The Male Characters Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential 《哈利•波特》中最适合作为恋人的男性角色排名

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The Male Characters Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential





Every fan of Harry Potter has their very favorite characters. And, for some people involved in the fandom side of things, it’s a lot of fun to crush on fictional characters and imagine how they would be like as romantic partners.



It’s a great time to have some fun speculating on which of the men in the series would make the best romantic partners. Keep in mind that this list only includes characters who are adults during the entire series and will only be looking at characters who weren’t actively supporting Lord Voldemort.



10 Severus Snape

10 西弗勒斯•斯内普


Severus Snape might think he knows what true love is, but the way he treated Lily Potter proves just how horrible of a romantic partner he would be.His love is very selfishly motivated, and he literally joined a group of people that hated Lily and others like her, not to mention he called her the equivalent of a wizarding world slur.



He would probably be quite toxic and possessive and doesn’t seem to know how healthy relationships work.



Gilderoy Lockhart

9 吉德罗•洛哈特


There are a lot of professors that Harry has to deal with while at Hogwarts, and one of the worst professors when it comes to a love match is definitely Lockhart. It wouldn’t go over too well to be in love with him seeing as how he’s already completely in love with and obsessed with himself.



While he might not be as scary as Snape in one sense, he’s also very narcissistic and would be miserable to spend time with.



Albus Dumbledore

8 阿不思•邓布利多


On the surface, Dumbledore seems like he has the ability to be a compassionate and caring partner, but he also has a lot going on. He has some tendencies to be manipulative and self-centered, and he definitely thinks he’s smarter than pretty much anyone else in the world.



One would always take a backseat to him, and he also is still hung up on Grindelwald it seems.



Sirius Black

7 小天狼星布莱克


Sirius Black is a fan-favorite character that many people find attractive. However, while Sirius has some great qualities, he doesn’t seem like someone ready for a romantic commitment.



He’s prone to being arrogant, moody, and reckless. This doesn't mean he doesn’t deserve love and support, but he would probably have wanted to get back on his feet before seeking a new relationship. Plus, if he was ever going to be with anyone, Lupin was the best bet. 



Kingsley Shacklebolt

6 金斯莱•沙克尔


Kingsley Shacklebolt isn’t a character we learn all that much about in the books except that he’s a member of the Order of the Phoenix and that he works with the Muggle Prime Minister.



However, what we see of him, especially in the movies, makes him seem like a solid choice. He’s very regal in appearance, and he seems to be very calm and intelligent and has a good head on his shoulders.



Remus Lupin

5 莱姆斯•卢平


Remus would have been higher on this list if not for one very troubling scene in Deathly Hallows.While Lupin and Tonks eventually seem to work out their relationship issues, Lupin was so filled with guilt that he tried to abandon his wife and their unborn child.



Given how amazing he was as a professor, many fans were disappointed by this behavior just like Harry was.




4 海格

While Hagrid and Olympe didn’t ever quite make things work on a romantic level, Hagrid does have many good qualitiesthat would make him a kind partner.



For one thing, he was very caring and always willing to provide advice and support. The main issue with Hagrid is that he would always be looking to keep exotic, dangerous pets, and his cooking wouldn’t be great even if he means well.



James Potter

3 詹姆•波特


As a teenager, James Potter was a bit of a jerk. Lily didn’t want much to do with him because of his arrogant, entitled attitude. And, while he probably didn’t completely change, he and Lily did seem to have a loving, happy relationship.



By all accounts, he was a good husband and a good father, and it’s tragic he died so at such a young age. Also, many fans wish they got to see more of both Lily and James.



Bill Weasley

2 比尔•韦斯莱


Bill Weasley is definitely the Weasley family memberwho has the highest cool factor. He’s handsome and has a great sense of style, but he’s also kind and smart. Fleur and Bill seem to have a very lovely relationship together, and everything we’ve ever seen about Bill makes him seem like he would be a caring, giving, and all-around great person to be with.



If one wants someone who is good-looking and cool but also great to build a home with, Bill is the guy.



Arthur Weasley

1 亚瑟•韦斯莱


Of all the parental figures in the series, Arthur is probably one of the most solid. He’s a person who doesn’t let much get to him, and he loves his wife and his kids a lot.



He doesn’t overreact when his kids get up to their wild ways. He would be calm, brave, and gentle which would make him an ideal person to be with.