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Harry Potter Giant Ranking

Author:  Grindelwald2


Harry Potter is a magical world in which there are all kinds of magical creatures. There are fire dragons, giants, house-elves... And the giant has a variety of characters. The kind-hearted Hagrid, the ferocious Golgomath, the magical Maxime... half-blood, pure blood; some can use magic, some can not. So, if only in terms of strength, what is the ranking? Just look down!


  1. 鲁伯·海格




Hagrid is a half-giant, the son of the giant Fridwulfa and the wizard Mr. Hagrid. When Hagrid was three years old, Fridwulfa abandoned Hagrid and Mr. Hagrid. Hagrid didn’t think she was a good mother. Hagrid came to Hogwarts when he was 11. At the age of 12, Mr. Hagrid died. At the age of 13, he was expelled for being framed by Riddle, and with the help of Dumbledore, he became a gamekeeper and key keeper at Hogwarts. In 1991, Hagrid was commissioned by Dumbledore to find Harry and take him to Diagon Alley to pick up the Philosopher’s stone and buy what he needed for school. He also had Fluffy the three-headed big dogs and Norbert the Dragon (Roberta) and Fang the Hound and other pets. In 1992, with the help of the Iron Triangle, Hagrid cleared his name. In 1993, Hagrid became Care of Magical Creatures professor. But Malfoy deliberately made trouble in class and was hurt by Buckbeak, so Buckbeak was sentenced to death. But with the help of Harry and Hermione, Buckbeak escaped. In 1995, Hagrid went to the Eastern European Mountains to seek the help of giants and found his brother Grawp.

Hege is still the weakest of the giants, despite his high appearance rate and popularity. On melee, he is twice as short as an ordinary giant. Some people say: he has magic. But he's not as good at magic as Ms. Maxim. He can only use some lame magic. For example, when he took Harry back to the Burrow, he tried to fix the hanger but broke it. He was fired in the third grade, so he couldn’t do much magic, so he was at the bottom of the list. But, I have to say, Hagrid is kind. He was keen on fantastic animals and had Fang, Fluffy, Norbert, Buckbeak and Aragog. He didn't want to hurt them so that he was caught by the eight-eyed spider to the Death Eaters. So, despite being at the bottom of the list, he is always kind and one of the top ten most popular characters in Harry Potter.

  1. 格洛普


格洛普是巨人弗里德瓦法的儿子,海格同父异母的弟弟。尽管他有5米高,但在巨人中仍属于身材矮小。1931年,弗里德瓦法抛弃了海格,重回巨人部落,和另一个巨人生下了格洛普。但格洛普却依然身材矮小,不及其他巨人。于是格洛普也因此被弗里德瓦法抛弃了。他也因其身材矮小而经常被其他巨人欺负。1995年海格去说服巨人时找到了格洛普并把它带回了英国。格洛普具有一般巨人的特点:暴力、有侵略性。在刚到英国时,他经常把海格弄得遍体鳞伤,把禁林糟蹋的一塌糊涂。不过到了1996年,格洛普就温顺多了。他参加了邓布利多的葬礼,还穿着夹克和长裤。当时他低着头表示悲伤,用大手怕海格的头表示安慰,他巨大的力气让椅子的四条腿都陷进了地里。1997年,他和海格一起参加了霍格沃茨之战,与伏地魔带来的巨人战斗。格洛普从暴力转向了温顺。作者认为他的实力有两点:1.他虽然有16英尺高,但在巨人中算矮小的了。而且他经常被欺负,所以论实力一定打不过前面几位巨人。2.格洛普刚回到英国时,有暴力倾向,把海格弄得遍体鳞伤。虽然有海格不愿伤害他的因素,但他 实力还是比海格强一些的。所以排在了第五位。

Grawp is the son of giant Fridwulfa and half brother of Hagrid. Although he is 5 meters tall, he is still small among giants. In 1931, Fridwulfa abandoned Hagrid, returned to the Giants, and gave birth to another Grawp. But Grawp is still short and small than the other giants. So Grawp was abandoned by Fridwulfa. He was also often bullied by other giants for his short stature. When Hagrid went to persuade the giant in 1995, he found Grawp and brought it back to England. Grawp has the characteristics of a general giant: violent, aggressive. When he first came to England, he used to beat Hagrid Black and blue and make a mess of the forbidden forest. By 1996, however, Grawp was much more docile. He attended Dumbledore's funeral, wearing a jacket and trousers. At that time, he bowed his head in sadness and patted Hagrid's head with his big hand as a sign of comfort. His great strength made the four legs of the chair sink into the ground. In 1997, he joined Hagrid in the Battle of Hogwarts, fighting the giants brought by Voldemort. Grawp shifted from violence to meekness. The author thinks his strength has two points :1. Although he is 16 feet tall, he is small among giants. And he is often bullied, so on strength he can't beat the giants listed below. 2. When Grop first returned to England, he was prone to violence, leaving Hagrid black and blue. Although Hagrid is unwilling to hurt him, he is still stronger than Hagrid. So he is in fifth place.247

  1. 弗里德瓦法



Fridwulfa is a pure blood giant, but also the mother of the half giant Hagrid and the pure blood giant Grawp. In 1928, Fridwulfa and Mr. Hagrid gave birth to Hagrid, but when Hagrid was three years old, he abandoned Hagrid and his father because of the shortness of his son. She returned to the Giant tribe and gave birth to Grawp with another giant, but he abandoned Grawp again out of the same reason of abandoning Hagrid. When Hagrid went to the giant in 1995, he learned that Fridwulfa had been dead for a long time. Fridwulfa is the symbol of the common female giant, who thinks it is good to have a healthy baby. That's why she abandoned Hagrid and Grawp. When Fridwulfa left, Mr. Hagrid was very sad, but Hagrid did not remember her much. He just didn’t think she was a good mother. This shows that her may be not kind. But even so, the author thinks she is stronger than Hagrid and Grawp. She was twice as tall as Hagrid and two to three metres taller than Grawp. But her strength must be inferior to the first two giants, so she is fourth.



Karkus was Hagrid's first target to the Eastern European mountains in search of giants. He was at least six metres tall, the biggest, ugliest and laziest of the giants, sitting there waiting for someone to give him a dead sheep or something. He weighs as much as two male elephants and has the skin of a rhinoceros. He was very pleased with a goblin fire that Hagrid had given him on the first day. So the next day he waited eagerly for Hagrid. He liked the helmet Hagrid gave him, so he talked to Hagrid. Karkus had heard of Dumbledore and knew that he was opposed to the killing of the last British giants. He was interested in Dumbledore's words. If he had not been killed by Golgomath, he would have helped Dumbledore. Unfortunately, in the bloody battle that night, Karkus failed and his head sank to the bottom of the lake. Karkus is wiser and more rational than Golgomath. He knows right from wrong. But Golgomath is still superior in strength, so he is above Karkus, after all, Golgomath killed Karkus. But not everyone can be the giant Gogo. Although Karkus ranks behind Golgomath, he is a giant after all, his strength is surely undoubtful. So he's third.




Golgomath, the leader of the giant tribe in the eastern Eastern Europe mountains, killed his predecessor, Gugo Karkus, and replaced him. He wore the Karkus’s helmet and was very large, one of the tallest of the giants. He had black hair, big black teeth, and a bone necklace, some of which looked like skulls. When Hagrid and Maxim went there after his "accession ", two of his underlings immediately grabbed Hagrid and hung him. But Maxim's Eye Charm hit their eyes and  they ran away. Giants hate it when a wizard casts a spell on them. So Hagrid and Maxim did not dare to go, and they went to a few other caves, convincing A few giants. When Golgomath knew this, he went and beat them and the survivors did not dare to lean on Hagrid’s side. Although  Golgomath did not believe Hagrid and Dumbledore, when Macnair the Death Eater Macnair went there to seek the help of giants, perhaps because they all shared the same cruel nature, Golgomath lead the giants to the Death Eaters, and helped the Death Eaters attack Hogwarts during the Battle of Hogwarts. Golgomath was cruel, terrible, murderous, a simple, brawny giant who had earned Gugo’s place by brute force. Kakus is better than Golgomath in terms of wisdom. Kakus is more rational, can distinguish right from wrong. But in terms of strength alone, Golgomath is stronger. After all, he defeated Kakus to win the position of Gugo. Like the Death Eaters, he cut off heads and fought with brute force. If he were a wizard, he would be a good death eater. However, he is not a wizard and certainly not as good as Ms.Maxim. Maxim waved his big hand and the Giants growled in pain. It was a piece of cake for her to beat Golgomath. So Golgomath comes in second.


  1. Olympe Maxime


Maxime, the headmistress of Beauxbatons, made his debut at Hogwarts in 1994 when he arrived for the Triwizard Tournament. She's a half-giant, but she doesn't like to admit it. He was very tall and strong, a little taller than Hagrid. Dumbledore had great respect for her. Despite her unusual size, she was so graceful that those who met her felt inspired. Her face was olive-colored, her eyes were large and dark, her hair was combed back, and she was wrapped from head to toe in a black wrought dress, with many opal ornaments. Her English was very good, albeit with a slight French accent. Madam Maxime had gone to Hogwarts with Hagrid to see the dragons and had told Fleur as soon as possible. She had been helping Fleur through the Triwizard Tournament. When she saw that Harry had been chosen, she was so angry that she ran into the room and nearly knocked the chandelier off with a slap. So she was very much concerned about Fleur and Beauxbatons School.Maxim's magical powers were undoubtedly the strongest of the giants. We can judge from two things: 1. She is the headmaster of Beauxbatons, and her ability is certainly not to be underestimated. Besides, she's a half-giant. Giants were discriminated against, but Maxim became headmaster as a half-giant. 2. In the summer of 1995, Hagrid and Maxime go together to find the giants, hoping that they will ally with Dumbledore. Along the way, Maxim was very hardy and fearless. And she was so quick, after Hagrid had been lifted by Golgomath's men, she cast Conjunctivtus Curse, and it hit right in the eye with perfect accuracy, which was remarkable. Just think, if it hadn't been for her, Hagrid might have been dead. It was what Hagrid called "the quickest magic I've ever seen." In short, the magic is "fast, accurate, ruthless". So, Maxim, though not as big as the pure Giants, came out on top because of his magical abilities.



This is the end of the giant ranking, don’t you think it is still unfinished? Although there are only six Giant in the Harry Potter series, it is interesting to study their strength! I am still a primary school student, some mistakes may be found in the article. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

See you next time!