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Why Professor Sprout was the perfect Head of Hufflepuff


Pomona Sprout was hardworking, kind, loyal and made a truly superb Head of Hufflepuff. We explore the many reasons why she was the perfect leader of this brilliant, if sometimes underestimated, house.


Professor Sprout was certainly unafraid of 。hard work


Out of all the subjects at Hogwarts, Herbology strikes us as one of the most demanding for a professor. While Defence Against the Dark Arts or Charms are highly skilled and impressive in their own way, lessons are normally confined to a classroom. With Herbology, there are hundreds of magical plants that need attending to across multiple greenhouses – and a lot of them are rather dangerous (watch out for that Venomous Tentacula). Professor Sprout took care of all the flora in the greenhouses but did so whilst planning and teaching exceptional lessons, leading Hufflepuff house and taking on extra duties wherever necessary. After all, she was the one who grew and raised the Mandrakes that restored those who had been Petrified in Chamber of Secrets. She was clearly unafraid to roll up her sleeves, get stuck in and work hard – just like any true Hufflepuff.

在霍格沃茨的所有科目中,草药学在我们看来是对教授要求最高的科目之一。虽然黑魔法防御术和魔咒课的是要求技能高,但草药学是以自己的独特的方式让人印象深刻,虽然课程通常仅限于教室,但是在草药学科目中有数百种神奇的植物需要跨多个温室进行处理,其中还有相当危险的植物(要小心有毒的触手)。斯普劳特教授还要负责温室中的所有植物,但在教学计划中教授除了教特殊课程的以外,还要承担赫奇帕奇学院的职责。她是那个抚养曼德拉草长大的人,还恢复了那些在密室中被石化的人。这里显然能看出她一点也不惧怕,还是一位在困境中努力工作的人, 就和真正的赫奇帕奇一模一样。

This Head of Hufflepuff exemp~lifiedkindness


Amongst theteachers at Hogwarts, we always had the feeling that Professor℉Y3HyPotb1₤Longbottom to see how kind she was. Here was a student that suffered with severely low self-esteem and lacked confidence in their magical abilities. However, Sprout saw his talent for Herbology, encouraged his passion and was unafraid to sing his praises – unlike some other professors we could ℉Y3HyPotb1₤ kindness and investment in him paid off. Not only did he have a genuine enthusiasm for her subject (remember his excitement to show her his brand-new Mimbulus mimbletonia?) but he ended up following in her footsteps and became a Herbology professor himself. Sprout gave Neville a chance when others didn’t and that act of kindness was one amongst many that shouldn’t be ignored.


Her loyalty was never in any doubt


We had no reason to ever doubt Professor Sprout’s loyalty and trustworthiness. She was clearly dedicated to Hogwarts and her students. When Dumbledore tragically died and the teachers were discussing what it meant for the wizarding school, it was she that declared that ‘if a single pupil wants to come, then the school ought to remain open for that pupil’. While this was an excellent example of her loyalty to Hogwarts, it also demonstrated her loyalty to Dumbledore’s memory. She was also dedicated to her house. Though she was very accepting of those who weren’t a member of Hufflepuff, and wasn’t usually one for showing favouritism, when both Harry and Cedric were selected as the Hogwarts Champions, it was no secret that it was the dashing Hufflepuff who had her unwavering support. And who can blame her? It was awesome to see Hufflepuff take centre stage for once!


She was welcoming to all


Apart from that one instance with Cedric, Harry and the Triwizard Tournament, Professor Sprout was always welcoming to all pupils at Hogwarts. While some of the other teachers clearly had their favourites – Professor Slughorn  spring to mind – she celebrated the excellence and achievements of all her students. It could be so easy for her to focus all her energies into rewarding those from her house, especially as Hufflepuff were always the underdog who never seemed to win the House Cup. Yet she didn’t. She was fair when it came to giving praise and awarding house points and kept an open mind. It didn’t matter who you were, if you were willing to try, she’d be there to encourage you. And if you happened to be willing to take a stand against a certain High Inquisitor with an interview in The Quibbler, she might even have thrown a few extra house points your way…

除了塞德里克和哈利"争霸赛"的那一次,斯普劳特教授欢迎霍格沃茨里所有学生。即使其他一些老师有这他们最爱的学生,就在这时斯拉格霍恩教授和他的鼻涕虫俱乐部浮现在脑海中。 但斯普劳特教授不一样的,她会庆祝所有学生的卓越和成就对她来说把所有精力都集中在奖励那些自家学院的同学身上这件事是很容易的,特别是赫奇帕奇是一个从未赢得过学院杯的弱者。但是她没有在给予表扬和奖励学院积分这方面给自家学院任何特殊的待遇,她是公平的,并且一直保持着这种心态。不管你是谁,如果你愿意尝试,她会在你感兴趣的方面鼓励你。如果你碰巧愿意在《The Quibbler》的一次采访中反对某个高级调查官,她甚至可能为你增加一些额外学院分数......

Pomona Sprout was down to earth


Professor Sprout did a lot behind the scenes to help out and never felt the need to show off about her achievements. If it wasn’t for her, who knows how long Hermione and the others would have remained Petrified for. Yet, unlike glory-seeking Gryffindors, or ambitious Slytherins, or even Ravenclaws like Gilderoy Lockhart, she never did things for clout. She did them because they were the right thing to do. She had a strong moral compass and instilled that mentality in her students. When it came to the Battle of Hogwarts, after Gryffindor, Hufflepuff had the most students remain behind to fight. We have no doubt that some of them must have been influenced by the example set by their humble and honourable Head of House.


She’sastoughasoldboots                                      她就像旧靴子一样坚韧

Unfortunately for Hufflepuff, many people consider them to be pushovers because of their kind natures. However, that is not the case. They can be fiercely protective of those they care about and will defend them to the bitter end – just like the badger featured on their house emblem. Professor Sprout was no exception. She was right in the thick of things during the Battle of Hogwarts. She stood up for her school, students and the wizarding world and did so in style – with the help of some of her beloved magical plants. Who wouldn’t be afraid when faced with a determined Sprout and her Snargaluff pods? This professor might be warm and welcoming, but we also wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her and her Devil’s Snare.

对于赫奇帕奇来说,许多人认为他们是推手,这是个不幸的事情,因为他们的本性是善良的。然而事实并不是这个样子的。他们十分保护他们关心的人,并保护他们直到痛苦的尽头, 就像他们家徽上的獾一样,斯普劳特教授也不例外。她在霍格沃茨大战中处于最激烈的境地,她为她的学校,学生和魔法世界挺身而出,并在她心爱的一些魔法植物的帮助下赢得这次大战。当面对那些魔法植物和她的斯纳加鲁夫时,有谁不会害怕呢?这位教授还是那么的热情而好客,但我们也不想站在和她对立的另一面。