Paris. Rancorous Carpe took early retirement for health reasons, and no subsequent attempt has ever been made to rid the castle of its most ill-disciplined inhabitant.


Peeves does recognise authority of a sort. Though generally unimpressed by titles and badges, he is generally amenable to the strictures of the teachers, agreeing to stay out of their classrooms while they teach. He has also been known to show an affinity for rare students (notably Fred and George Weasley), and is certainly afraid of the ghost of Slytherin, the Bloody Baron.