Get inspired by the new LEGO Art Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests 受到新乐高艺术哈利波特霍格沃兹的启发

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You can now build your very own LEGO® Art Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Crests while listening to words of wisdom from Wizarding World creatives. Learn all about these exciting new sets - alongside a chat with LEGO designer, Kitt Kossmann. 


These new mosaic-style interpretations of the Hogwarts house crests, created with over 4000 pieces of LEGO, should inspire master builders and Harry Potter fans alike. Created by LEGO designer Kitt Kossmann, the four house crests and the main Hogwarts school crest have been reimagined as 2D wall art, now available to purchase from LEGO’s official website for you to build yourself.

These special sets come alongside a LEGO Art soundtrack to listen to as you build, featuring creatives from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. Fans can scan a special QR code on their sets to discover this. Speakers include the graphic design team MinaLima, Creative Director Alan Gilmore and Head Prop Maker Pierre Bohanna, who were all deeply involved in the creative nuances of the wizarding world that you see in every movie.


Listen to a clip of the soundtrack here, or you can even listen to the full audio for free on LEGO’s official website. Designer Kitt Kossmann, who also speaks on the LEGO Art soundtrack, spoke to us about the meticulous process working on these special Wizarding World designs.


‘I was already a big Harry Potter fan when I was given the task to create the four house crests and the ultimate Hogwarts crest,’ she said. ‘My children grew up with Harry Potter and I have read the books several times. The movies are our family’s go-to entertainment whenever we fell like having a movie marathon.’她说:“当我接到制作四个学院徽章和霍格沃茨终极徽章的任务时,我就已经是一个哈利波特迷了。”'我的孩子们是跟着《哈利·波特》长大的,我已经读过好几遍了。每当我们想看电影马拉松时,电影就是我们家的首选娱乐。

And how did Kitt acquire the stoic patience to create such detailed interpretations of these iconic Harry Potter symbols?


‘I don´t really see it as patience because I hardly ever get bored by making LEGO ART,’ Kitt told us. ‘I have a picture inside my head of what I want to accomplish and if I can´t achieve that I get a bit frustrated. I pretty much work with pixels in the same way as when I paint a painting and it is important to step away from the image occasionally, to get the full picture. It is very easy to fall in love with small details and forget about the rest.’我不知道Kitt告诉我们:“我真的不认为这是耐心,因为我几乎不会对乐高艺术感到厌烦。”在我的脑海里有一幅我想要完成的画面如果我不能做到这一点,我会感到有点沮丧。我处理像素的方法和画一幅画的方法差不多重要的是偶尔远离图像,以获得完整的画面。人们很容易爱上一些小细节,而忘记其他的。
‘It took me about 4 months from when I started the task to when I had finished all the models.’“从开始做这个任务到完成所有模型,我用了大约4个月的时间。”
As for each individual crest, Kitt said she found the Hufflepuff badger the biggest challenge of the four. 至于每一个单独的徽章,凯特说她发现赫奇帕奇獾是四个中最大的挑战。
’Surprisingly, the badger in the Hufflepuff crest turned out to be quite a challenge. It was very hard to get the face, the very low body, and the tail right within the pixels I had available. My first attempts look like a dog and it took several days, before I got it right!’令人惊讶的是,赫奇帕奇羽冠上的獾竟然是个相当大的挑战。这是很难得到的脸,非常低的身体,和尾巴的像素,我有可用的权利。我的第一次尝试看起来像一只狗,它花了好几天,才得到它的权利!
Coincidentally, Kitt considers herself a Hufflepuff (‘I am a dedicated, friendly, caring, and emphatic person’) but loved working on the execution of all four houses. 巧合的是,凯特认为自己是赫奇帕奇(“我是一个专注、友好、关心和强调的人”),但喜欢执行所有四个房子。
‘My favorite part of the project was when I had to experiment with different variations of the house crests to find an execution that felt modern but still had all the right content to be recognised immediately as Harry Potter House Crests.’
‘All houses are equally important, and they need each other.’
We couldn’t agree more.
To learn more about LEGO Art or to peruse the LEGO® Art Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Crests, visit LEGO’s official website.