Harry Potter: 10 Missing Voldemort Scenes That Would Have Made Him More Evil 《哈利·波特》:错过伏地魔的10场戏,这会让他更加邪恶

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Harry Potter: 10 Missing Voldemort Scenes That Would Have Made Him More Evil 《哈利·波特》:错过伏地魔的10场戏,这会让他更加邪恶 kako桑 It can be hard to imagine Voldemort being even eviler but these missing scenes from the Harry Potter movies would have had him appear as just that. 很难想象伏地魔会更邪恶,但这些哈利波特电影中缺失的镜头会让他以那样的形象出现。 Lord Voldemort is an evil character - there’s no doubt about it. He kills people with chilling ease, takes great pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on others and shows little remorse even to those in his inner circle. He’s one of the biggest villains in Hollywood history and Ralph Fiennes’ portrayal of the twisted wizard is a joy to behold. 伏地魔是一个邪恶的角色——这是毫无疑问的。他以令人不寒而栗的轻松方式杀人,以给他人带来痛苦为乐,甚至对他的核心圈子里的人也很少表现出悔恨。他是好莱坞历史上最大的恶棍之一,拉尔夫·费因斯对这个扭曲巫师的刻画让人赏心悦目。 10 Tormenting Orphans Voldemort wasn’t just evil when he was at the height of his power - he was actually twisted long before he met Albus Dumbledore. The Dark Lord grew up in an orphanage and, while it’s shown that he used to steal from his house-mates, he also took sick pleasure in tormenting them too. That’s why Harry and Albus Dumbledore go to the cave in the Half-Blood Prince. It’s where Voldemort, then known as Tom Riddle, would take victims during day trips to the beach. This isn’t explained, perhaps to keep the tone lighter for younger fans of the franchise. 10 折磨孤儿 伏地魔不只是在他权力的巅峰时期是邪恶的——事实上,在他遇见阿不思·邓布利多之前,他就已经被扭曲了。黑魔王是在孤儿院长大的,虽然有证据显示他曾经偷过室友的东西,但他也以折磨他们为乐。 这就是为什么哈利和阿不思·邓布利多去了《混血王子》中的洞穴。在白天的海滩之旅中,当时名叫汤姆·里德尔的伏地魔会把受害者带到这里。这没有解释,也许是为了给年轻的粉丝们留点轻松的基调。 9 Meeting Morfin Gaunt Tom Riddle spends the summer before his seventh year at Hogwarts determined to find out more about his past. And, when he travels to the small village of Little Hangleton, he meets uncle Morfin Gaunt for the first time. However, despite Morfin being a rather sad and sorry state, he stuns his relative and takes the thing his uncle treasures most - the ring formerly belonging to Marvolo Gaunt. This is then turned into a Horcrux. 会面莫芬·冈特 汤姆·里德尔在霍格沃茨上七年级之前度过了这个暑假,他决心更多地了解自己的过去。当他去小汉格顿的小村庄时,他第一次见到了莫芬冈特叔叔。 然而,尽管莫芬非常伤心难过,他还是打昏了他的亲戚,拿走了他叔叔最珍爱的东西——原来属于马沃罗·冈特的戒指。然后它就变成了魂器。 8 Killing The Riddles After meeting Morfin and learning that his father was a muggle who spurned his mother, Voldemort goes to the old Riddle House. Once there, he encounters both Tom Riddle Sr and his grandparents as well. 8 杀死里德尔 在见到莫芬并得知他的父亲是一个蔑视他母亲的麻瓜后,伏地魔来到了里德尔家。在那里,他遇到了汤姆里德尔和他的祖父母。 7 Killing Hepzibah Smith Hepzibah Smith in Harry Potter After he leaves Hogwarts, Tom Riddle starts working in Borgin and Burkes. Many are shocked by this - the prospect of somebody with his talent and ambition settling for a shop job. But the Dark Lord, as ever, has a secret motive behind his thinking. Voldemort pursues historical artifacts in order to turn them into Horcruxes. He meets a woman named Hepzibah Smith, who has both Helga Hufflepuff’s cup and Salazar Slytherin’s locket. He then murders her and blames it on her poor house-elf Honkey, who is forced to take the blame. 7 杀死赫普兹巴·史密斯 离开霍格沃茨后,汤姆·里德尔开始在博金-博克工作。许多人对这样的前景感到震惊——像他这样有才华和抱负的人却只能在商店工作。但是黑魔王和以往一样,在他的想法背后总有一个秘密的动机。 伏地魔追求历史文物是为了把它们变成魂器。他遇到了一个名叫赫普兹巴·史密斯的女人,她有赫尔加·赫奇帕奇的奖杯和萨拉查·斯莱特林的挂坠盒。然后他杀了她,并把责任推到她可怜的家养小精灵汉克身上,他被迫承担了责任。 6 Cursed The Defence Against The Dark Arts Post Having got all the artifacts he craves from his time working in retail, Voldemort spends years lying low. However, he emerges to surprisingly attend a job interview with Albus Dumbledore about the prospect of him taking the Defence Against the Dark Arts job at Hogwarts. 6 黑魔法防御术 在零售行业工作的伏地魔得到了他所渴望的宝物,于是他潜伏了数年。然而,令人惊讶的是,他参加了阿不思·邓布利多的工作面试,面试内容是关于他在霍格沃茨从事黑魔法防御术工作的前景。 5 Tested Kreacher In the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Kreacher agrees to help Harry in his fight against Lord Voldemort. Not too much is said about the reasons why, though, with the movie deliberately vague. And that’s because, in the book, Kreacher harrowingly reveals how he was used as a test subject by the Dark Lord when it came to testing the defenses put in place in order to protect Salazar Slytherin’s old locket. It’s a dark, chilling tale and would certainly have frightened some viewers watching on had the whole horrific experience been recalled. 5 测试克利切 在《死亡圣器:上》中,克利切答应帮助哈利对抗伏地魔。然而,影片故意含糊其辞,并没有过多提及原因。 这是因为,在书中,克利切令人痛心地揭露了黑魔王如何利用他作为测试对象,测试为保护萨拉查·斯莱特林的旧挂坠盒而设置的防御系统。这是一个黑暗的,令人毛骨悚然的故事,如果回想起整个恐怖的经历,肯定会吓坏一些观众的。 4 Torturing Bertha Jorkins Bertha Jorkins doesn’t appear in the Goblet of Fire movie, despite being central to the plot in the book. In the source material, it’s revealed how she’s a Ministry of Magic worker who is kidnapped by Lord Voldemort and later killed after disclosing information about the Triwizard Tournament, which is due to be held at Hogwarts. In order to obtain this information, Voldemort uses the Cruciatus Curse over and over again. It would have been horrifying to watch this play out in front of our eyes so it’s for the best that Warner Bros chose to omit all mention of this - and Jorkins - altogether. 4 折磨伯莎·乔金斯 伯莎·乔金斯并没有出现在电影《火焰杯》中,尽管她是书中的核心情节。在原始资料中,她是魔法部的一名工作人员,被伏地魔绑架,后来在透露了即将在霍格沃茨举行的三强争霸赛的消息后被杀。 为了获得这些信息,伏地魔一次又一次地使用钻心咒。在我们眼前观看这部剧是一件很恐怖的事情,所以华纳兄弟选择省略所有关于乔金斯的内容,这是最好的。 3 Creating Inferi We see Inferi used in the Half-Blood Prince, with the zombie-like creatures attacking Harry and Dumbledore as they attempt to steal the locket from the cave. What’s not explained, though, is just how they came to exist. 3. 创建阴尸 我们在《混血王子》中看到的阴尸,当哈利和邓布利多试图从山洞中偷走挂坠盒时,这些类僵尸攻击了他们。然而,没有解释的是它们是如何出现的。 2 Trying To Torture A Corpse What’s so sickening about Voldemort is how much pleasure he takes in the death of his enemies. And, when he believes he’s killed Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts, he attempts to mock the Boy Who Lived by using the Cruciatus Curse on the Boy Who Lived’s body. Thankfully, Harry isn’t dead and he’s immune to pain due to the fact the Dark Lord is using the Elder Wand for this horrible act. But the thought of him callously playing with the dead bodies of his victims makes Tom Riddle even more wicked and vile. 2 试图折磨尸体 伏地魔最令人厌恶的地方是他竟然会对敌人的死亡感到快乐。而且,当他相信自己在霍格沃茨的战斗中杀死了哈利时,他试图用钻心咒来嘲弄那个活着的男孩。 谢天谢地,哈利没有死,而且由于黑魔王用老魔杖做了这种可怕的行为,他对疼痛已经免疫了。但是一想到他无情地玩弄受害者的尸体,汤姆·里德尔就更加邪恶和卑鄙了。 1 Peter Pettigrew’s Death Sure, Voldemort isn’t present for when Peter Pettigrew dies in the Deathly Hallows novel. But he’s the cause of Wormtail’s death nonetheless. The silver hand he gifted his servant in the Goblet of Fire three years previously turns on its master, choking Pettigrew after he showed the slightest bit of hesitation in following Voldemort’s orders. It shows that the villain was always one step ahead and anticipated Pettigrew’s betrayal. This wasn’t displayed on the big screen, with Pettigrew merely knocked unconscious and never seen again. 1 小矮星彼得的死 当然,在《死亡圣器》小说中,当小矮星彼得死的时候,伏地魔并没有出现,但他是虫尾巴死亡的原因。 三年前,小矮星彼得在执行伏地魔的命令时稍有迟疑,他在火焰杯中送给仆人的银手却在主人身上起了作用,把他掐死了。这表明,小矮星彼得的背叛说明坏人总是抢先一步。这并没有在大屏幕上显示出来,小矮星彼得只是被撞昏了过去,再也没有出现过。