All the different ways you can be a Hufflepuff 你成为赫奇帕奇学生的各种方式

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All the different ways you can be a Hufflepuff



Hufflepuff is the house renowned for being just, loyal and unafraid of toil. Yet these aren’t the only things that make a Hufflepuff. We look at other ways you can belong to this house…



Hufflepuffs aren’t always pushovers



Yes, Hufflepuff might have a reputation for being the kindest of the four houses, but in no way does that mean its members are weak willed. There are plenty of witches and wizards who prove this wrong. Nymphadora Tonks was hardly someone you could call a pushover. A perfect example would be her relationship with Remus Lupin. She refused to just let him decide that they shouldn’t be together for the sake of her safety and didn’t give up, eventually winning him round to her way of thinking. Justin Finch-Fletchley and Ernie Macmillan were also two Hufflepuffs that seemed to have a stubborn streak. After the incident in Chamber of Secrets with the snake in Duelling Club, there was nothing you could say to convince them that Harry wasn’t the heir of Slytherin. So, if you’re a member of this hard-working house, it doesn’t mean you are able to be easily swayed.



You can be brave and be a Hufflepuff



While the primary Hufflepuff traits don’t specifically mention courage, they're often still a brave bunch who are willing to stand up for what they believe in. You only have to look at how they behaved in the Battle of Hogwarts to see that. Many of them stayed behind to fight – the only house that had more volunteers was Gryffindor. And before the battle, they were the second quickest after Gryffindor to stand up and defend Harry from the Slytherins. And if we are talking about bravery, we must mention Cedric Diggory. He volunteered to represent his school in the Triwizard Tournament – a competition that was known to be difficult, challenging and have its fair share of scary moments. You couldn’t go up against a fully-grown dragon guarding its eggs without having nerves of steel. There probably are some Hufflepuffs who aren’t particularly courageous, but we reckon there are a lot more who are.



You can be adventurous and be a Hufflepuff



Gryffindor is normally the house which is associated with having a thirst for excitement and adventure – but witches and wizards in other houses can share that personality trait too. Take a glance at Newt Scamander and you’ll recognise that. He was a Hufflepuff that travelled the world looking for weird, wonderful and often dangerous magical creatures. He had so many escapades – there was his time in New York where he not only had to round up all the beasts that had escaped from his case, but made a daring escape from MACUSA, and he came face-to-face with the Dark wizard Grindelwald. He even went to Paris, at Albus Dumbledore’s request, to try and track down Credence while knowing that it was hardly risk free (especially as he was banned from international travel at the time). So, if Newt is anything to go by, there’s nothing to say you can’t be a Hufflepuff with a love of travel, a need to explore and a desire to discover new things.



Hufflepuffs aren’t bland or boring



Out of all the houses, many would say that Hufflepuff has the least exciting characteristics. Where Gryffindors are known for their daring, Slytherin for their cunning and Ravenclaw for their intelligence, being known for working hard might not seem quite as glamorous. However, that is just an assumption. Nymphadora Tonks was a highly skilled Auror with a punky style, a penchant for bright pink hair and as a Metamorphmagus was able to change her appearance at will. You don’t get more exciting that that. Having said that, just because Hufflepuff might not appear to be quite as flashy as the other houses, that doesn’t make them dull in the slightest. They don’t need to show-off or be attention seeking – and it’s the other house’s fault if they choose to underestimate or not see the value of this loyal and trustworthy bunch.



Hufflepuffs can be just as intelligent as the other houses



Unfortunately for Hufflepuff, they seemed to have picked up an unfair reputation for being the least clever of all the houses. Nevertheless, you only need to scratch the surface to realise that wasn’t true. The Head of Hufflepuff, Professor Sprout, was a supremely talented witch with an extensive knowledge of magical flora and fauna. What she didn’t know about those plants and fungi just wasn’t worth knowing. Grogan Stump was one of the most popular Ministers for Magic of all time and he was also a Hufflepuff. He was even responsible for establishing the Department of Magical Games and Sports. There was also Bridget Wenlock, the famous Arithmancer from the thirteenth-century. She was the person who uncovered the magical properties of the number seven – she definitely needed to have some brains to make that discovery. Even though Hagrid may have referred to Hufflepuff as ‘a lot o’ duffers’, there are so many people that prove that wrong.



You don’t have to toil away in the background because you’re a Hufflepuff



Cedric Diggory was a Prefect, Quidditch star, a heartthrob and a Triwizard champion – he also happened to be a Hufflepuff. He didn’t just fade into the background but was a fantastic role model for his house, and certainly challenged some of the stereotypes surrounding it. Many think that as a hardworking bunch, most Hufflepuffs are happy to fly under the radar and have no desire to be in the spotlight, seek glory or do great things. Yet, as Cedric proved, that is incorrect. He wasn’t the only one to challenge this view – lots of other Hufflepuffs have done brilliant things. One such person was the founder of this house, Helga Hufflepuff, whose achievements speak for themselves and whose name has gone down in history. When you think about it, if you belong to a house that is known for always trying their best, it’s no wonder so many have gone on to do fantastic things.