Review and Giveaway: “Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts: Magical Movie Moments” 评论和赠品:“哈利·波特:霍格沃茨的圣诞节:神奇的电影时刻”

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Review and Giveaway: “Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts: Magical Movie Moments” 评论和赠品:“哈利·波特:霍格沃茨的圣诞节:神奇的电影时刻”

BY SARAH WYLDE · PUBLISHED OCTOBER 13, 2020 · UPDATED OCTOBER 11, 2020 SARAH WYLDE发表·2020年10月13日发布·2020年10月11日更新


The festive season is quickly approaching. Soon there will be snowfall from the sky, decorated Christmas trees, and trying to figure out how to wrap the Invisibility Cloak so it fits neatly under the tree in the Great Hall. Helping get us in the mood for the most magical time of the year is Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts: Magical Movie Moments. It also fits perfectly under the tree, by the way. 节日快到了。 很快,天上会降雪,装饰圣诞树,并试图弄清楚如何包裹隐形斗篷,使其适合大厅里的树。 《哈利·波特:霍格沃茨的圣诞节:神奇的电影时刻》帮助我们度过了一年中最神奇的时光。 顺便说一句,它也非常适合在树下。

The day that I got this book, I could not wait to dive in. Christmas at Hogwarts is a dream, and we definitely need some magical moments right now – the more, the better! Let me start by saying that not only is this book a wonderful gift, but it is also full of magical surprises. It is a beautiful hardcover with slightly raised wording and blue accents to the snowy winter light. As soon as you open the cover, you are greeted by the most crystal-clear images from the movie; it is as if you are standing right there immersed with the characters. The book goes into great detail about the decorating of Hogwarts, the trees, adventures, the Yule Ball, the Slug Club Christmas party, Christmas at various places in the wizarding world, and more. 我拿到这本书的那一天,我迫不及待地想投入进去。霍格沃茨的圣诞节是一个梦想,我们现在绝对需要一些神奇的时刻-越多越好!首先让我说,这本书不仅是一份美妙的礼物,而且充满了神奇的惊喜。这是一本漂亮的精装书,略带凸起的措辞和蓝色口音,映衬着冬日的白雪。当你打开封面,你会看到电影里最清晰的画面;就像你站在那里沉浸在角色之中一样。这本书详细介绍了霍格沃茨的装饰,树木,冒险,圣诞舞会,斯拉格俱乐部圣诞派对,魔法世界各个地方的圣诞节等等。

As I mentioned, the book Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts: Magical Movie Moments is full of magical surprises. While going through the book, it gives you holiday-related gifts. A few things you will find are stickers, some beautiful art, and your very own Yule Ball place card – and yes, that will be on my table while I “dress to impress.” 正如我所提到的,《哈利波特:霍格沃茨的圣诞节:魔法电影时刻》一书充满了神奇的惊喜。当你翻阅这本书的时候,它会给你节日礼物。你会发现一些东西是贴纸,一些漂亮的艺术品,还有你自己的圣诞舞会卡片——是的,当我“穿得好看”的时候,这些东西会放在我的桌子上

One of my favorite things about this book is that it gives fans the words to “Happy Christmas,” the song that the ghosts sing in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. You can be sure that I will be singing that with my family and friends this year, even if it has to be done virtually. It is the perfect holiday song that has some of the magic of Hogwarts intertwined. 关于这本书,我最喜欢的一件事是它给了粉丝们“圣诞快乐”的歌词,这首歌是鬼魂在《哈利波特与魔法石》中演唱的。你可以肯定的是,今年我会和我的家人和朋友一起唱这首歌,即使这必须是虚拟的。这是一首完美的节日歌曲,有一些霍格沃茨的魔力交织在一起。

The only issue I had with the book was the adhesive at the stickers’ corners and other removable inserts. I wanted to remove the sticker page, and when I did (carefully), it tore a small piece of the page. Luckily, it was not where there was text or an image, but a small part of the background is still gone. And it is noticeable. Until I can figure out a safe way to remove one of the art drawings that I want to frame, it will all remain intact in the book. 我对这本书唯一的问题是贴纸角上的粘合剂和其他可拆卸的插页。我想把贴纸页撕下来,当我(小心地)撕了一小片。幸运的是,它不是文本或图像的地方,但背景的一小部分仍然不见了。这是显而易见的。除非我能想出一个安全的方法来移除我想装裱的一幅艺术画,否则它将在书中保持完整。

Prepare to celebrate the holidays early with the Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts: Magical Movie Moments book. Our contest to win a copy is open worldwide, starting today, October 13, running through October 20 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Enter through the Rafflecopter below. Winners will be contacted via email after October 20, so make sure to check your junk or spam folders just in case our e-owl goes astray. All winners must respond within 24 hours, or another winner may be chosen. 准备用《哈利波特:霍格沃茨的圣诞节:魔法电影时刻》一书提前庆祝节日。我们的赢取副本的比赛在全球范围内开放,从今天10月13日开始,一直持续到10月20日美国东部时间晚上11:59。请通过下面的抽奖机进入。获奖者将在10月20日后通过电子邮件联系,因此请务必检查您的垃圾邮件或垃圾邮件文件夹,以防我们的e-owl误入歧途。所有获奖者必须在24小时内回复,否则可能会选出另一名获奖者。