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Harry Potter : Dumbledore's Best Outfits in the Franchise


译者:Annie  Granger

Amanda  Keri


Dumbledore was a very intelligent and skilled wizard, but he was also extremely extra. Just take a look at his outfits from the Harry Potter movies!


Dumbledore, in the original Harry Potter franchise, was portrayed by two different actors. After the untimely death of Richard Harris, who was the original Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Michael Gambon was tasked with playing the role in the remaining six films.



The transition also came at the same moment where the franchise was changing, taking on its first new director, after Christopher Columbus directed the first two films. As the actor and the tone of the films changed so to did the look of the beloved character. What never changed was the simple fact that "Dumbledore's got style".





1   Dumbledore's Introduction



Unlike the books, it is not the Dursleys who open the Harry Potter movies, but rather Dumbledore himself, who meets up with Professor McGonagall to drop an infant Harry on his aunt and uncle's doorstep.


In his first introduction to movie viewers, we get to see Dumbledore in one of his classic robe and hat combinations (no matter the director Dumbledore always has a thing for hats). Here we get a more classic wizarding hat, pointed and standing relatively straight on the Professor's head. A good look, and precursor of things to come.





2   Michael Gambon's Introduction


Michael Gambon's introduction as the "new" Dumbledore comes at the opening feast in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. While he still wears a hat, it's flat and tasseled and, a previous love of color seems to have vanished, as this new Dumbledore sports a sort of gray silk pajamas.

It's a very different look for a very different actor, and yet it will be the most used costume for the character. Dumbledore changes his outfits far less often in the last six movies than he did in the first two. Even as new directors take the helm of the franchise no one changes Gambon's costume the way that Alfonso Cuaron did in movie number three.






3   Younger Dumbledore


We do get to see Dumbledore in muggle fashion once in the original franchise. When Michael Gambon's Dumbledore goes to visit the muggle orphanage, and home to Tom Riddle, the future Lord Voldemort,  he is dressed in a far more casual style in the hopes of blending in in the surroundings of muggle London. His suit was paired with a patterned scarf then.



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A nice prelude to the look we get of an even younger Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts movies.




4   Jude Law Dumbledore

裘德*  邓布利多

Who would have ever guessed the Dumbledore was ever a man who wore well-tailored three-piece suits? Even after seeing Gambon visit an orphaned Tom Riddle no one could have predicted the tailored beauty of Jude Law in the role.


A 45-year-old Dumbledore was obviously not worried what others thought about him as long as he believed he looked good. One wonders if we will all get to see Dumbledore's climactic battle with Grindelwald with tailcoats rather than wizard's robes.



5   Dumbledore The Professor


Moving away from the traditional look of the first two Harry Potter movies the Fantastic Beasts franchise embraced a more traditionally muggle look to the younger and more active Professor Dumbledore.


Though he was actually the transfiguration professor in the books in the film he teaches defense against the dark arts. He dresses in a tweed jacket with bowtie and sweater vest to best instruct his students, including Newt Scamander.




6   Dumbledore And The Chamber Of         Secrets


Again, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we get to see Dumbledore in a look a bit more connected to the Dumbledore described in the Harry Potter novels. In a strong red robe with matching pointed, yet floppy, hat, Dumbledore, even in great sleeves and golden embroidery, exudes all the power and authority of his position as headmaster when he comes upon the message that the Chamber of Secrets has again been opened.




7   The Yule Ball


The one major update fans are introduced to in terms of the Michael Gambon Dumbledore costume comes in the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, directed by Mike Newell, when he attends the Yule Ball over Christmas. The Yule Ball finds all staff and students decked out in their dress robes and Dumbledore is no exception.

据介绍,最新的一部电影《哈利·波特与火焰杯》是由迈克尔冈本执导的第四部电影《哈利·波特与火焰杯》(Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire)中的邓布利多(Michael Gambon Dumbledore)在圣诞节期间出席圣诞舞会时穿的服装。圣诞舞会上,所有的工作人员和学生都穿着礼服,邓布利多也不例外。

He wears a silk and gold embroidered long vest of sorts over his traditional gray, and along with his usual gray and tasseled hat. It's a nice addition, even if it is subtle for the occasion. It's certainly a big deal since he seems to change so little most of the time where the last six movies are concerned.



8   Jude Law's Hat


Once again we show our respect for the well-tailored Jude Law version of Dumbledore. Wearing a corduroy coat it's really his 我们再一次对裘德·洛版的邓布利多表示敬意。穿着灯芯绒外套,在格林德沃之罪中,他的圆顶礼帽最为突出。

It's nice to see that the Dumbledore of old still had a thing for hats, even if it is the bowler and brimmed variety rather than the traditional pointed style of his wizard brethren.



9   Grandpa Dumbledore


While we have expressed our love for Dumbledore and his plethora of hats, the simplicity of his look at the end of Sorcerer's Stone when he visits Harry in the hospital wing stands out for its lack of head covering. It is one of the very few times, in fact, that we see Dumbledore without a hat at all.


The focus instead is on his white hair and half-moon spectacles, a key detail in the novels. The look makes him seem particularly grandfather like and caring toward a successful, though injured, eleven-year-old Harry.


10  House Cup Dumbledore

   邓布利多 学院杯

The most iconic look for the Hogwarts headmaster comes from the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Even more so than his speech at the opening feast his speech, and awarding of the house cup, at the end of the year/movie offers us the look many people imagined while reading the books.


Once again the headmaster wears a reddish-purple robe embroidered with gold and a hat to match. This hat is more ornate than many of the others fans see him wear throughout the rest of the film. It's the star as Dumbledore rises to change the scores and offer Gryffindor the house cup.