Watch: The Cursed Child cast sing the 12 Days of Christmas, Harry Potter style 观看:《被诅咒的孩子》剧组唱哈利波特风格的圣诞12天

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Time for a hearty singalong of a festive favourite - with Cursed Child cast members from all around the world! Enjoy this new set of lyrics, which have been given a Wizarding World remix.


The talented cast of the award-winning play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, have come together (virtually) to sing this special version of 12 Days of Christmas. From London to New York to Hamburg to San Francisco, watch the cast members, from all different territories across the globe, come together for a little bit of magic.


So, watch, enjoy and feel free to sing along at home. “Five Golden Snitches” is our favourite bit. For more Cursed Child content, such as interviews and character guides, visit our hub. Or you can also visit the play’s official website. 所以,看,享受和自由地唱在家里。“五个金色飞贼”是我们最喜欢的部分。 更多关于《被诅咒的孩子》的内容,如访谈和人物指南,请访问我们的中心。或者你也可以访问该剧的官方网站。