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Harry Potter: 10 Scenes Viewers Love To Rewatch Over And Over



Harry Potter has epic battles, but it's the scenes of everyday magic at Hogwarts or the characters' emotional growth that are the most rewatchable.


The Harry Potter series spans seven books and eight movies, providing fans with many wonderful scenes in the wizarding world. Some scenes are beloved because they are emotionally intense and others are enjoyed because they are action-packed and exciting. However, some of the best-acted or best-made scenes aren’t necessarily the ones that fans like to re-watch the most.



For example, the Battle of Hogwarts might be the climax of the series, but it also contains heartbreaking moments like Fred’s death that fans don’t want to relive. Overall, the scenes fans want to watch over and over again are those that are emotionally rewarding.




The Yule Ball (Goblet Of Fire)


While Harry Potter might deal with serious themes of good versus evil and corrupt governments, fans really keep coming back because they love the characters. Some older fans even got to grow up with Harry and his friends as the books were released.



One of the most iconic moments of the teenage relationships and dramas in the book is the Yule Ball. Fans enjoy the over-the-top outfits and seeing the Great Hall decked out as a winter wonderland.




The Truth About Sirius Is Revealed (Prisoner Of Azkaban)


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is generally considered a fan favorite, both the book and the movie. It's difficult to pick just one standout scene as many are so good. However, the moment in the film when Sirius and Lupin explain the truth about Peter Pettigrew is well-acted and engrossing, and fans can’t get enough of these two Marauders. Even though the surprise of the reveal wears off, the emotions in the scene are still great to watch again and again.




Harry Taking Felix Felicis (Half-Blood Prince)


While fans usually think of the Harry Potter series for its magical elements or for the plots and action sequences, there are also a lot of humorous scenes. The main characters are teenagers, so things can often be funny and lighthearted despite the serious plot. One hilarious moment that fans really enjoy is when Harry takes Felix Felicis and acts confident and rather over-the-top in a hilarious way.




Harry Teaching Dumbledore’s Army (Order Of The Phoenix)


While Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has a lot going on in regards to the plot, some of the best moments from the fifth year involve Dumbledore’s Army. Fans really liked seeing Harry take on a teaching role and seeing all the various Hogwarts students come together to learn to defend themselves. These moments, especially when he teaches them how to produce a Patronus, are very enjoyable to watch.




Harry’s First Visit To Diagon Alley (Philosopher's Stone)


This scene is a favorite for so many viewers because it’s their first introduction to the wizarding world. Fans get to enter this new world of magic alongside Harry, and it’s a shared experience as Harry is viewing Diagon Alley with wonder.



While this exciting moment is great to read about, it’s even better in the movie. The visuals are bright and exciting and the soundtrack is upbeat and jaunty. There’s so much to look at, and it’s a happy time before things get more serious in the franchise.




The Duel Between Voldemort And Dumbledore (Deathly Hallows Pt. 2)


While rewatchable scenes tend to be more lighthearted or hilarious, this one is more serious in tone. However, the visuals of this epic wizards' duel, with all its special effects, are a spectacle to behold. This is the only showdown that takes place between these two powerful wizards, and seeing how skilled they are at magic is an adrenaline-fuelled feast for the eyes.




The Trio Becomes Friends (Philosopher's Stone)


Fans have many reasons to love the Harry Potter series, but what really holds all of the plots and magic and mystery together is the Golden Trio. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have many important scenes throughout the series, but one that really stands out in fans’ minds is when the trio is first formed.



Seeing Ron and Harry come to Hermione’s aide, even though they didn’t like her very much, is heartwarming. Hermione then takes the fall for them, and the trio is finally together. It’s an action-packed but also endearing scene that fans love to watch.




Ron Directing The Chess Game (Philosopher's Stone)


While fans all have their own favorite characters, overall, the trio is the most beloved because they are the focus of the series. Ron is a key member as he provides humor and a grounding presence, and one moment that really encapsulates him as a character is when he sacrifices himself in the chess game. It’s a dramatic moment, and fans like seeing Ron show that he’s very brave and true.




Hermione Punching Malfoy (Prisoner Of Azkaban)


Hermione has many moments that fans love to watch, such as when she uses the Time-Turner or when she brews Polyjuice Potion, but this scene might be one of the best. Seeing Hermione punch Malfoy when he called her a Mudblood was very rewarding. He had been harassing her with this awful word for a long time, and Hermione was more than capable of defending herself. It was a badass moment that made audiences cheer.




The Many Holiday Scenes


There’s something that is exceptionally comforting about the holiday scenes in the series. Fans love being immersed in the magic of Harry’s world, and the wonder is increased in the holiday scenes. It’s hard to choose just one. Viewers love to see the Great Hall during Halloween, but they also like all of the Christmas moments when Hogwarts is surrounded by snow and when everyone is cozy at the Burrow.